Happy Birthday for school-aged kids

Happy Birthday, Kid! 35+ Birthday Wishes for School-Aged Children

Birthday wishes meant for school children don’t have to be tricky or hard to create. They can be as fun, diverse, and sentimental as the children you give them to. Birthdays are special occasions that only come once each year, and a child’s birthday is even more special because they only grow up once.

Children are the future and giving a memorable wish on a child’s birthday can give any child the joy and fun of looking forward to many more birthdays ahead. Whether you are a friend, a teacher, parent, or sibling, giving a customized birthday wish or quote can mean the world to any child on his or her birthday. These birthday wishes can bring joy, laughter, and more, so be sure to give the best birthday wish to that special child by using one of the following wishes.

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Birthday Wishes for a School Child

Happy 6th Birthday | Wishes for a 6-year-old

  • Want to know what is better than birthday cake on your birthday? All the gifts. Hoping you get everything you desire on your big day this year! Happy birthday.
  • I look forward to this day each year as much as you- Happy birthday to a very special you!
  • Your smile and laughter is brighter than the rainbow in the sky, so this year on your birthday don’t be shy. Have fun and eat lots of cake. Happy birthday!
  • Congrats to you, you’re a year older. Happy birthday!
  • We’re all here to lift you up today the way you always lift us up with your smile. Happy birthday, honey.
Happy 6th Birthday!
Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday | Wishes for a 7-year-old

  • You are the best student, sibling, friend, and child I’ve ever known. It’s because you are always the best you! Happy birthday, wishing you all my love and support on this special day.
  • Who is the best? Who out-does all the rest? You do! It’s you! Happy birthday and congrats on your big day.
  • Take a peek out the window, all the birds and trees are dancing it up because it’s your birthday! Wishing you the best one yet.
Happy 7th Birthday!
Happy 7th Birthday!
  • You are a great gift to all around you, so today I hope that you get all the gifts your heart desires. Happy birthday to a wonderful you!
  • Wishing you endless wealth, happiness, joy, and laughter on this special day of yours- you deserve the world and more! Happy birthday, you’re the best.

Happy 8th Birthday | Wishes for a 8-year-old

  • Wishing that with every gift you unwrap each of your biggest dreams comes true. You deserve it because you are so awesome. Happy birthday to you!
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  • Let’s get this party started already! After all, I’ve waited 364 days to say one thing: happy birthday!
  • When life gives you lemons you always know what to do- happy birthday to the best kid around.
  • You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re the best! Can you tell how excited I am? It’s because it’s your birthday. Congrats to you!
  • You work hard, love fearlessly, give freely, and always believe the best in people. That’s why you are going to go so far in life. Cheers to you as you embrace the journey. Happy birthday.
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Happy 8th Birthday!
Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday | Wishes for a 9-year-old

  • On your birthday this year I wish you more than cake, gifts, and surprises. I wish you good health, happiness, and inspiration for the next chapter. Happy birthday to you. Never forget how special you are.
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  • You’re a hero and do you know what heroes get on their birthdays? A break. Sit back and relax on your birthday- you deserve it!
  • You’re one year older, wiser, and better. Just be sure not to grow up too fast- I want you to stick around for a little longer. Please? Happy birthday, you sweet heart.
  • Cherish every moment today and remember that your best days are ahead of you. Happy birthday to the best kid around.
Happy 10th Birthday!
Happy 10th Birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday | Wishes for a 10-year-old

  • If time and space were not a problem I have no doubt you would have made it to the moon and back more times than I can count by now- that’s how great you are. Happy birthday, kiddo.
  • You shine so much brighter than most- it’s because you truly are a star. Happy birthday to an amazing person, student, and friend. I hope it’s the best one yet.
  • The tenth grade is no joke, no place to mess around. Fortunately, you’re the kid who can handle anything life throws at you. Here’s hoping you hit a home run every time. Happy birthday!
  • By now you know life is not a walk in the park, but if it was everyone would want to walk beside you. Happy birthday to you, awesome human.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday | Wishes for a 11-year-old

  • Cheers to you for being so inspiring, determined, and accomplished at this time in your life. You truly are a gift from above and my life would not be the same without you. Happy birthday, and remember I love you always.
  • Life doesn’t always go our way, but having you around really makes the day. Here’s to you on your birthday! I hope it’s as special as you are.
  • Enjoy each year and every moment, for every year and every chapter of life is just as unique as you are. Happy birthday, champ! You’re the greatest.
  • May the most joy and happiness of your life begin today and never stop. Happy birthday. I love you so much.
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Happy 12th Birthday | Wishes for a 12-year-old

  • All through these years you never have ceased to inspire, motivate, and encourage others. No one is the best but you. Happy birthday to you!
  • If there was an award for being a super-human it goes to you! Happy birthday and may you have many more happy days in your future. Congrats.
  • The 12th grade can be scary because it’s the last, but it’s also the edge of the rest of your life- and I know it’s going to be something awesome for you. Happy birthday, sport.
  • Tu. Toi. Vy. U. That’s how you say ‘you’ in other languages. Today’s all about you! Here’s to all the places you are going to go, happy birthday.
  • Wishing you a fabulous day filled with all the things you enjoy the most. It’s your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite Niece!

Birthday Wishes for a School Girl

Do you have a little girl in school who is celebrating her special day? Here are some birthday wishes that any girl can appreciate.

1. Happy Birthday! May your day and year be as bright, bold and beautiful as you!

2. Wishing you a birthday that’s just as special and amazing as you are!

3. On this special day, may all your dreams come true! Have an awesome birthday!

4. Tomorrow will be bright, but today is amazing – because it’s your birthday! Make it count!

5. May your day be filled with fun, love and laughter – because you deserve all the best in life! Happy Birthday!

6. Today is a special day for someone special – You! Wishing you an amazing birthday celebration!

7. Dream Big, work hard and never forget that you are amazing! Have a blessed birthday!

8. May you have all the luck, joy and happiness that life has to offer – happy birthday!

9. Life’s too short to miss any opportunity for fun – so today, it’s your turn to go wild! Enjoy your birthday!

10. You’re one in a million and today is your day to shine! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Birthday Wishes for a School Boy

Inspiring a young boy can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right birthday wishes. Here are some that any boy would cherish.

1. May your birthday be filled with adventure, excitement and lots of fun! Have a great day!

2. Wishing you a day full of joy, your favorite things and special surprises! Happy Birthday!

3. Sending lots of love on your special day. Have a wonderful birthday!

4. On this day, may all your hopes and dreams come true – have an amazing birthday!

5. Today is the best day to go on an adventure because it’s your birthday! Wishing you a happy one!

6. May you never forget how loved and appreciated you are on this special day – happy birthday!

7. You are brave, strong and intelligent – have a great time celebrating your wonderful self today!

8. Thinking of someone extra special today – that would be you my friend – wishing you the best birthday ever!

9. Wishing you courage, confidence and strength to reach all your goals – have an awesome birthday!

10. Make today count by doing something special that makes you happy – have a fantastic birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

1st year birthday wish with cute animal square
<a href=httpswwwbirthdaywishesexpertbirthday wishes1st birthday wishes our babys first year in life>1 year old<a>
Happy Birthday!
<a href=httpswwwbirthdaywishesexpertbirthday wisheshappy 3rd birthday>3 years old<a>
Happy 6th Birthday!
6 to 12 years old

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Happy Birthday, Kid! 35+ Birthday Wishes for School-Aged Children

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