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104 Conversation Starters to Help You Start That Chat

Starting a conversation isn’t always easy. Socializing with someone you just met can be especially challenging. Some people find that coming up with a conversation starter that’s appropriate for the situation and the person they want to talk to is extremely difficult.

If you find yourself at a loss for words when you want to engage in conversation with a child, a teenager, a date, or someone at a dinner party, let these conversation starters help you. You’ll find funny and serious conversation starters listed here, so take a look at them and choose the ones you like.

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Funny conversation starters

Funny conversation starters like these can be used to get your talk going with a laugh:

  • Do you ever eat food combinations some people find repulsive?
  • Did you ever wake up laughing? What was your dream about?
  • Did you ever have a cat wake you up by licking your eyelids open in the morning?
  • Who would you immediately fly away from if you were a bird, and why would you leave?
  • Do you believe people should be given funny nicknames? What funny nicknames are you aware of?
  • What’s the funniest movie you ever watched? Which scenes made you laugh the hardest?
  • Did you ever wish people were made with mute buttons?
  • Do you ever spend more time than you should taking selfies, hoping to find the best one?
  • Who’s your favorite stand-up comic, and what was his or her funniest joke?
  • Was there ever a moment that left you embarrassed and everyone laughing?
  • Have you ever thought of inventing a gag gift? What would it be if you did?
  • Did you ever send a silly personal text to the wrong person?
  • Do you think it’s odd that oil made from olives is called olive oil, but baby oil isn’t made from babies?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if ice cream was considered a health food and okra was junk food?
Conversation starters.
Conversation starters.

Deep conversation starters

If you want to start a serious conversation with someone, use one of these conversation starters:

  • What law would you change if you had the power to do so?
  • Do you believe the law of attraction will get you what you want?
  • What was your most exciting experience?
  • Do you think carrying a lucky charm will bring you good luck? If you do, what lucky charm would you carry?
  • Do you buy organic food whenever you can? If you do, why?
  • Do you remember your dreams and the nature of your dreams if you do?
  • Have any of your dreams come true? Were they dreams that warned you about approaching danger?
  • Do you wish to know how and when you’ll die?
  • How do you make yourself laugh when you’re sad?
  • Some people think pet breeding should be banned? Do you?
  • Do you believe in angels, and have you ever been in a situation where an angel came to help you?
  • If you were the winner of a contest, what would you do with the prize money?
  • What’s your idea of living a happy life?
  • Do you think ghosts exist? What would you do if you saw an apparition?
  • Do you believe UFOs exist?
  • If you died, would you try to communicate with the living, and do you think you’d be able to?
Conversation starters.
Conversation starters.

Conversation starters for teens

These conversation starters are suited for teens:

  • Have you ever had the desire to be a member of a famous band?
  • Who’s your favorite pop singer, and why is this performer the one you like best?
  • Do you enjoy doing karaoke?
  • What sport is your favorite, and why do you like it?
  • Have you ever had the desire to be famous?
  • Do you think having friends is important?
  • Do you have a best friend? If you do, why do you like this person so much?
  • What do you think about body piercing? Would you try it?
  • What is the one thing you wish your parents weren’t so strict about?
  • What do you enjoy doing most, and how often would you like to do it?
  • What type of work would you like to do in the future?
  • What is your favorite junk food?
  • If you could grant someone a wish, who would that someone be? What do you think this person would want the most?
  • Do you think being honest is important? How can being honest affect your life?
  • Would you like to put an end to a bad habit? If the answer is yes, what habit is it?
  • Do you have an idol? Why do you admire this person?
  • Who do you think is the prettiest teen performer?

Conversation starters for kids

If you need conversation starters for kids, use these to spark an interesting talk with children:

  • What do you like most about school?
  • How many kids in your class are friends with you?
  • Do you like your teacher? Tell me why.
  • If you had two ice cream cones, would you give one to a friend, or would you eat both of them?
  • Do you like whipped cream and other toppings on your ice cream?
  • What flavor ice cream would you want to eat if it came in vegetable flavors?
  • Would you eat pizza flavored ice cream if someone bought it for you?
  • If you could own any animal in the world, what kind of animal would it be?
  • What is your favorite breakfast food?
  • Do you think dogs and cats are trying to talk to you when they bark and meow? What do you think they are saying?
  • Are there any words that make you giggle when you hear them?
  • Would you prefer to live on a beach or a mountain covered in snow? Why would you want to live there?
  • How do you think your parents should punish you when you do something wrong?
  • What kind of prize would you want if you won a contest?
  • If you could have selected your name, what name would you have chosen?

Dating conversation starters

These conversation starters can be used to get acquainted with the person you just started dating:

  • Is there something about you many people misinterpret?
  • What activities do you find enjoyable?
  • Do you prefer to eat out or cook and eat in?
  • Do you like trying out new recipes?
  • Have you ever taken cooking classes?
  • What do you immediately do after climbing out of bed in the morning?
  • Did you go to college?
  • Do you live with a dog or a cat?
  • Does dating someone for the first time make you nervous?
  • Do you consider yourself a talented person?
  • Do you like living at your current location?
  • Have you ever thought about relocating?
  • Do you ever listen to music? Do you like classical music?
  • Who do you think is a phenomenal singer?
  • Do you have a job, and do you like working?
  • Is reading a hobby you enjoy?
  • What book left a lasting impression on you after you read it?
  • Are you close with your family members?
  • Do you and any of your friends have the same interests? What are they?
  • Do you think texting is overrated?
  • Do you have a computer?
  • What do you think the advantages of having a computer are?
  • Do you have any embarrassing moments you care to share?
  • What are your thoughts on vegetarianism?

Conversation starters at a dinner party

When you’re at a dinner party, use these conversation starters to get a conversation going:

  • Who do you enjoy having dinner with the most when you’re home?
  • Have you ever thought about opening up an Italian restaurant?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • What famous person would you love to see at a dinner party you’re attending?
  • What do you like most about dinner parties?
Conversation starters.
Conversation starters.
  • Have you ever posted anything on social media you regret posting?
  • What nickname would you give yourself, and why did you choose that nickname?
  • What is your favorite after-dinner treat?
  • Do you prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable or stylish?
  • If you were to get a pet, would you adopt it from an animal rescue center or purchase it from a breeder?
  • Name events in your life that made you sing with joy?
  • In what way do you think you’re very fortunate?
  • Is reincarnation something you believe in?
  • What musical instrument do you like hearing the most?
  • What indoor activities do you engage in to boost your spirits on rainy days?
  • Do you ever get the urge to feed the stray cats in your neighborhood?
  • What household appliances make your life easier? Which ones do you own?
  • What thoughts come to your mind when you think about tiny homes? Would you ever consider owning one?

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