Happy Birthday, Son!

Parents to the Birthday Boy : Happy Birthday Son!

Your son’s birthday is a celebration of his life, so on his special day, every year, take a pause and wish “happy birthday son!” by sending a heart-warming greeting. He knew he has a place in your soul, but you can make him feel more special by personally sending him messages that can touch his heart.

Here is a list of good birthday messages that you can send to him or even post the one you have picked on social media with your photo together.

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Happy Birthday Son from Mom

Here are some wishes that you can write to your son if you are a mother. 

  • My son, you will always be my sweetest little boy.
  • I wish you a great year ahead, and more great years in the future. All I want is for you to grow like your dad but more handsome.
  • Your arrival in our life is like a light that kept our lives brighter, and yearly, you do shine brighter because of your kindness. You are the best son in the world. I love you.
  • Some time, on this day, God gave me a son and it looks like you. Thank you for being my son. Happy birthday.
  • When God gave gifts, I cannot believe He sent me the best. You are the best son a mother could ever hope for. I love you, son.
  • Your smile is like a box full of colors, it makes my world alive and more beautiful. I promise to do my best to make you smile all year long. Happy 7th birthday, my son.
  • The day you were born marked a new chapter in my life – you made me a mom. Thank you for making each day happier since then. I wish you all the finest things that your heart desire.
Happy Birthday image for son.
Happy Birthday, my dear son.
You are the best son a mother could ever hope for. Happy Birthday.
You are the best son a mother could ever hope for. Happy Birthday.
I love you, son! I wish you a great birthday!
I love you, son! I wish you a great birthday!
  • I pray for you to receive God’s continuous blessings, joy, and good health all year long and for the years to come. Have a wonderful birthday my son.
  • I prayed to God to give me a healthy son and He sent you to me on this day a few years ago. I still remember the joy you brought in my life back then, it’s the same feeling I have every time you kiss me on my cheek. Happy birthday, my son.
  • Now that you become a real man, I hope that you will continue doing what you have been doing twenty years ago, putting a smile in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Son from Dad

Fathers always find it hard to say sweet words, especially to their sons. As a man of the house, it seems too difficult to express such feelings. You might want to talk to your son as one man to another man or you want your son to remember you as a strong figure, not a sweet-tongued father. If you are having a hard time forming your words for your son on his birthday, here are some inspirations that you can consider.

Here are some wishes that you can write to your son if you are a father.

  • I wish I can stop the clock to when you were just a little boy, holding on to my hands. But seeing how you turned to be a fine man, I all I wish is for you to reach your dreams in life. Happy birthday, son.
  • They say fathers’ resent their sons’ because they take all their mothers’ attention. I cannot say the same for me, because since you arrived in our life, you took all of my attention as well. I wish you all the best, my son.
  • You brought so much pride and happiness to me that I can now consider you the man of the house. Happy birthday, my man.
  • I wish you to grow taller than me and to grow wiser than me. You just met the first part. I love you man. I wish you a great birthday.
  • You are the most amazing son in the world that a father can wish. I hope you to have an amazing birthday today.
  • Your mom and I always argue on whom you love the most. Now we just agreed that actually, we love you more, always.
  • Son, to say that I am a proud father is not true because I am extremely, unbelievably, exceedingly PROUD of you. Cheers to more extremely, unbelievably, exceedingly proud moments to come in your life. Best wishes.
Happy Birthday, Son!
Happy Birthday, Son!
Happy birthday image for son.
Happy Birthday. You are the universe’s most awesome son!
Funny birthday image for son.
Happy Birthday to the coolest son!
  • I only knew a few fathers who have an exceptional son like you. In fact, I only knew one, myself. Because you are an exceptional son.
  • Out of 365 days in our calendar, this is my favorite day because it is the brightest day, the day you were born.
  • If someone will ask me my greatest achievement, I will just look at you. Thank you for making my life a successful one. Enjoy your day my son.
  • My marriage to your mother was the best decision I ever made because it produced you. Your birthday always reminds me of how wise I was to ask her for marriage. Thank you and my wish is for you to stay healthy and happy always.
Happy Birthday, Son!
Happy Birthday, Son!
Birthday wish for son on image with balloons.
Happy Birthday to the greatest son in the world.

Happy 30th Birthday, Son!

  • Being thirty is such an enviable age in the sense that at this phase of life you are neither too old nor too young. 30 is the perfect stage in your life to make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday!
  • Today marks three decades since you became a citizen of planet Earth. Well done! Happy 30th birthday.
  • Congratulations on becoming thirty today. Thirty is a great age because it is the beginning of the most beautiful chapter of your life.

Birthday Greetings for your Son’s 40th Birthday

  • Today is your fortieth birthday! Cheer up! Life begins at forty. At this age you have gathered all the necessary skills and experience to achieve all your dreams and goals in life. Congratulations on successfully reaching the age where life actually begins! Happy 40th birthday.
  • Make the most of this wonderful and magical age. May all your unfulfilled dreams come to pass in this new chapter of your life. Have an extraordinarily happy 40th birthday.
  • Yay! You’re 40 today, and that calls for the biggest celebration of your life because this is the age where life not only really begins but starts making perfect sense!
  • Today marks a great milestone in your life. You have come a long way from 0 to 40. Wow! This is great. Have a blissful 40th birthday.

Birthday Blessings for my Son

  • Son, as you celebrate your birthday today, I pray for God’s blessings and infinite love in your life. May He guide and watch over you all the time. May He lead you towards the path that leads to your dreams. Happy birthday, son.
  • Son, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray for God to bless you with His unconditional love. May He fill your heart with happiness and joy until the end of time.  Happy birthday, son. I hope your special day is filled with memories you’ll cherish forever.
  • Happy birthday, son. Regardless of the number of birthdays that you celebrate, you’ll always be my cute little boy. As you celebrate your special day, I pray that you get all the desires and dreams of your heart. May this day mark the beginning of a great year in your life. I’ll always love you, son.

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