Birthday Instagram captions.

Top 99 Birthday Instagram Captions for Your #SpecialDay

Your birthday marks a milestone regardless of the year. It’s a time for taking lots of photos and sharing them on your Instagram feed. Yes, Instagram is the perfect place to post visual content. But your followers may not know it’s your special day if you don’t add a caption to put your pics in context. How do you come up with relatable birthday Instagram captions that capture the essence of the big day?

Instead of recycling phrases from years past or wrecking your brains to come up with something witty, choose from these original phrases to commemorate your big day.

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Birthday Instagram Captions for Yourself

Set the mood for your special day with one of the captions below.

  • Age is just a hashtag.
  • The most wonderful time of the year is here. It’s the anniversary of my birth!
  • Someone very special was born today. Many happy returns to me.
  • On this day, a star was born.
  • Today, we celebrate me.
  • The phrase of the day is Happy Birthday. Feel free to improvise.
  • Guess who’s celebrating their B-Day today?
  • I may be another year older, but I still got it!
  • No need for a fancy B-Day party this year. I’m going to celebrate ME every single day of my life.
  • On the anniversary of my birth, I wish for stronger bonds with family and friends, meaningful experiences, and dreams realized.
  • Joy comes from surrounding yourself with loving people. My happiest moments all include a generous circle of family and friends, and I feel blessed to have them celebrate my special day with me.
  • On this day, God created a masterpiece.
  • Hoping my big day is filled with lots of laughter.
  • Having a fantastic birthday.
  • Happy as can be on my special day.
  • Celebrating good times on my big day.
  • Bring out the balloons for the birthday girl.
  • I’m glad I was born on this day.
  • Time to celebrate the day of my birth.
  • I’m accepting virtual hugs and kisses ’cause it’s my birthday.
Birthday instagram caption for own birthday.
It’s my big day and I just want to have fun!
Birthday Instagram caption.
Bring out the balloons for the birthday girl.
Birthday image caption for instagram.
I’m always on fire. But today, I take the cake.
Birthday Instagram caption for me.
On this day, a star was born. Happy Bday to me!

Short Birthday Instagram Captions

Birthday captions like these are not long-winded, so use them when you want captions that are concise:

  • Aging beautifully!
  • Celebrate your birthday!
  • Do you smell birthday cake!
  • Hooray, it’s your birthday!
  • Have a marvelous birthday!
  • Birthday wishes to you!
  • Happy day, birthday boy!
  • Best birthday wishes!
  • Happy b’day to you!
  • Love celebrating your birthday.
  • Celebrate your age!
  • Getting older and better.
  • Dance! It’s your birthday.
  • Celebrate life today!
  • Stay young at heart.
  • It’s your special day.
  • With age comes wisdom.
  • Getting wiser every year.
  • Smile on your birthday.
  • Birthdays are special!
  • Special day. Special you!
  • One year smarter!
  • Time to celebrate with cake.
  • Make a birthday wish!
  • Older but wiser!
  • Still young at heart!
  • Don’t count the candles.
  • Today is special!

Birthday Selfie Captions

Posting birthday selfies with captions will help your viewers better understand and appreciate your posts, so be sure to include captions like these with your photos:

  • I may feel older and wiser, but I’m sure my inner child won’t let anyone know I feel this way.
  • If I look inebriated in this photo, it’s because I am. Give me a break because it’s my birthday.
  • You know, you don’t have to wait until it’s my birthday to give me a gift. I’ll gladly accept a present from you any day or time.
  • I’m one year younger than I’ll be next year, so excuse me while I celebrate my birthday like I never did before.
  • If the candles on my cake are getting lit tonight, so am I. Why not?
  • I worked hard to produce a selfie I look good in. So hard, I made it my birthday selfie.
  • Love yourself on your birthday if you want people you know to love you. Strike a great pose for your birthday selfie.
  • Don’t close your eyes when you take a selfie because it will look as though you don’t like what you’re seeing. How can you expect anyone to like your photo if you don’t?
  • I gifted myself with a good selfie for my birthday. I hope you think it’s an excellent shot of me, too.
  • If you see a birthday cake in this selfie, wish me a happy birthday!
  • Thank God for birthday selfies. You can take as many as you like and share only the ones that look good on social media.
  • For my birthday, I took a selfie that makes me look 20 years younger than my age and posted it online for all to see. Happy birthday to me!
Birthday instagram caption.
Today’s my B-day and it’s going to be epic!
Birthday Instagram caption for best friend.
Happy B-day, bestie. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
Happy Birthday Instagram captions.
Happy Birthday! Happy as can be on my special day!

Birthday Post Captions for Best Friends

What is friendship? It’s a special bond. It’s sharing secrets, supporting each other, having fun, and making memories.

  • Happy B-day to my ride-or-die. Wishing you a day filled with love and happiness.
  • Happy Birthday to my BFF. You are THE most caring, loving, and fun person I know. May all your wishes come true.
  • I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Happy B-DAY, Bestie. I love you always.
  • Many happy returns to my DAY ONE. I celebrate you not just today but every day.
  • You have a heart of gold. Happy B-day. May God continue to bless you.
  • To my beloved friend. I love you more than words can express. We’ve been through many ups and downs together. Today I celebrate your accomplishments, your courage, and your resilience. Many happy returns.
  • Today is all about you Bestie. I hope you got a good night’s sleep because we’re going for a wild ride. Happy Birthday.
  • You are phenomenal. May this year be as fabulous as you are. Happy Birthday to the best friend in the world.
  • Enjoy your big day. May you have many years of happiness and health.
  • I can think of no better time to celebrate you than on the occasion of your birth. Many happy returns, Bestie. I GOTCHOO, Boo!

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