Birthday Captions for Best Friend.

67 BFF Captions for Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Birthday captions for photos of your best friend should make anyone reading them realize your BFF holds a special place in your heart. These captions should warm your bestie’s heart and celebrate his or her birthday in a unique and profound way.

The following captions are designed to make your best friend smile and feel good about the relationship the two of you have, so use them when you are at a loss for words and want to spend more time on something other than creating birthday captions you’re not sure are the finest. Select a caption that matches the photo you want to post on social media from the list below.

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Short Instagram Captions for Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Instagram captions that aren’t long and drawn out are often more appealing than longer captions, so use these when you need a short Instagram caption for your best friend’s birthday photo:

  • Birthday greetings to a best friend, who’s like a sister to me.
  • Forever friends and another birthday to celebrate.
  • Today is the day my BFF came into this world.
  • Hugs to my BFF on her birthday!
  • Today is my bestie’s birthday. Happy birthday BFF!
  • A short birthday greeting for my forever best friend!
  • So happy we met and became best friends. Happy birthday!
  • A day to celebrate my best friend’s birthday!
  • Today is special because my BFF was born today!
  • Sending birthday wishes to my best friend!
  • I’m sending birthday wishes to my bestie.
Birthday caption for best friend.
Short Instagram caption for best friend's birthday.
Happy birthday BFF!
  • Celebrating your birthday and our long friendship!
  • Birthday greetings to my very best friend!
  • Best birthday wishes for my best friend!
  • Sincere birthday wishes to my bestie!
  • Your birthday is the time to celebrate you and our friendship!
  • A best friend like you deserves the best birthday ever!

Funny Birthday Captions for Pics With Your Best Friend

If you want to bring out the humor in the birthday picture you post of you and your best friend, select from these captions to make viewers laugh:

  • When you have a best friend to grow old with, growing up is optional.
  • Let’s break out the booze and have a latte later because my best friend is another year older, and sadly, so am I.
  • I firmly believe a best friend’s birthday is best celebrated inebriated, so cheers!
  • Do I look younger than you in this picture? Now’s your chance to prove that you’re my best friend by telling me what I want to hear.
  • The good news is, my best friend is another year older today. The bad news is, you look it.
  • Did you ever wish you were a cat so you could hide your wrinkles under your fur? All the best wishes on your birthday, my dearest friend.
  • Why do best friends smile for the camera on their birthday when they hate the idea of getting older? Must be because they are happy that they have such a strong friendship.

One-Word Birthday Captions for Your Best Friend

Sometimes just one word is all you need for the ideal birthday caption for your best friend:

  • Amazing!
  • Extraordinary!
  • Perfect!
  • Understanding!
  • Exhilarating!
  • Wonderful!
  • Interesting!
  • True-blue!
  • Bestie!
  • Exciting!
  • Caring!
  • Inspirational!
  • Steadfast!
  • Unique!
  • Witty!
  • Beautiful!

Emotional Instagram Captions for Your Best Friend’s Birthday

If you want to stir emotions with the captions you include with the birthday photos of your best friend, use these:

  • The sun is shining, and it’s your birthday. Shine along with it, my best friend.
  • I could never forget my best friend’s birthday because my bestie holds a special place in my heart.
  • Thanks for being my best friend. As you celebrate your birthday today, know that you are special to me because you are one in a million.
  • Having one best friend is more desirable than having many friends that are not the best. Birthday wishes to my bestie!
  • You showed me what a true friend is, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May your birthday be filled with more blessings than you can count!
  • Have a birthday that is as unique as you, my very best friend.
  • We climbed many mountains together, overcame all obstacles, and strengthened our friendship like true friends do. Wishing my BFF all the best on her birthday.

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67 BFF Captions for Your Best Friend's Birthday
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