Convey Them My Best | Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Son

Are you looking for sweet wishes to send to a dear one in commemoration of the person’s son’s birthday?

Choose from our fine collection of heartwarming texts below to make the celebrant’s day a more exhilarating one for them and their loved ones.


Birthday Wishes To Another Mom’s Son

  • It is a privilege to have the opportunity to know your son and there is no doubt that he will grow up to be the perfect gentleman every mom wishes to have. Wishing your kid a hearty Big Day!
  • I can count you as one of the luckiest moms because you have such an amazing child whose future is destined for greatness. I wish your boy complete happiness for his anniversary.
  • Here is to wishing your child an absolutely wonderful birthday! I can’t describe the happiness deep in my heart knowing that I can partake in the celebration of this extraordinary day with such an amazing mother and progeny.
  • It is rare to find such an incredible mother and child such as you two. I am hoping for the best for you as you commemorate this extra wonderful day. Wishing your son an extremely cheerful birthday!
  • Wishing your boy a gladsome Big Day! Your little one seems to be different from other children. Perhaps this is the reason why he is so adored by many. I give all the credits to such a wonderful mom like you.
  • I want to use this special moment to wish your little one a very big happy birthday! May his day be filled with forever lasting joy and happiness.
  • I know how pleasing it will be for every mother to have such an absolutely brilliant child like yours. On your kid’s birthday today, I wish him absolute happiness not only today but also throughout his life.
  • Today, I am more than proud to join you in celebrating the anniversary of your little one’s birth. Wishing him a year that is full of fun and many fascinating memories!
  • Hearty anniversary to your little one! I want to use this special moment which marks your son’s birthday to congratulate you for bringing up such a brilliant child. I pray that he makes you the proudest mom ever.
  • It’s nice to join such an amazing mother and son to commemorate this astounding day. I wish your son everything that is truly beautiful on this earth. May he enjoy to the fullest a perfect day of birth!
  • I wish an incredible happy birthday celebration to your adorable prince! May today and his many other days throughout his life be filled with plentiful joy and happiness.
  • I can only imagine the happiness you feel as a mother whenever you look at the face of your little prince. He is indeed a cute little angel, and I wish him a fantastic anniversary today.
  • It is really astonishing to witness such a great bond between a mother and son. I am indeed proud of both of you. I sincerely wish your dear son a super duper natal day.
Happy Birthday to your Party Boy
Happy Birthday to your Party Boy


Birthday Wishes To Another Dad’s Son

  • Wishing your kid a very pleasant one! Dads are always happy and proud to have wonderful and exceptional children. I must say you are a lucky dad to have such a splendid boy.
  • I know how glad a father will be to have such a brilliant little boy like your child. Wishing him a super splendid natal day!
  • It is every father’s wish to have such a beautiful relationship like the one that exists between you and your son. May your child have absolute joy and happiness throughout this life as he celebrates this anniversary!
  • As a father, I know that you will be very gratified today knowing that you have such an incredibly ambitious boy for an offspring. Wishing him a cheery birthday celebration!
  • Hoping that your kid’s birthday celebration is filled with excitement and joy!
  • Your son is plus one year older today. For every father, this brings the feeling of joy and happiness knowing that you have such a very ambitious child. I wish your boy a hearty birthday celebration.
  • May this special day bring so much fun and love to you and your amazing little boy as he celebrates his day of birth today.
  • Happy birthday to your little one! Having such an astonishing heir like yours is every father’s dream come true. May your boy grow up to be a revered person in the society.
  • Not many fathers are blessed with such an amazing little boy like yours. I hope he is a source of blessing and happiness to you and everyone in this community. Wishing your kid an unforgettable birthday!
  • Wishing your son a fun-filled anniversary! May all his dreams and aspirations always be within his reach. I love you, guys, so much!
  • You are such a blessed dad to have a child of your kid’s caliber. I am proud of you and even prouder of your little boy. I hope that your little one is as happy as a lark on this Big Day of his.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to your little superhero.
Happy Birthday to your little superhero.
  • I see greatness in your little boy, and I believe that he will grow up to achieve unbelievable things. Wishing your prodigy a very spectacular birthday!
  • Happy birthday day, dear champ! Even though you are not my kid, I love you very much just as any parent will. I hope that you and your dad enjoy this memorable moment to the fullest.
  • May this special occasion bring forth a moment that is worth cherishing for a father and his male child. Hoping for an absolutely delightful birthday for your boy!
  • Having a male child is very special and it is even more special to a dad when he has an astounding one for that matter. Wishing you and your boy the best as he celebrates his name day today!
  • My heart is filled with enormous joy and happiness knowing that your wonderful son has been one year old. I wish him a fabulous birthday!


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