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Get Me the Likes: 40 Status Updates for Facebook

In the growing world of tech we live in today, having the perfect status updates for your Facebook makes you look like a pro and can add some laughs into your daily web browsing.

The following are some great options for status updates from funny to inspirational and all that comes in-between.

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Inspirational and Motivational Facebook Status Updates

  • Never give up when your breakthrough is right around the corner. Everyday is good if you see it that way.
  • Always remember: life’s only true disability is a bad attitude. Today, go ahead and truly seize the day.
  • No matter how dark life may seem, bring your own sunshine to the party and the clouds will fade.
  • The secret to a good life is to not wake up and say what in the world is going to happen to me today, it is to wake up and ask: what can I do for the world today?
  • Even though we are living in a world run by technology and hatred, I choose to be kind and loving no matter what. Whos with me? #squadgoals
  • f you are breathing and taking up space on this planet, you matter.
  • To be strong is to be stronger than a tequila. Remember that.
  • The beginning and end of your story should go something like this: I can. I did. THE END.
  • Be open to who you need, what you need, when you need it. #bestadviceever
  • Never let the silly little things in life take away from your ability to shine. The world deserves to see your bright light as much as I do.
  • Choose to be yourself; only then will you add color to a world of black and white.
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Dream big. Love always. Laugh till you can’t breathe anymore. A good life is really that simple.
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In case anyone is wondering, no I’m not weird or a freak. I’m just cooler than you are.

Funny Facebook Status Updates

  • Its ok everyone. When you’re having a bad day always just remember to breathe: inhale ice cream and exhale BS. You’re welcome.
  • To all my closest fake friends: thanks for posting a happy birthday wish to my timeline today. I cant wait to hear from you again in 364 days.
  • Ok world, I got my beauty rest, now Im ready to take on this beast called life. Lets do this!
  • Dear boys, I like it when you call me cute. But since you didnt ask me out afterwards I only have one thing to say: **** YOU!
  • The secret to preventing all kidnap is to stay fat: so eat as much as you can whenever you can. Its the only way to survive.
  • To all you guys who have told me I suck at something, thank you. Now I can go on and not suck so much at something else. I owe you.
  • In case anyone is wondering, no Im not weird or a freak. Im just cooler than you are.
  • When a boy stalks you on Facebook all the way back to your posts from two years ago. Thats when you know he likes you. (Boys, youve been busted).
  • To all my annoying friends who thinks this is funny: if you send me one more game invite I swear I will delete you from my phone. Dont mess with me.
  • When friends send you a belated birthday message on your timeline this is what they really mean: “Sorry I forgot. All the birthday wishes yesterday reminded me.” 
  • When a guy I like tells me his love life is complicated I always reply with: oh yeah? Well, let me see what your Facebook status has to say about that.
  • Grandparents really are the best: somehow they remember your birthday without even knowing what Facebook is!
  • You know youve reached best friend status when they eat your lunch and stop buying. Unfortunately, I havent met anyone like this yet. Please DM me if you like pizza or tacos.
  • Dear porn stars, were sorry to put you out of business but brains are the new sex tools. Our apologies.
  • Do you ever feel like your friends arent really your friends? I know, me too! Oops delete.

Cute Facebook Status Updates

  • Someone once told me that if someone was constantly on your mind then that someone was supposed to be there. Thats how I feel about all of you.
  • There are so many reasons in life to be happy. And you are one of them for me.
  • A shout out to all my friends: today I remember that the most important things in life arent things at all, they are people. People like each of you.
  • Life is way too short to hate someone, kiss too quickly, or deprive yourself of sunshine. Its the little things that make the biggest impact.
  • All of my friends on Facebook remind me how lucky I am. My life isnt perfect and I make mistakes. But my friends make me feel like its a work of art.
  • Why does everyone say shoot for the moon and if you miss they talk about stars? All you have to do is look in the mirror and realize you are the star.
Status updates for love.
There are so many reasons in life to be happy. And you are one of them for me.

Smart Facebook Status Updates

  • Dear friends, dont be stupid today and consume lies. Be smart and create your own truth.
  • To anyone who is trying to win an argument today, try listening first. It gives you what you need for the second round.
  • If anyone is trying to get you down, leave them alone. They are already below you.
  • In life, its those who speak the least that have learned the most.
  • Dream big. Love always. Laugh till you cant breathe anymore. A good life is really that simple.
  • Playing dumb isnt always for children. Some smart adults can use this technique too.  
  • Be bold and beautiful, not dumb, stupid, and dumber. Those spots are already taken.
  • Those things in life that dont challenge you will never change you into a better person. Be thankful for all the challenges and challenging people.
  • To all my people who are going through something difficult today, remember that only the walls you build yourself will remain as the obstacles in your life.
  • Its easier to be dumb but smart people make more money. Remember this as one of lifes greatest lessons.
  • The act of selfishness never helped anyone who committed it. Dont do it. Be smart.

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