Gender reveal quotes.

Get Creative! Here are 54 Gender Reveal Quotes for you

Gender reveal quotes are a fun way to announce publicly the gender of your baby. Whether you’re hosting a gender reveal party or posting on social media, these gender reveal quotes will help make the moment even more special. From funny one-liners to heartfelt sayings, explore our collection of gender reveal quotes that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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Make the Moment Special! Gender Reveal Announcement Quotes

Check out some gender reveal ideas below and pick the perfect quote for your announcement:

  • It’s time to let the world know! We are expecting (boy/girl)!
  • The gender of our bundle of joy is… drum roll, please…. It’s a (boy/girl)!
  • It’s (pink/blue) and it’s wonderful! Meet our little one on the way.
  • We’re in for a wild ride! We’re having a ….
  • Our hearts are full and so is our nursery! A tiny (boy/girl) is on the way.”
  • This is more than a mere party – today we are going to have a gender reveal festival!
  • Whether it is a boy or girl, we are going to make the local dye merchant very happy today!
  • We can now reveal the gender of our baby: Happily it’s a (boy/girl).
  • We are so blessed that our child already has so many great family and friends who showed up here today.
  • Time to paint the world pink or blue. We’re having a (boy/girl).”
  • Going to be a family of four soon! Meet our baby (boy/girl).
  • If this baby is so popular now, wait until the day he or she is actually born!
  • A daughter – that means we may have a future president on our hands!
  • I wish it could be so much more sooner that I get to hold my little junior!
  • We can’t wait to meet our little (boy/girl).
  • After much anticipation, we finally know: It’s a (boy/girl)! So happy.
  • Whether I find out I have a boy or a girl, either way I’m training them to one day join the WWE!
  • Today has been like a holiday to us, and we hope you all have been equally satisfied!
  • Whether a boy or girl, our partying is going to be equally as hard!
  • This is a joyous day indeed, and I am glad to be experiencing it with you.

Ready, set, celebrate! Gender reveal quotes for Instagram

Add some fun and flair – pick from these gender-reveal gender reveal Instagram captions!

  • Hold on to your gender reveal balloons… Ready, set, gender (pink/blue)!
  • Right now this place feels less like a living room and more like a Las Vegas casino! It’s a ….
  • The answer is finally here: gender pink or gender blue. Our family just got bigger and we can’t wait to meet you!
  • We are so thrilled and humbled by our (boy/girl) news. All love, here we come!
  • Can’t keep calm – gender (pink/blue) on the way! Time for celebration!
  • We have been keeping a secret for nine months. It’s time to shout it out: We are having a (girl/boy)!
  • It’s time to let the world know – gender reveal party coming soon!
  • We can’t wait for you to meet our little (boy/girl).
  • Say hello to gender pink or gender blue… We are having a (boy/girl)!
  • The secret is out: It’s a (boy/girl). Time for gender reveal celebration!
  • Hold on to your gender reveal balloons… Ready, set, gender (pink/blue)!
  • Let the gender reveal party begin! We are having a (girl/boy)!
  • Baby gender is in… Get ready world, we’re having
  • The excitement of this new baby is so overwhelming that we have to get started with the festivities even before it’s born!
  • Today we have come here not to stereotype our child but rather to get started early in celebrating his or her life.

Welcome Baby Girl! Gender Reveal Quotes For a Girl

  • It’s a girl! Here she comes to brighten the world with her beauty and grace.
  • Our family is officially blooming with pink! It’s a girl!
  • We can’t wait to shower her with love and all things girly!
  • Sugar & spice, everything nice…it’s a GIRL!
  • There were no gender roles in our hearts; we just knew it was going to be special – it’s a Girl!
  • She will have us wrapped around her little finger before we know it! She’s here and she’s ours, it’s a girl!
  • It’s a miracle, it’s an adventure, and it’s a GIRL!
  • We waited 9 months and it was worth the wait – we are proud to announce that it’s a GIRL!
  • She is our daughter, she is beautiful and amazing already – gender reveal: It’s a Girl!
  • Our family of two (soon to be three!) is full of excitement for this new addition…it’s a girl!
  • It may take months to know the gender, but only seconds to feel love. Welcome, baby girl!
  • Now that we know it’s a girl we truly have a reason to celebrate!

Let The World Know! Gender Reveal Quotes For Boy

  • Welcome to all things blue, loud noises, and lots of fun – it’s a boy!
  • I knew there was a reason I woke up feeling blue this morning. Thanks for brightening up my day!
  • We can hardly believe it ourselves, but it’s true! We’re having a baby boy!
  • We can’t wait to meet our little guy! He already has us wrapped around his finger.
  • Exciting news, world – soon we will have a small prince in addition to our lovely little princesses!
  • Babies and adults have gathered alike to get more details on the newest member of our family!
  • Hey, world! We’re thrilled to announce the gender of our new addition – it’s a BOY! Get ready for adventure and fun!
  • This baby boy is already having parties even before birth. What a fun life to experience!
  • The gender reveal party was amazing and so was finding out we’re having a son!
  • We are so excited to welcome our boy into the world.
  • Tonight the whole town is going to be painted blue!
  • This has been a most-glorious day, for I have learned that soon a sweet little boy will be added to our fold.

Gender Reveal Quotes For the Happy Parents

  • May you have as much fun revealing the gender of your baby as you had making it!
  • Whether this baby brings us rifles or ruffles, we love your child, and we also love you!
  • I feel honored to have been granted the nail-biting task of revealing this baby’s gender to the world, even his own parents. Oops!
  • One fact I already knew coming into today is no matter what sex your child is, he or she will be loved!
  • The main thing that has been revealed to me today is how much you two already love this child. May your home always attract happiness and good fortune.
  • We’ve waited a whole five months for this moment – now just four more to go ’til the real big event!
  • When you told me that you were having a gender reveal, I never imagined it would be so much fun!
  • Regardless of whether your baby arrives on wheels or heels, we pray that it is headed toward a healthy childbirth.
  • Once the child’s gender is revealed, please allow me to light the first skyrocket.
  • Congratulations to the parents to be of a beautiful, bouncing baby (girl/boy).
  • This is the best excitement I’ve experienced in ages. Congratulations!

Gender Reveal Quotes on Images

Gender reveal quote on image.
Boy or Girl?
Funny gender reveal quote to share with future parents.
May you have as much fun revealing the gender of your baby as you had making it.
Cute gender reveal quote on image for easy sharing.
Pink or blue. Our dream came true!

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