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Happy 70th Birthday! 54 Great Messages for 70-year-olds

The greatest gift you can give to people and loved ones around you is appreciating their special days and wishing them all the best you can ever think of. Most of these people may be far away but your words of love can reach them anywhere in the world. Your thoughtful words of appreciating their person will linger in their hearts for as long as you can imagine.

Though celebrating a birthday at any age is a special event, a 70th birthday is extra special. It is a significant milestone in life we should all be happy about. If you know someone approaching this age and would like to send this person a birthday greeting, use one of the messages below.

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Funny 70th Birthday Wishes

Use any one of these 70th birthday wishes to light up the occasion with humor:

  • Don’t look at your 70th birthday as the glass being half empty, but if you do, fill that glass up with your favorite alcoholic beverage and get totally wasted. Cheers!
  • Party like there’s no tomorrow on your 70th birthday, and let your inner child convince everyone age is just a number.
  • I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone how old you are, but I think people might figure that out when they see the picture of your birthday cake, which I posted on Facebook. Happy b-day!
  • They say forgetfulness is a sign of old age, so use absentmindedness as an excuse to forget how old you are and do something you enjoyed doing when you were a teenager. Have a happy 70th birthday!
  • It would be so grand if we could turn back the hands of time, but arthritis would probably prevent that from happening if it were possible. Have a happy 70th.
  • Best wishes, as you turn 70. Since you look so great, I’m wondering if you used some sort of magic iron to remove the wrinkles from your birthday suit.
  • You get wiser as you age and you get grey hair, so choose the hair color product you use wisely and celebrate your 70th birthday.
  • They say your ears and nose get bigger as you age. Meet you at the watering hole soon. Best wishes on the day you turn 70.
  • For your 70th birthday, I told the baker to skip the candles because I figured it would be better to have more icing than wax on your cake. Enjoy your birthday!
Happy 70th Birthday.
Happy 70th Birthday.
Birthday wish for 70th birthday.
Happy 70th Birthday.
Birthday message for 70th birthday.
Happy 70th Birthday.

Warm and Sentimental 70th Birthday Wishes

Send one of these messages to celebrate someone’s 70th birthday and express sincere heartfelt wishes:

  • A 70th birthday is reason to celebrate all the glorious years you have spent on this planet with family and friends who love you dearly. Love to you on this important day!
  • We have been friends for nearly 70 years, and I consider your friendship a blessing. I wish you health and happiness for years to come on this very special day!
  • As you approach the age of 70, Dad, I give thanks for all the time we’ve spent together, and I look forward to many more happy years with you by my side. Happy b’day.
  • Mother, after sharing almost 70 years of life with you, I feel blessed, and I’m so happy that I’m able to celebrate your birthday. All my love and good wishes!
  • You’re sweeter than anyone I know, and you grow sweeter every year, which is all the more reason to celebrate your 70th birthday. Joyful is the day you came into this world!
  • There are no words adequate enough to convey how happy sending you birthday wishes for your 70th birthday makes me. Happy, happy b’day!
  • As time passes, you realize how precious every birthday your loved one celebrates is. Best wishes for your 70th.
  • To someone who deserves everything good in life. Wishing that for you on your 70th birthday.
  • I hope that whatever it is you’re wishing for materializes and gives you as much happiness as you have given me over the years. Birthday wishes as you turn 70.
Birthday message for 70th birthday.
Cheers to 70 years.

Inspirational 70th Birthday Quotes

Let one of these inspirational 70th birthday wishes and quotes help you celebrate someone’s birthday:

  • Seventy years of sharing space with you on this planet isn’t enough for me. Keep celebrating those birthdays because having you in my life is something I treasure.
  • Reaching 70 and looking as good as you do is truly inspirational. Happy birthday, pretty woman!
  • In 30 years, you’ll be 100 and 100% perfect in my mind. Keep up the magnificent work and have a wonderful birthday.
  • You’re not on the road to getting old. You’re on the road to getting better. Happy 70th birthday!
  • Turning 70 isn’t the worst thing to happen, but never reaching that age is. Celebrate, be happy and look forward to life ahead!
  • As you celebrate your 70th birthday, know that no matter how old you get, I’ll always be a friend you can count on. Best wishes on this special day!
  • Happy birthday to someone born 70 years ago, someone who has made a difference in this world and helped people like me. Cheers to this wonderful woman who is my closest friend.

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

  • Wishing the greatest Dad in the world a wonderful 70th birthday celebration. Dad, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for grooming me into the man/woman I’ve become. I would be nobody without you.Thank you for making me somebody. I love you with all my heart, Dad.
  • As you celebrate this very important milestone of your life, I ask nothing but God’s divine blessings and grace in your life. May you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination, dad. Happy 70th birthday!
  • Dad, I believe today will bring lots of great memories to your heart because it’s your special day. Happy glorious 70th birthday to my strong pillar of support. I am so proud of you, Dad.
  • Daddy, anytime I look inwards, I see how your fatherly love, strength and wisdom have made our world beautiful. Even in another world to come, I can never wish for another Dad. Wishing you many more years of wisdom on this your special day. Happy 70th birthday.
  • How time flies! It’s another decade of celebration for my special dad at 70. I will always appreciate your love and fatherly care for my siblings and me over the years. You have been a wonderful rock of support throughout the years. I am very proud to have you as a father. May God bless you abundantly!
  • Daddy,  how I love you so much and wish to tell anyone who cares  to listen that you are the best father in the world. Not even your frequent travels can replace your love and presence in my life. I will forever love you. May your remaining days on Earth be filled with lots of love, peace and joy unspeakable.

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Happy 70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • Mum, anytime I look into your eyes, I could see and feel some of the pains and stress we put you through when we were young and stubborn. As I wish you many wonderful and fruitful blessings on your special day today; I pray you will eat the fruits of your labor on us, your children. Happy birthday, Ma.
  • As special and important the stars and the moon are, so also are you a special mum to me. Today, as you mark your 70th birthday on Earth, I wish you a fabulous birthday full of gifts, joy, blessings!
  • Mommy, on your birthday today, I wish you lots of cakes, chocolates and blessings. Lots of love to my best friend and mom. I wish you a very long life, so you can enjoy all the blessings of God. Happy birthday, Mom.
Birthday wish for 70th birthday.
Happy 70th Birthday.
  • Anytime my friends ask me who among them is my best friend, they get jealous when I mention my mom as my best friend.  How can I make them understand? They were not there from the beginning like you, mum. You made me who I am today. I wish you all the desires of your heart and God’s blessings on this your special birthday. Happy birthday 70th birthday, sweet Mom.
  • Mom, I pray all your wishes come true today and always as you celebrate 70 years in this world. I earnestly pray God will strengthen you for the sake of your loved ones today and always. I hope you have an extraordinarily fabulous birthday celebration. I love you!
  • Happy glorious 70th birthday to my greatest hero in the whole wide world. Mom, nobody can ever take that special place I have built for you in my heart. I will forever be thankful to God for giving you to us. You’re indeed a rare gift sent from heaven.
Happy 70th Birthday, Mom!
Happy 70th Birthday, Mom!

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Greetings for Uncle’s 70th Birthday

  • To the world’s greatest uncle, happy super birthday to you as you clock 70 today. I celebrate you today, my dear uncle, and wish you all that your heart yearns for in these gray hair ages and beyond. May you live to be 100 years and more.
  • Uncle, how can I forget all the love and support you have shown me and my siblings over the years? You have brought enormous stability in our lives, and we wish you nothing but prosperity and happiness all the days of your life. Happy 70th birthday, dear uncle.
  • To my one and only Uncle, I wish you wonderful memories of goodies you can ever think of in life. Happy 70th birthday. May you live to enjoy many more years on Earth. Uncle, happy birthday once again!
  • Uncle, as you celebrate this special day of yours, I want to let you know that I can never forget all the good things that you’ve done in my life. Forgetting your positive impact on my life is such an unpardonable sin – especially on this special day. I wish you splendid moments full of celebrations and peace for the rest of your days.

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Messages for Aunt’s 70th Birthday

  • For your love, patience and care whenever we come for holidays, I cannot but wish you lots of wonderful things on your birthday. Aunt, I hope you have a very glorious birthday today. May you continue to age with grace from 70 and above.
  • Happy birthday to my best friend who also turns out to be my Aunt.  I wish you all the best that life has to offer on you your 70th birthday.
  • Dearest Aunt, I’m so happy you are joining the league of Septuagenarians. May this day be one of the most beautiful days you spend on Earth by the grace of the almighty God.
  • Glorious wishes to the world’s greatest Aunt! You’re my mentor and friend. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact in my life. As you mark another decade on Earth, I wish you nothing but the sweetest things in life. May all your dreams and goals in life never play hide and seek with you. Love you!
  • Aunt, it’s been 70 years of grace and God’s care over your life. As you celebrate your birthday on this day, I thank God for your life and wish you more energy to drive your dreams and visions to their destinations. Happy birthday, dear aunt.

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Happy Birthday, Grandma.
Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Wishes for Grandma’s 70th Birthday

  • Wishing a fabulously happy birthday celebration to my ever beautiful grandma. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing person like you as my grandma. As you celebrate this beautiful day, I hope you remain ageless, grandma.
  • Grandma, how can I forget all your lovely gifts for me since I was born? As you mark your 70th birthday today, may you receive lots and lots of gifts from all friends and family. I love you so much, Grandma.
  • One of the best gifts I pray for is to age gracefully like you, Grandma. On your special birthday celebration today, may you keep aging with such grace. Happy birthday, my sweet grandma.
  • Grandma, are you sure you are 70 years old today? You look so young and beautiful. On your special day, I wish you many more years of graceful aging in peace, good health and prosperity. Happy 70th birthday, my beautiful grandma.

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Happy 70th Birthday Wishes.
Happy 70th Birthday.

Greetings for Grandpa’s 70th Birthday

  • To my best and only Grandad in this world, words are not enough to express my joy on this special day of yours. As you celebrate 70 years on Earth, may you enjoy more love from your children and grandchildren till your last days.
  • Grandpa, today is special to you because you are celebrating your entrance into the club of Septuagenarians. Happy and wonderful birthday to you and always as you grow into 90 and 100 years.
  • I am the luckiest grandchild in the world simply because I have the best grandfather in the entire  universe. Have a very happy 70th birthday, grandpa. I love you now and forever.
  • Happy birthday, grandpa! You look awesome for someone who has just turned 70! I hope today turns out to be one of the happiest days of your life. I love you, grandpa.

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