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Send words of love to anyone you care for. “Happy Birthday” is one of the most common, but also of the warmest, wishes in the world. Choose among dozens of happy birthday wishes and messages to write on the birthday card, email to your friends or share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks. Spread a message of affection by using our Happy Birthday images as they are or as an inspiration to write your own. Be sure your wish will always be appreciated!

Father-in-law image for chats, emails and posts.

Happy Birthday, Father-in-law!

Sending a heartfelt birthday wish to your father-in-law is one of the finest things you can do to commemorate that very important day of his life. Not only does this gesture show him that...

Birthday Celebration in India.

How Are Birthdays Celebrated in India?

The particular way in which an individual’s birthday is celebrated in India can depend on which amongst the nation’s distinct cultures he or she belongs to. However, below are some common practices you will...