30 Funny I Miss You Memes (+ Some Desperate Ones)

They might be gone for the weekend or they might not want to see you anymore. Either way, loss is a natural human feeling, and you might be looking for a good way to tell them “I miss you”.

Ranging from funny to cute and romantic, these memes will come in handy when you want to express your need to have them back.

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Funny I Miss You Memes

Catatonical cause I miss you.
Sad Escobar meme.
I kind of miss you.
Sad Kitty Missing you meme.
I might have scratched a a bit when you were around but I miss you.
Sometimes what a person needs is just one piece Meme.
I miss your cakes P.S. But I miss you more.
Sad puppy Missing you meme.
I would give the world to have you back.
Batman slapping Robin meme.
I’m fine withou… – I miss you.
I am once again asking, when are you coming back?
Missing Sugar – Fitness vs ice cream.
Astronaut shooting meme.
Missing you – Selfishness.
Deviation missing you meme.
Missing you > Apologies > My life without you.
Since you’ve been gone, I’m outta my head, can’t take it.
Still missing you meme
Time flew – Still missing you.

Miss You Already Memes

Sad Face Mort I Miss You Meme.
Come back, please. I desperately miss you.
When you miss your work bestie meme.
Hurry up, miss you already.
Missing you cat meme.
I miss you already #COMEBACK.
Sad Puppy Misses you already meme.
I miss you since the very first moment you’re gone.

I Miss You Memes for Him

Milk carton I miss you meme.
Still missing you.
Funny Miss you Meme.
I don’t really miss you that much but you’ve been gone for 3 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours.
I miss you so much meme.
First thing when I see you.
Drake Hotline Bling Miss you Meme.
I miss your hair vs I miss your face.
Happy/sad face Meme.
I don’t mind that he’s gone, I don’t miss him.
I miss you beary much Meme.
Why did you have to go? I miss you beary much.

I Miss You Memes for Her

Everything But the Girl Missing meme.
And I miss you like the deserts miss the rain.

The above file by Edward M. Bishop was altered and is licensed
under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Missing Your Jelly Meme.
I miss you like the peanut butter misses the jelly.
Miss You Bunny Meme.
Incomplete when you’re gone. Miss You, Bunny .
Do-it-for-her I miss you Meme.
Since you’ve been gone.
Ted Miss You Meme.
This Teddy totally misses you.
Finding Neverland meme.
I miss her like crazy – It’s sales period.

I Miss Your Face memes

The Mask Missing you meme.
Did you Miss ME (more than candy).
Sad Spiderman I Miss You Meme.
I miss your face especially when I can’t see mine in the mirror.
Facepalm Bear Missing you Meme.
I miss your face so much it’s ridiculous.
Confession kid I miss you meme.
I said I wouldn’t text but I miss your face.

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