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50 Funny Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin to Make Up for Forgetting Their Big Day

Did you forget your cousin’s birthday again? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But now is the perfect time to make it up to them and show how much you care. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 25 belated birthday wishes that are sure to bring a smile to their face. From clever puns to witty one-liners, our wishes are the perfect combination of humor and heart.

And while you’re at it, why not set a birthday reminder in your smartphone’s calendar so you’ll never forget again? Birthdays are a time to celebrate the people we love, after all, and your cousin is no exception. So let’s get started on making their day, even if it’s a little late. Your cousin will love it!


Funny Late Birthday Wishes for Cousin That Are Better Late Than Never

Since you actually forgot it, it’s probably best to joke about it! These funny belated wishes will be appreciated by that humorous cousin of yours.

  • I’m not saying I’m getting old, but I did forget your birthday. Happy belated!
  • I’m not always forgetful, but when I am, it’s your birthday. Happy belated!
  • I may be late, but my birthday wishes are still fresh, like a just-out-of-the-oven cake!
  • I mean, I forgot your birthday, but let’s not forget that you’re still pretty awesome. Happy belated, I guess.
  • I hope your special day was filled with lots of laughs, even though it happened a little later than expected! Happy belated birthday!
  • Happy belated birthday, cousin! It’s not like I forgot your birthday, I was just exercising my right to forget things, like a goldfish in a tank.
  • I hope your birthday was as sweet as the cake you ate, cousin. But let’s be real, at your age, you should probably lay off the sugar.
  • Happy belated birthday, cousin! I won’t tell anyone that you’re getting older, but I think your wrinkles already spilled the beans.
  • I hope your birthday was as epic as the first moon landing, cousin. And remember, age is just a number, until it starts to feel like a whole lot more.
  • I hope your birthday was like a piñata, cousin. Filled with surprises and joy. Sorry I’m late to the smashing good time!
  • I hope your birthday was as amazing as a disco ball, cousin. Filled with glitz and glamour. Happy belated
  • You’re never too late to celebrate, cousin. That’s why I’m wishing you a happy belated birthday, like a slow snail crossing the finish line.
  • Belated happy birthday, cousin! Don’t worry about getting older. Just think of it as another year of wisdom and experience.
  • Sorry for being late, cousin. I’m sure you had a blast at your party, but please remember to take it easy on your old bones.
Funny belated birthday image with a snail bringing birthday balloons.
Sorry I’m slow. Happy Birthday.
  • Sorry I’m late to your party, cousin. I brought balloons, but I guess they’re more for me to hold onto as I try to float away from the shame of forgetting your birthday. Happy belated.
  • I’m sorry I’m late to the birthday party, but let’s be real – I’m always fashionably late. Happy belated birthday, cousin! Let’s catch up soon and celebrate properly. Maybe we can even use your birthday candles for the cake!
  • Belated birthday wishes to the cousin who’s aging like a fine wine, or maybe a not-so-fine cheese, but either way, you’re still delicious to me!

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A Little Late, But Full of Love: Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin

Missing their special day can be anything, from truly important to slightly indifferent for some, but saying you’re sorry and sharing great wishes won’t hurt anyone!

  • Sorry I missed your birthday, cousin. I feel terrible for not being there on your special day, but I hope you know that you mean the world to me. Happy belated birthday!
  • Belated happy birthday, cousin! I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to celebrate with you, but please know that I’m always here for you, no matter what. Wishing you all the best!
  • Dear cousin, I’m so sorry for missing your birthday. But please know that you are always in my thoughts, and I wish you nothing but the best. Happy belated birthday!
  • To my dearest cousin, happy belated birthday! I’m sorry for missing your special day, but please know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.
  • Belated happy birthday, dear cousin! I may have missed the big day, but I hope you had a wonderful celebration surrounded by the people you love. You deserve nothing but the best!
  • Sending you all the happy vibes on your special day for being born – happy belated bday!
  • Belated birthday wishes to a cousin who always knows how to lift others up and inspire them to be their best selves. Keep shining bright and never stop believing in yourself!
  • Even though I missed your birthday, cousin, I want you to know that you are an amazing person who has accomplished so much. Keep pushing forward and never give up on your dreams!
  • Belated happy birthday, cousin! Your kindness and generosity never cease to amaze me, and I hope your special day was filled with as much love and joy as you bring to others.

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Cake, Balloons, and Short Belated Birthday Wishes for Your Favorite Cousin

Go to stealth mode and send that short belated wish that will make up for forgetting:

  • Happy belated birthday to the cousin who holds a special place in my heart.
  • Sorry for missing your birthday, cousin. You are loved and cherished always.
  • Better late than never, right? Happy belated birthday, cousin!
  • I’m sorry I’m late, but I promise to make it up to you! Happy belated birthday, cousin!
  • What’s a few days late between family? Wishing you a happy belated birthday, cousin!
  • Belated birthday wishes to my amazing cousin! I hope your year is as wonderful as you are.
  • Happy belated birthday, cousin! They say life begins at 40, but I think it’s more like life begins to slow down at 40.
  • I may have missed the party, but my birthday wishes for you are still loud and clear!
  • Happy belated birthday to a cousin who makes life so much brighter!
  • Happy belated birthday cousin – you deserve all the best, even if it’s a few days late!
  • Belated birthday wishes to the coolest cousin I know!
  • Happy belated birthday, cousin! You’re never too old to party!
  • Calling all latecomers – happy belated birthday wishes to my favorite cousin!
  • I’m sorry for missing your birthday, cousin. But I hope this message reminds you of how much you are loved.
  • There’s no time like the present – happy belated birthday, dear cousin!
  • When it comes to birthdays, tardiness is the new punctuality – better late than never for your belated birthday wishes, cousin!

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Belated Birthday Wishes to Accompany a Thoughtful Gift

If there’s a birthday present arriving late for your cousin, these wishes will come in handy.

  • Even though I’m late, we wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know how much I love and appreciate you
  • We may be a little late, but our love and appreciation for you never fades, cousin. Belated happy birthday and a special gift on its way!
  • Sorry I missed your birthday, but I hope this special present and my belated birthday wishes make up for it!
  • It’s never too late to celebrate someone as special as you, cousin! Belated happy birthday wishes and a little gift coming your way.
  • I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate your big day, but I hope my belated birthday wishes and gift bring a smile to your face!
  • My memory may have failed me, but my love for you never does. Belated happy birthday, cousin!
  • I may be late to the party, but I still want to wish you a happy birthday and send you a little something special.
  • I may be a little behind schedule, but my birthday wishes for you are still filled with love and joy!

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