50 Have a Safe Journey Wishes When They Set Off

Going on a journey can be overwhelming! The person going on it might wonder about what to do, while on it, and if he or she is going to be safe. It does not matter if someone is traveling by boat, car, train, or plane; with the knowledge of an impending journey comes concerns about one’s well-being. If you know a friend, daughter, son, or colleague is going on a journey, it is best to wish them safety. You can also let them know how much they mean to you and how happy you are that they are going on this journey, to further alleviate any fears that they might have. Here are Safe journey wishes to send to people who are going to venture out.

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Happy Journey Wishes for a Friend

Give your friend a proper send-off with these short but sincere messages.

  • Bon voyage! Tell me all about your trip when you get home!
  • I’m so glad that you could take this trip. You really deserve it. Eat some complementary peanuts for me!
  • I wish I could go with you, my friend. I hope you have safe and pleasant travels.
  • I miss you already. What am I going to do without you? I hope you have a safe journey, and remember to text me when you land!
  • I hope the skies stay nice and blue for you. Everything deserves to be perfect during your trip. Just let me know if I need to beat up any meteorologists.
  • The world is waiting for you, my friend! I hope everyone else gets to see the amazing person that you are. Good luck and safe travels!
  • It’s so hard to say goodbye, but I’m telling myself that the reunion will be worth it. I can’t wait to see you again! Stay safe!
  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s my BFF in the skies! I hope you’re doing well, and may your journey be filled with comfortable seats and non-crying babies. Tell me everything when you get back!
  • When I heard that you were going on this journey, I was elated! It sounds like it is going to be magnificent! I hope that you are unscathed, and that everything goes the way that you planned!
  • Safe journey, dear friend! Have a blast and be well!
Happy journey wish to share with friends and family.
Safe Travels!
Safe journey wish.
Have a safe journey!
  • Your friendship is appreciated, and your safety is important to me! May no harm come to you, as you go out and return back to your place!
  • Wishing a dear friend, a safe journey! May it be smooth and may you enjoy your trip!
  • May your journey be eye opening! May you have new and profound experiences, and may you arrive and depart, in a safe manner!
  • My friend, as you go out on your journey, may you be safe! May your plane get you to your destination and back home, without any problems!
  • Friend, may your voyage go well! May you see many interesting sights, and get back to your place of residence in a peaceful manner!
  • Since I can not go on this journey with you, friend, I wanted to send you a message. I wanted you to know that I hope that you have a good time! I also wanted to wish you a pleasant journey, there and back! Be safe!
  • Wishing a wonderful friend, a memorable voyage! May your route there be unimpeded! May only good things happen, in your travels!
  • Friend, may your exploration be incredible! May it happen, without any concern for you safety! May you come back in the same way, and happy that you decided to go on this journey!
  • Sending my friend a safe journey message! Take care of yourself! Have a terrific journey!
  • My dear friend, may the course you take be free of danger! May your focus only be on the new and fantastic experiences you will have!
  • As your friend, I am honored to send you a wish for a safe journey! I know that you have been saving up for this trip for a while, and I am so glad that you finally get to go on it! May it go well, and may you come back to all of your friends with new stories!
  • My good friend, may your upcoming journey have the quality of  safety! May there be nothing to worry about, as you travel to where you need to go!

Have a Safe Journey Wishes for your Son

Let your son know that you’re looking out for him with these kind, supportive words.

  • The world is your oyster. You’re already taking the first step. I’m so proud of you, and I hope you have an amazing time. Stay safe!
  • My little boy is all grown up! Please stay safe and remember to call your poor mom/dad when you land.
  • As your parent, I’ve always had a front row seat to your strength, passion, courage and character. I can’t wait for others to see what I’ve always seen. Good luck, son. Safe travels.
  • Is it too late to fit inside of your suitcase? I love you, and I’m going to miss you like crazy. Have fun on your trip!
  • I love you, son. I hope these blessings can reach you and protect you during your travels.
  • It’s going to be tough without you, but I just know that you’ll have an amazing journey that’s worth the pain of a temporary separation. Take lots of pictures and videos for me, and come back soon!
  • I’ll think of you every time that I look at the sky. I’ll imagine you out there traveling, having fun, making friends and being the incredible person that you’ve always been. I’m sure this flight is just the first of many. Good luck!
  • You’re my son and my sun. The world is going to be gray without you. Come back soon!
  • Son, may your journey be free of risk! May no danger cross your path! May you be able to go through a peaceful setting!
  • My son, your father and I love you very much! We hope that your crossing finds you protected and that you arrive at your destination unhurt! May your time away be agreeable!
  • My dear boy, as you cross the Atlantic, may you view beautiful scenery! May your arrival find you in good spirits. May your departure not have any delays!
  • Son, you mean the world to us! We hope that your journey is carefree, that you enjoy yourself while you are gone, and that you come back to us, filled with happiness!
Wishing a dear friend a safe journey!
Wishing a dear friend a safe journey!
  • Wishing my dear son, a safe journey! May it hold all that you hoped for! May your plane land, effortlessly and may you feel at peace!
  • Son, as you go on your new adventure, I hope that you are safe and sound! May you be guarded from danger and return home, unharmed!
  • Sending a message for a safe expedition, to my beloved son! May only the best things happen to you, while you are away! May your return be as safe as your departure!
  • Son, no matter how old you get, I always want you to be safe! I hope that you are shielded from harm, during the trip that you are taking! I hope that it is the same, on your way back and that you are comforted in knowing that your family loves you!

Have a Safe Journey Wishes for your Daughter

Sweet and affectionate, these wishes will put a smile on your daughter’s face as she embarks on her latest adventure.

  • You mean the world to me, so it’s only fitting that the world gets to know and appreciate you, too. I hope you have a great time on your trip. Safe travels, sweetheart.
  • Bon voyage, my beautiful daughter. My love will travel with you wherever you go. Please know that I’m only a phone call away if you ever need me.
  • I wish I could go with you. Since I can’t, I’ll have to be satisfied with sending you a gooey message of love and support! I hope you have a wonderful trip, honey, and an even better time when you land. You deserve it.
  • I can’t believe we just said goodbye. I’m already missing you. I love you so much! Have a safe journey!
  • I hope your suitcase is big enough for all of the souvenirs that you’re going to send me! That is your plan, right? Safe travels!
  • Take care of yourself, honey! Fasten your seat belt and text me as soon as you land. I love you so much!
  • There comes a point in every parent’s life when they have to let their child go. I’m sad that my day has come so soon, but I’m incredibly proud of you and everything that you’ve accomplished. Stay safe, honey, and know that my love and my blessings are always with you.
  • I would say something like “I hope you’re going to miss me as much as I’m going to miss you,” but that’s impossible. No one loves you like mom/dad! Have a fun trip, and come back with amazing stories!
  • I don’t care how old you get. You’ll always be my little girl, and I’ll always love you. I hope you have an amazing and unforgettable journey!
  • Sending my dear daughter a wish that, as you travel, you have nothing to worry about! May there are no threats. May you be constantly sheltered from unpleasant instances!
  • My daughter, you have always been an adventurous person! I hope that you are able to enjoy yourself and be safe, while on your new trip! I hope that you arrive home well, and tell me all about what you have seen and done!
  • Daughter, may your excursion occur in a way that you feel safe! May all that happens on it be nice and calm!
  • My sweet girl, I wish you well on your journey and safe passage! May it be engaging and may you get home without harm!
  • Daughter, may this journey stand out among the many others that you have had! My wish is that you are out of harm’s way, when you venture out and when you come back.

Have a Safe Journey Wishes for a Colleague

Positive but still professional, these wishes are ideal for people that you might not know well.

  • Have a great journey! I hope it’s all smooth sailing for you.
  • I can feel the loneliness from my cubicle already. Have fun, but don’t forget about me! I need my work buddy to come back soon!
  • I hope you have a great trip. You work really hard, so I’m glad that you can hop on a plane and get out of the office for awhile. You deserve it.
  • Good luck out there! Feel free to text me if you need anything. Have a safe journey.
  • Wishing you a safe and speedy journey! Have a good time!
  • I’m already counting down the days until you return. Have fun, but hurry back! I can’t take that break room coffee all by myself!
  • Take care of yourself over there! Not everyone is as nice as me, you know. But I hope you have a fun and exciting time!
  • Have a blast! The office won’t be the same without you!
  • I’m so jealous of your trip, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Have a safe journey! Bring me lots of goodies when you come back!
  • Best of luck on your journey. We’re all rooting for you!
  • Safe travels! Don’t worry about anything here; I’ll hold down the fort until you return. Just focus on having a great journey!
  • A safe journey wish for a valued colleague! May nothing unpleasant come your way! May everything that happens on your journey suit the type of person that you are!
  • As a colleague, you consistently make work situations better! May the journey you are going on, only improve, the further you travel out! May you make your way back, feeling refreshed and joyful!
  • I have learned so much from you, as a colleague! I hope that in the duration of your journey, you learn things that are meaningful! I hope that your arrival and departure is safe!
  • I have always admired you determination! I hope that there is smooth sailing while you are on your journey and when make your way back home!
  • Working with you has always been a good experience! I am glad that you are finally going on a journey to your dream destination! May your journey there be secure!
  • You are someone who I respect, for your strength of character! May the journey that you are going on be unassailable! May it have the quality of safety that you deserve to have!
  • Wishing a hard working colleague a safe trip! May it be relaxing and keep you safeguarded!
  • Sending an esteemed colleague well wishes for a safe journey! May it preserve you and keep you from harm!

Happy Journey Wishes on Images

Happy journey wish to share with friends and family who are ready to travel.
Best of luck on your trip.
Have a safe journey!
Have a safe journey!
Happy journey wish.
Have a treat trip!
Have a safe journey. Bon voyage.
Have a safe journey. Bon voyage.

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