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100 Touching Thinking Of You Messages To Say You Care

Looking for the perfect way to tell someone that they’re on your mind? From funny to heartwarming to loving, these thinking of you messages will do the trick.

Saying “I’m thinking of you” may sound simple but can mean the world to someone. It carries immense power in letting someone know that they are not alone in their struggles or joys. Whether you’re sending a card, a text message, or having a heartfelt conversation, these touching messages are sure to convey your care and affection.

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9 Things to Keep in Mind When You Write a Thinking of You Card

Sending a “Thinking of You” card is a heartfelt gesture that can provide comfort and support to someone in need. Here are some important things to keep in mind when writing a thoughtful and meaningful card:

  1. Be Genuine:
    When writing a “Thinking of You” card, sincerity is key. Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with the recipient and let your genuine emotions guide your words. Authenticity and heartfelt sentiments will resonate more deeply with the person receiving the card.
  2. Tailor Your Message:
    Consider the recipient’s unique situation or circumstances when crafting your message. Acknowledge their specific challenges, joys, or sorrows and express empathy accordingly. Tailoring your message shows that you truly understand and care about what they’re going through.
  3. Offer Support:
    Let the recipient know that you’re there for them. Offer your support, whether it’s a listening ear, practical assistance, or simply being a source of comfort. Knowing they have someone to lean on can provide immense comfort during difficult times.
  4. Share Fond Memories:
    If appropriate, reminisce about positive memories or experiences you’ve shared with the recipient. Sharing these moments can bring a smile to their face and remind them of the bond you share. It shows that you cherish and value the connection you have with them.
  5. Keep it Concise:
    While it’s important to convey your heartfelt thoughts, aim to keep your message concise and focused. Avoid overwhelming the recipient with an excessively long message. Instead, choose your words carefully, keeping the card simple, clear, and easy to read.
  6. Use Positive Language:
    Infuse your message with positivity and hope. Offer words of encouragement, strength, and optimism. Your uplifting words can help uplift the recipient’s spirits and provide a glimmer of hope during challenging times.
  7. Sign with Warmth:
    Close the card with a warm and sincere closing. Consider using phrases like “With love,” “Thinking of you always,” or “Sending you hugs and support.” Personalize your closing based on your relationship with the recipient, aiming to create a lasting impact with your final words.
  8. Handwritten Touch:
    Whenever possible, opt for a handwritten card rather than a digital message. The personal touch of handwriting adds an extra layer of warmth and authenticity to your words. It shows that you took the time and effort to craft a thoughtful message.
  9. Timing Matters:
    Consider the timing of sending your “Thinking of You” card. If the recipient is currently going through a challenging situation, sending the card promptly can provide immediate support and reassurance. However, even if some time has passed, a heartfelt message will still be appreciated and cherished.

What do you say in a Thinking of you card?

In a Thinking of You card, it’s important to convey empathy and understanding. Here are a few heartfelt messages you can include:

  • “You are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. If there’s anything I can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”
  • “Sending you warm wishes and positive energy. Remember that you are strong, and I am here for you.”
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and hoping for brighter days ahead. You’re not alone in this journey.”

What to say instead of “Thinking of You”

While “Thinking of you” is a beautiful phrase, it’s always good to have some alternatives to express the same sentiment. Here are a few synonyms or similar phrases you can use:

  • “You’re in my thoughts.”
  • “Sending you love and positive vibes.”
  • “You’re on my mind.”
  • “I’ve been keeping you in my prayers.”
  • “Wishing you comfort and peace.”

Sending a Thinking of You Card as a Group

When a group of people comes together to send a Thinking of You card, it carries even more meaning. It shows the person receiving the card that they are surrounded by a supportive community. This gesture can be particularly impactful during challenging times. When signing the greeting card itself, consider using phrases like:

  • “From all of us, we’re thinking of you and sending our love.”
  • “You have a whole team of supporters behind you. We’re here for you.”
  • “Wishing you strength and the knowledge that you’re not alone in this.”
  • “Your presence in our lives brings us joy, and during this time, we want you to know that our thoughts are with you. Sending you warm wishes and heartfelt support from all of us.”

20 Thinking of You Messages for a Friend

Friends hold a special place in our hearts, and letting them know that they are thought of can strengthen your bond. Here are 20 messages to send to a friend:

 “You’re my rock, and I’m here for you no matter what. Thinking of you and sending my love.”

“Remember, tough times don’t last, but strong friendships do. You’re never alone.”

“Just a reminder that you are cherished and valued. Sending positive thoughts your way.”

“Our friendship is a constant source of support and happiness. Thinking of you today and always.”

“Distance may separate us, but our friendship knows no bounds. You are always in my thoughts.”

“Whenever you need a listening ear, I’m here. Thinking of you and sending warm hugs.”

“Your friendship brightens my days. Sending you love and positive energy in return.”

I love you message.
I feel a glow in my heart just thinking of you.

“In good times and bad, I’m grateful to have you as my friend. Thinking of you and wishing you well.”

“Through thick and thin, we’ll navigate life’s challenges together. You’re in my thoughts.”

“You bring so much joy into my life. Thinking of you and hoping for a day filled with happiness.”

“No matter the distance, our friendship remains strong. Sending love and good vibes your way.”

“Just wanted to remind you how special you are to me. Thinking of you and sending my deepest care.”

“When life gets tough, know that you have a friend who’s always in your corner. Thinking of you and rooting for your success.”

“Our friendship is a treasure I hold dear. Sending you warm thoughts and virtual hugs.”

Sending Love and Positive Vibes

“Your friendship has been a ray of light in my life. Thinking of you and sending love your way.”

“Through laughter and tears, we’ve built an unbreakable bond. You’re on my mind, my dear friend.”

“Your presence in my life is a gift. Thinking of you and grateful for our friendship.”

“No matter what you’re going through, remember that you have a friend who cares. Thinking of you and sending strength.”

“Our memories together bring a smile to my face. Thinking of you and the beautiful moments we’ve shared.”

“Friendship knows no distance or time. You’re always in my thoughts, my dear friend.”

20 I’m Thinking Of You My Love Sayings

Expressing your affection to a loved one is an incredible way to deepen your connection. Here are 20 endearing messages for your significant other:


“Even when we’re apart, you’re always in my thoughts. I love you more than words can express.”

“Thinking of you reminds me of the beautiful moments we’ve shared together. Can’t wait to create more good memories with you.”

“You’re the first and last thought on my mind every day. Distance may separate us, but love keeps us together.”

“Every moment spent with you is a treasure. Thinking of you and feeling grateful for our love.”

“You are the sunshine in my life. Sending warm thoughts and all my love your way.”

Thinking Of You messages
Thinking Of You

“My heart is filled with thoughts of you. I miss hearing your laugh and I miss looking at your beautiful eyes.”

“Thinking of you brightens my day and warms my soul. You are my forever love.”

“You are my safe haven, my rock, and my everything. Thinking of you and counting down the moments until we’re together again.”

“With every beat of my heart, I think of you. You’re the missing piece that completes me.”

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“Your love is a constant presence in my life. Thinking of you and the beautiful bond we share.”

“No matter where we are, our love transcends distance. Sending my love across the miles, and constantly thinking of you. Just you.”

“In your arms, I find solace. Thinking of you and longing for the day we’re reunited.”

“You are my strength, my inspiration, and my reason to smile. Thinking of you and feeling blessed to have you in my life.”

“Your love is like a beacon guiding me through life’s challenges. Thinking of you and feeling grateful for the love we share.”

“You’re the missing puzzle piece that completes my life. Thinking of you and cherishing the love we’ve built.”

“Our love knows no boundaries. Distance may separate us physically, but our hearts are always connected.”

“Thinking of you is a constant reminder of all the good memories and love that fills my heart. You are my forever and always.”

“Your love is my anchor, keeping me grounded through the ups and downs. Thinking of you and the beautiful bond we share.”

“The thought of you brightens even the darkest of days. Thinking of you and sending all my love and affection.”

“My love for you knows no bounds. Thinking of you and the incredible happiness you bring into my life.”

20 Thinking of You Quotes with a Sense of Humor

Laughter has the power to uplift spirits, even during difficult times. Here are 20 lighthearted “thinking of you” quotes to bring a smile to someone’s face:


“Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you…and also about what to have for lunch.”

“Sending this message to brighten your day and confuse your telepathic powers. You’ll never guess who it’s from!”

“You’re such an amazing friend, that you even occupy my thoughts while I’m binge-watching my favorite show. That’s true friendship!”

“Sending you positive vibes and thoughts, sprinkled with a pinch of hilarious randomness.”

“I’ve officially delegated a portion of my thoughts exclusively to thinking of you. It’s a full-time job!”

“Consider this message as a break from my nonsensical thoughts, solely dedicated to thinking of you.”

“You must be wondering why you suddenly crossed my mind. Well, congratulations, you won the random thought lottery!”

“Just dropping by with a little reminder that you’re awesome and I’m thinking of you. Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming of weird thoughts.”

“I was going to think of something profound to say, but then I remembered it’s just me thinking of you. So here’s a silly message to make you smile!”

“They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a thought of you a day keeps the frowns away!”

“Just a heads up: You’ve been on my mind so much that I may need to charge you rent for occupying my thoughts!”

Get well soon! We think of you and pray for a quick recovery.
Get well soon! We think of you and pray for a quick recovery.

“I’m sending you positive vibes, happy thoughts, and a mental image of me attempting a cartwheel. Let’s hope it brings a smile to your face!”

“My thoughts were wandering aimlessly, and guess where they ended up? Right on you! Enjoy the random invasion!”

“I can’t promise profound philosophical insights, but I can guarantee that you’ll be the subject of my thoughts today. Congratulations on this prestigious honor!”

“Thought I’d send a random reminder that you’re amazing and deserving of all things wonderful. Now, back to my regularly scheduled thought circus!”

“Just a friendly reminder that someone out there is thinking of you and probably trying to solve world peace in the process. Or maybe just contemplating what to have for dinner.”

“You popped into my mind like a cheerful Jack-in-the-box. So here’s a message to let you know you’re always bouncing around in my thoughts!”

“I couldn’t resist the gravitational pull of your awesomeness, so here I am, thinking of you and sending smiles your way!”

“Thoughts of you just crossed my mind and did a happy dance. Consider this message a reflection of their wild and joyful performance!”

“You’re so fabulous that my thoughts can’t resist doing a little dance every time your name comes up. You’re like the life of the thought party!”

7 Famous Thinking of You Quotes

1. “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you.” Virginia Woolf

2. “When I was thinking of you, I realized all the positive influences you have in my life, thank you.” B. Rivers

3. “If I have a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” Claudia Adrienne Grandi

In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you. Virginia Woolf

4. “Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today. And I would never let it pass without telling you I’m thinking of you..” Mitch Cuento

5. “Words fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are to me, but all I can say is, that my world is full of smiles whenever I think of you.” Natalie Anderson

6. “Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.” Walt Whitman

7. “I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I’m not thinking about you.” Anurag Prakash Ray

20 Thinking of You Messages for a Sick Loved One

When someone we care about is unwell, our support can provide immense comfort. Here are 20 messages to uplift them:


“Sending healing thoughts and virtual hugs your way. You’re in my prayers for a speedy recovery.”

“Wishing you strength and resilience during this challenging time. Remember, you are surrounded by love and care.”

“Though you may feel alone at times, please know that I’m always here for you. Lean on me whenever you need to.”

“Your health is a top priority, and you have my full support. Thinking of you and wishing you a fast and complete recovery.”

“May each day bring you closer to restored health and happiness. Thinking of you and sending positive energy.”

“Though distance separates us, my thoughts and well wishes know no bounds. Take care of yourself and know that I’m here for you.”

“Your strength and determination inspire me. Keep fighting, and know that I’m cheering you on every step of the way.”

Get well soon image to wish a beloved person a speedy recovery.
Get well soon.

“Sending love, hope, and healing energy your way. You’re not alone in this journey.”

“During this challenging time, may you find comfort in knowing that you are surrounded by people who care deeply about you.”

“Your resilience and positive attitude are truly remarkable. Thinking of you and sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

“Each day brings you one step closer to restored health. Hang in there, and know that I’m thinking of you every step of the way.”

“When the road gets tough, remember that you have a support system that will never waver. Thinking of you and sending strength.”

“Your well-being is my utmost concern. Take the time to rest and heal, knowing that you are loved and cherished.”

“Although words may not be enough, please know that my thoughts are filled with love and healing vibes for you.”

Get well soon image for a friend.
Fell Better! Get well soon, my friend!

“Your strength and courage are an inspiration to us all. Thinking of you and sending all the positive energy I can muster.”

“I may not be able to take away your pain, but I can offer my unwavering support and love. You’re in my thoughts, now and always.”

“In the midst of your healing journey, remember to be kind to yourself. Thinking of you and sending gentle thoughts your way.”

“Though this is a difficult time, you have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle. Stay strong, and know that I believe in you.”

“Sending healing prayers and comforting thoughts your way. Know that you are thought of and cared for deeply.”

“Rest, heal, and know that you are surrounded by love. Thinking of you and wishing you a full and speedy recovery.”

20 Thinking of You Messages for Someone Going Through a Tough Time

Friends are there in joy, but they also show their support when times are hard. Here are some messages that may be soothing for someone going through a tough time:

Loss of a loved one

“May the cherished memories of your loved one bring you solace during this difficult time. You have my deepest condolences.”

“Thinking of you as you navigate the waves of grief. Remember, your loved one’s spirit will always be with you.”

“In this time of loss, know that you have a support system ready to embrace you with love and understanding. Thinking of you and sending strength.”

“Though words may fail to ease your pain, please know that you are not alone. Your loved one’s memory will forever be a guiding light in your life.”

“Grief is a journey, and I’m here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Thinking of you and sending heartfelt condolences.”

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“I know it’s a painful and challenging journey, but I believe in your strength and resilience. You’re never alone.”

“Sending you love and support as you find your way through this difficult chapter. You deserve happiness and peace.”

“Divorce may mark the end of a relationship, but it also paves the way for new beginnings. Thinking of you and sending strength during this transition.”

“During this challenging time, may you find inner strength and rediscover your true worth. Thinking of you and standing by your side.”

“Through the pain of separation, remember that you are deserving of love and happiness. Thinking of you and sending positive energy.”

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Losing a job

“In the face of adversity, your talents and skills will guide you towards new opportunities. Thinking of you and sending positive energy for your job search.”

“Remember, your worth is not defined by your job. I’m here to help and support you in any way I can.”

“Losing a job can be disheartening, but it also opens doors to new possibilities. Thinking of you and cheering you on in your career journey.”

“This setback is temporary, and your resilience will shine through. Sending you encouragement and support during this challenging time.”

“Your determination and skills are undeniable. Keep your chin up, and know that brighter days are ahead. Thinking of you and believing in your capabilities.”

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Losing a pet

“Pets have a special place in our hearts, and the loss can be devastating. Thinking of you during this difficult time of saying goodbye to your beloved companion.”

“Your pet brought joy and love into your life, and their memory will always live on. Sending you comfort and understanding.”

“The bond between a pet and their owner is irreplaceable. Thinking of you and sending heartfelt condolences on the loss of your cherished companion.”

“Losing a pet is like losing a family member. May your heart find solace in the beautiful memories you shared. Thinking of you and sending love.”

“Your pet may be gone, but their love will forever remain in your heart. Thinking of you and sending hugs during this time of loss.”

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In times of uncertainty, a simple “thinking of you” message can provide solace and remind someone that they are cared for. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a loved one, these heartfelt messages can make a significant impact on their well-being. Letting someone know that they are not alone in their journey is a beautiful way to show compassion and support.

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