Happy Birthday, Girl.

Queen of the Day : 50 Birthday Wishes for Girls

We are yet to see a birthday girl who doesn’t love being the recipient of very beautiful wishes!

For that reason, we have loaded this post with a myriad of very beautiful and heartwarming texts that you can send to any girl you know celebrating her anniversary – and remember that you can easily tailor these texts to fit your particular preference!

Funny Birthday Messages for a Girl

Use one of these texts to tell that special girl you’re wishing her the most amazing birthday.

  • Age is just a number, which makes it perfectly acceptable to turn 30 at least a dozen times. Best birthday wishes to my best girl!
  • Beautiful, intelligent, angelic… but, enough about me. Hope it’s an amazing birthday for you, lady.
  • I don’t always send out birthday wishes, but, when I do, it’s to someone I’m thankful is at least a day older than me. Lucky you!
  • You can’t wind back the clock or whine about your birthday age, but you can pop a cork on some wine. Wishing a fine day the best day ever.
  • The silver lining of post-prime birthdays? You’re one year closer to your AARP membership and senior citizen discount.
  • Real friends never count the candles! Much love and happiness on this ageless birthday.
  • Happy age advancement day. If only it was as easy to advance at work and Candy Crush, right?
  • Sending my best birthday thoughts to one of the few birthdays I remember without a social media reminder.
  • Hope you have a specTACOlar birthday, señorita.
  • I’d cheers to fine things getting better with age, but you’re already about as good as it gets. Enjoy your day, old girl!
  • Why bother to use birthdays as introspective on the glass being half-full or half-empty when you can just drink what’s in the glass and call it a day?!?
  • Girl, if you think this is bad, then just remember we could age like dogs. Have a doggone it happy day.
  • Welcome to middle age, chic… Saturday curfew just became Sunday rise and shine, and happy hour just became nap time.
  • The best silver lining to having more candles on your birthday cake? It requires a bigger cake, too!
  • Just in case the senility suddenly strikes this birthday, remember that I’m your oldest, smartest, and dearest friend, which means you really want me in your will.
  • I’d like to be just like you when and if I ever grow up! May you have all your birthday dreams come true!
  • Imagine the most beautiful, touching, and hilarious birthday words. Now, insert them in this Happy Birthday girl text.
  • On the bright side, it could be next year’s birthday. So, pause and enjoy the moment.
  • Here’s to always remembering my girl’s birthday, but never her age.
  • Another year over, not under the hill, in the books. Celebrating your life today.
  • Isn’t it a bummer that you finally get old enough to know everything only to start forgetting it all? Happy, happy B-Day.
  • You seriously suck at this whole aging thing because you don’t look nor act any more mature. Keep on keeping on and have a birthday as beautiful as your smile.
  • When my birthday comes along, please remember that I didn’t correct your Facebook age in my comments. Happy 29th for the 10th year in a row.


Happy Birthday, Young Lady! Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for a Girl

  • Dear lady, getting to know you has taught me so many awesome things. For this reason, I sincerely appreciate you. Wishing you a very big happy birthday!
  • I can’t stop appreciating such an amazing girl like you. I wish you so many amazing things in this life as you celebrate your birthday today.
  • You are such an astonishing young lady who I always want nothing but the best for. On this wonderful day of your existence, I pray that all the amazing things that you have always wished for come to pass. Happy birthday, dear!
  • Dear friend, my prayer for you on this Big Day is that the floodgates of success, happiness and all other good things open for you. Wishing you a fantastic one!
  • Here is to wishing you greatness on your birthday! May today mark the beginning of many astonishing things in your beautiful life.
  • This extremely special occasion is a wonderful moment to let you know how lovely this planet is with you in it. Happy anniversary, lovely girl!
  • Dear friend, you are indeed a unique person. No girl compares to you in this world. I feel very blessed to have you in my life. Wising a wonderful anniversary to you, my dear!
  • I will never deny that you are the most treasured friend that I have ever had. I hope that you keep on being the most precious thing in this life for me. Happy birthday!
  • My prayer for such an incredible woman like you is that this fabulous moment brings you joy that is special.
  • May great happiness be yours today and forever. Happy birthday!
  • Because you are one of the most phenomenal people in the world, it is not surprising that this life has been such an amazing one for me ever since I met you. Hoping that this Big Day turns out just as amazing as you have made my world!
  • For me, it is crucial that I cherish every little time that I spend with you because I know how empty this world will be without your presence in my life. Happy anniversary, dear!
  • Happiness is having someone who is as wonderful as you as a friend. You are truly a big blessing from God. Thank you for embellishing my world, dear. Happy birthday!
  • I will always hold on to the special bond that exists between us because you mean everything to me. I wish you a super joyful birthday, girl!
  • No matter what happens in this life, I know I will be just fine with you around because my world is an ecstatic one just with you in it. Hoping for the best party for your anniversary!
  • I don’t want to ever miss you because missing you is like being without a very important part of my life. Dear friend, I hope that this special day brings you an abundance of great joy and magical moments.
  • No one has the ability to play the very important part that you play in my life, and I hope that I never have to be separated from such a phenomenal lady like you. Wishing you a ridiculously beautiful birthday celebration!
  • Will it be possible to live a life without you in this world? The answer is simple: a big NO. I wish you extraordinary joy as you mark the day God decided to put you on this planet!
  • Happy birthday, elegant lady! I hope that you feel amazing and loved today. May every single moment of your life be as beautiful as the Garden of Eden.
  • My dearest friend, if having you in my life is just a dream, then I pray that I never wake up from this wonderful dream. Wishing you all the fun in the universe as you celebrate your birthday today!
  • Dear amazing girl, you are someone whom I idolize, because it will be impossible to find another who is like you. Hoping that you have a blast on this Big Day of yours!
  • You are that part of me that is irreplaceable and my prayer is that we never have to stay apart from each other. Wishing you joy, love and a cheek full of laughter as you celebrate your special day!
  • You are a dream come true because I have always longed for someone as fantastic as you. For your anniversary, I hope all the beautiful things on earth make a path to your doorstep.
  • It is an incredibly beautiful feeling to have you in my world; this is because you feel the bowels of my heart with absolute happiness. May good fortune and love accompany you for an eternity!
  • I am the blessed owner of a ridiculously happy heart because of you, my dear. You are such an outstandingly magnificent person to me. I hope you have yourself an incredibly beautiful and memorable birthday celebration.
  • This extra wonderful day in your life gives me yet another excellent opportunity to thank you for bringing immeasurable joy and peace to my world. I wish you an adorably beautiful birthday, my dear.
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart! I believe that without you, air and water alone will be insufficient for my survival. Wishing you a day filled with great ecstasy!
  • Happy birthday to an incredibly beautiful and wonderful girl whose presence in the world makes the sun shine more radiantly! I pray that you never change. May this extraordinary day be a truly ecstatic and glorious one for you!
  • You are an absolutely outstanding girl in my life, and that is why you will always have a very superior place in the deepest part of my heart. May this birthday and every day of your life be filled with happiness without end.


Happy Birthday Girl Images

Hey girl, happy birthday.
Hey girl, happy birthday.


Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.


I love you birthday girl.
I love you birthday girl.


Today is a perfect day to be awesome.
Today is a perfect day to be awesome.


Happy Birthday, Girl.
Happy Birthday, Girl.


Happy Birthday Girl Memes

Funny dog pointing meme for a birthday girl.
Blow the candles, need some cake. Happy Birthday, girl!


Absolutely fabulous meme for a birthday girl.
Fabulous as ever, Gorgeous Birthday Girl!


Funny Whitney Houston I will always love you meme for a girl.
III-e-III will always love you, birthday girl.


Austin Powers wink Birthday girl meme.
Shagerrific, baby, happy Bday, yeah!


Funny Golden Girls meme for a birthday girl.
Happy Birthday, Girl! Stay forever golden.


Funny throwing book vintage woman meme for a birthday girl.
They created you and then threw away the manual, you extraordinary birthday girl!


Funny Nerd party meme for a birthday girl.
This is a tribute to you – Party hard, birthday girl!


Funny Lego birthday girl meme.
Who’s the Birthday Girl? You’re the Birthday Girl!


Funny hot guy with puppies meme for the birthday girl.
Happy Birthday, Girl – This cute puppy adores you.


Funny Keep Calm birthday girl meme.
Keep calm and be the queen of the day.



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