Baby in the House! | Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

Have you just been blessed with a new baby? Then by all means you need to share this great news with the world.

And as luck would have it, on this page we have a wide variety of simple yet profoundly lovely baby birth announcement ideas and wordings that you can use to broadcast to your loved ones and the entire world about the latest addition to your wonderful family.

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Traditional Birth Announcement Wording

  • With happy and grateful hearts, we invite you to help us welcome a
    great gift from God
    [Baby’s Name]
    [Date and Time of Birth]
    Weighing [Weight], and measuring [Length]
    With thanks, [Parents’ Names].
  • [Parents’ Names] announce the latest addition to our family
    [Baby’s Name]
    [Time of Birth]
    [Weight and Length of Baby]
    Our hearts are indeed filled with more joy than they can hold
    Thank you for joining us in celebrating the tremendous beauty of the birth of our new baby
  • [Parents’ Names] gladly introduce to you [Baby’s Name]
    Born on [Date and Time of Birth]
    [Weight and Length of Baby]
    Welcome to the world, our dearest little Angel.
  • After so many months, we finally welcome [Baby’s Name] into this lovely world
    Our little bundle of joy was born on [Date of Birth] at approximately
    [Time of Birth]
    We thank you all for the wonderful gifts and messages you sent our way
    With so much love
    [Parents’ Names]
  • Please join us in welcoming and celebrating
    the first fruit of our 
    love, [Baby’s Name]
    Born [Date of Birth]
    [Weight and Length of Baby]
    Cheers, [Parent’s Names]
  • Finally, the long wait is over, and our lovely son/daughter has arrived
    We are beyond pleased and proud to welcome [Baby’s Name]
    into this beautiful earth
    Date of Birth:
    Time of Birth:
    Weight at Birth:
    Thank you for your love and support
  • What a lovely surprise!
    We are proud to share the news of the arrival 
    of [Baby’s Name]
    Who was born on [Date] at [Time]
    He/she weighs [Weight], and measures [Length]
    With gratitude, [Parents’ Names]
  • A precious, tiny, twinkle star has joined us here on earth!
    His/her siblings, and parents are thankful and proud to announce her arrival
    He/she goes by the name [Baby’s Name]
    He/she was born on [Date] at [Time]
    We invite you to join us in welcoming our newest blessing
And now we are 3.
And now we are 3.

Clever Birth Announcement Text Messages

  • We are blessed beyond measure to announce the birth of our sweet little baby girl/boy named [Baby’s Name]. Never in our lives have our hearts felt this incredible amount of joy.
  • Here are [Name of Parents] proudly introducing to you the freshest blessing of our lives, the amazing [Name of Baby] whose presence fills our hearts with all the truest happiness in the universe.
  • The skies have turned bright blue and the seas have gotten calm, all in anticipation of the much awaited addition to our beautiful family, [Baby’s Name]. We are super elated and blessed!
  • On this beautiful day, we introduce to the world our little lovely angel named [Baby’s Name], who came into our lives on [insert date of birth] to fill the vacuum in our hearts. Thanks to our little angel, we can confidently say we are the happiest parents in the world!
  • We would like to invite you all to join us in welcoming the birth of our greatest source of joy, little [Baby’s Name]. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that someday we would be this happy and proud!
  • From the hair on his/her little head to the nails on his tiny toes, oh dear! He/she is so cute. Please help me welcome [insert baby’s name] whose arrival on earth occurred on [insert birth date] at [insert time of birth].
  • Today, we proudly introduce to the world our brand new miniature human in the name of [Baby’s Name].We are overly proud, happy and blessed to announce this newest addition to our hearts.
  • We would like to introduce to you the littlest and loveliest member of our family, whom we have named [Baby’s Name]. Our hearts can’t stop overflowing with joy!
  • Finally our little bundle of joy has bid goodbye to the tummy and entered the warm embrace of the arms of Mommy and Daddy!

Religious Birth Announcements

  • By the grace of God, our little miracle has arrived at last. We have indeed been blessed beyond description to have a brand new miracle to call ours all the days of our earthly journey. Thank you all for your incessant prayers.
  • Children are the greatest gift from God, which is why we feel incredibly blessed to welcome [Baby’s name] into this beautiful world. We can’t wait for him/her to meet you all. Thanks, everyone for your prayers, love and support.
  • A brand new miracle has been added to our lives, and we cannot thank God enough for that. Please join us in warmly welcoming our baby boy/girl into the world. God has indeed blessed us in the most monumental way possible.
  • Your prayers and support contributed immensely in safely bringing home our little bundle of joy, [Baby’s Name]. We shall forever be grateful to you for that. God bless you.
  • Behold the apple of the Lord’s eye!
    [Baby’s Name]
    He/she was born on [Date] at [Time]
    [Parents’ Names] are proud parents of sweet [Baby’s Name]
  • “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so” Psalm 107:2
    Please join us in welcoming [Baby’s Name] to this world
    He/she arrived on [Date] at [Time]
    Words can’t express how grateful we are to God for blessing us so abundantly.
One GIANT leap for Mankind.
One GIANT leap for Mankind.

Funny Birth Announcements

  • We always wondered how it would feel like to become parents. Now we know! Everything about little [Insert name of baby] sends us to paradise, including his/her incessant pooping and vomiting!
  • We are over the moon as we present to you the most handsome/ beautiful miniature human ever born on planet earth named [Name of Baby], who escaped the womb on [Date] at [Time of Birth].
  • [Baby’s Name] is wanted for being the most adorable baby born on [Date]. He/ she weighs [insert weight] and is [insert length] in length. Anyone who catches as little as just a glimpse of him/her shall be gladly rewarded with beautiful smiles. We believe he/she is hiding in the home of [insert parents’ names].
  • As if we hadn’t attended enough concerts already, we, [parents’ names], paid a visit to a specially decorated venue on [Date] at [Time of Birth] to welcome the arrival of [Baby name] where she performed classic crying hits often in tune with fellow baby artists around. It was a blast!
  • Tears of joy fill our eyes as we announce to you the arrival of [insert baby name] on [insert date] at [insert time] with a weight of [insert weight] and length [insert length]. We want to ask for your prayers as we are not only about facing sleepless nights of noise but also many days of smelly nonstop poop.
  • We wish to inform you of our newest noise maker and pooper, [insert baby name] who broke out of his/her prison cell in the womb on [insert date] with a weight of [insert weight] and a length of [insert length].

Boy Birth Announcements

  • One of the greatest joys in life is being blessed with a child. We’re super excited to make public the birth of our adorable little baby boy named [Baby’s Name].
  • We are officially the proud parents of the cutest little boy in the world. Our lives have never experienced this much joy. Thank you little [Baby’s Name] for giving us the greatest blessing of our lives! We love you immensely!
  • With all the love in the world, we humbly invite you to join us in celebrating our beautiful son [Baby’s Name] entry into the world. Thank you so much for your support. We love you all.
  • In our family, boys are always a welcome addition because they perpetuate the family line. Therefore, it’s with much joy that we welcome our lovely little boy [Baby’s Name], who was born on [Date] at [Time].
  • Today, we welcome the newest little man of this household. Thank you, [Baby’s Name], for filling our lives with all the happiness in this universe.
  • The most handsome prince in the world visited our household on [Date] at [Time], and he’s here to stay forever. We are more than grateful for the life of this new little prince, whom we have chosen to call [Baby’s Name].

Girl Birth Announcements

  • Hurrah! She’s here at last! We would like to officially introduce you to the newest and most lovable member of our family named princess [Baby’s Name].
  • Now that the bump watch has come to a happy end, kindly join us in welcoming [Baby’s Name] as she begins the first day of her earthly journey.
  • Please join us in saying welcome to the new, cute, little princess of this family, [Insert Baby’s Name here]. She made us truly blessed and happy parents when she arrived on [Date] at approximately [Time] weighing [Weight].
  • If you see a new little girl lying in the couch of our home, that must be [Baby’s Name]. God blessed us with her on [Date] at [Time]. You are invited to join us in officially ushering little [Baby’s Name] to this world.
  • On [Date], we welcomed a beautiful new addition to our home. Please join this family in welcoming little princess [Baby’s Name] into this world.
  • With hearts overflowing with joy, we announce the arrival or our little miracle, angel, princess and bundle of joy. Welcome to this beautiful world, little [Baby’s Name].
Guess where THESE came from...
Guess where THESE came from…

Facebook Birthday Announcement

  • Announcing to our Facebook friends the birth of the greatest treasure of our lives, little [Baby’s Name]. We thank you all for your prayers and warm wishes.
  • It’s official – we are now excited parents. Kindly join our family to welcome little [Baby’s Name] into this planet. With a weight of [Weight of Baby], [Baby’s Name] arrived on earth on [Date] at [Time].
  • Our little miracle has finally made his/her gracefully entry into the world of the living. Dearest friends, please join us in celebrating this very special moment of our lives. We promise you’ll meet him/her soon.
  • Today, we are very elated and proud to introduce to the world our little bundle of joy [Baby’s Name] who was gifted to us on [Date] and [Time] of birth.
  • Thank you for joining us in welcoming the arrival of [Baby’s Name], the latest addition to our family. Weighing [Baby’s Weight] and measuring [Baby’s Length], our little angel was born on [Date of Birth].
  • With brimming hearts, we announce our newest arrival, [Baby’s Name]! To say we are over the moon is a great understatement!
  • We welcome with tremendous joy the arrival of our lovely baby girl/boy. God has indeed blessed us with an outstandingly precious gift! Welcome to the world, dearest little angel!
  • Our greatest source of joy in this universe has finally come into our lives. Words can’t express the amount of joy we feel inside us as we introduce to the world our adorable little daughter/son named [Baby’s Name].
  • My wife/husband and I are incredibly delighted to welcome our wonderful daughter/son, [Baby’s Name] into the world today! Thank you all for the well wishes and love.

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