Happy Birthday. Our warmest wishes for happiness and prosperity.

Birthday Wishes for your Clients to Show Them you Care

In addition to keeping your customers and clients satisfied, another vital thing you can do to nurture your business relationship with them is by showing them how much you care. And one of the best ways to do the latter is by remembering them on special occasions such as on their birthdays.

Here, we have a list of heartfelt and original anniversary greetings you can use to show your business clients that, outside the business world, you still do care about them. Peruse the wishes below and choose the ones that catch your fancy. You can send them just the way they are or modify them according to your preference. Either way, you are sure to make the recipient’s Big Day a brighter one.

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Formal Birthday Wishes for Clients

  • Happy birthday [Client Name]! Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter and all your favorite things. May your future be even brighter and filled with new opportunities, success and adventures. Enjoy your special day! Best, [Your Name]
  • Sending birthday wishes to the one and only [Client Name]! May your day be filled with as much happiness as you bring to the lives of those around you. May this year be even better than the last and bring you success, joy and all the things you’ve been dreaming of. Have a wonderful birthday celebration! Best, [Your Name]
  • We are overjoyed to share this special day of yours with you. We wish you nothing but the best things this life can ever offer. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday [Client Name]! On this special day, we hope that all the happiness you spread is returned to you tenfold. May this year bring you prosperity and everything you’ve been hoping for. Have a day filled with love, joy, and celebration. Wishing you the best birthday from [Your Organization].
  • Happy birthday to a very cherished client. May you live a trouble-free and perfectly happy life.
  • Today is your special day! I pray that your steps will always be guided to the land of milk and honey. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Here’s wishing my treasured client a fabulous birthday celebration. May all your aspirations come to pass during your lifetime.
  • You are one of the most honorable and dedicate clients I’ve had over the years. It’s an honor working with such a wonderful person like you. Happy birthday.
Let's Celebrate - Birthday card
  • People might see you as just a client to us, but in reality you mean much more than that to us. You are a friend, whom we care so much about. Happy birthday.
  • On your special day, I raise a toast to celebrate this milestone chapter of your life. May this chapter come with accomplishments that are larger than life. Happy birthday.
  • As you journey through life, may you never fall by the wayside. Warm wishes for a fabulous and memorable birthday celebration.
  • Happy birthday! May your life be filled with very successful and happy periods.
  • Because you have been such a marvelous client to me, I hope that your special day will be marvelous. Enjoy every moment of your birthday.
  • Happy birthday! We wish you years upon years of outstanding achievements in your personal and business lives.

Birthday Wishes for Clients to Show Gratitude

  • Happy birthday [Client Name]! On this special day, we want to extend our warmest wishes and let you know how important you are to us. Your business has been a valuable part of our success and we are grateful for the trust and support you have shown us. May this year bring you prosperity, joy, and everything you’ve been hoping for. Here’s to a day filled with love, celebration, and all your favorite things. Cheers to another year of our successful partnership! Wishing you the best birthday from [Your Organization].
  • On your birthday, we want to let you know how grateful we are to you for bringing so much business our way over the years. We hope to enjoy more productive collaboration with you for many more years to come.
  • Thank you for being an awesome client to me. Happy birthday.
  • We have one of the most successful businesses in the region mainly because we have been blessed with an indispensable client like you. Thank you for sticking with use through thick and thin. Happy birthday, dear cherished client.
A Year of Happiness (Cupcake) - Cute Birthday card
  • Your birthday provides me with the perfect opportunity to express my wholehearted thankfulness and appreciation to you for keeping my business afloat.
  • On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank you for choosing us. You’re simply my best client ever. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, we extend our sincerest gratitude to you for being an integral part of our success story. We really do treasure and value you. Have a good one.
  • We cannot thank you enough for playing an instrumental role in our success. You are one of the major reasons we have the upper hand over our competitors. Happy birthday.
  • Clients like you are at a premium, which is why I am thankful to have you. Happy birthday, dear Sir/Madam.
  • Thank you for being a regular client of our business. We deeply appreciate you today, tomorrow and forever. Happy birthday.
  • Our business has been on the up-and-up because of great clients like you. On your Big Day, we have just two strong and sincere words for you – Thank You.
  • Wishing a cherished customer and friend a very happy birthday celebration. Thank you for contributing the growth and success of the business.
  • I am eternally grateful to you for being one of the most dedicated clients of mine. Indeed clients like you are not easy to find. Happy birthday.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I want to seize this opportunity to let you to know how much I value you as both my client and friend. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. You’re the best client ever, dear friend! Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to you (Bicycle cover) - Birthday card

Funny Birthday Wishes for Clients

  • If I were the Norwegian Nobel Committee, I would certainly award you with the Nobel Peace Prize of this year for being such an outstanding client to me. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! For your birthday gift, I bought you a very useful book titled “How to choose a good Nursing Home for yourself”.
  • Happy birthday! May you live long enough to see the world’s human population grow to over 100 billion.
  • You have been an exceptional client to us. I pray our relationship never sours like that of Catalonia and Spain. Happy birthday!
  • Wow…your new age is no laughing matter at all! Happy birthday all the same.
  • You are such a precious client to us, and if anyone were to take you away from us that action would be grave enough to spark a civil war in this country! Happy birthday, our precious one.
  • Happy birthday! We hope you haven’t yet reached the age where you’d be better off forgetting birthdays!
  • You mean more to the success of our business than guns mean to the National Rifle Association of America, and those people really love their guns! Happy birthday.
  • Hurrah! It’s your birthday and you are another year older! Don’t feel down about becoming older since it draws you closer and closer to enjoying senior citizen discounts from us!
  • Happy birthday! Are you worrying about getting older? If you are, stop it! Don’t ruin this day by worrying about old age because it began long time ago. Enjoy your day, Old Timer!
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday. Our warmest wishes for good health and success.
Happy Birthday. Our warmest wishes for good health and success.

Birthday Wishes for Old Clients

  • You are more of a friend to me than a client. As you celebrate your birthday, I wish you successful periods in every sphere of your life. Happy birthday!
  • May your life be flooded with nothing short of happiness and outstanding accomplishments as you observe this special day of your life. Happy birthday!
  • It is our sincere desire that God will bless you with every desire of your heart on this beautiful and exciting day of yours. Have a very happy birthday soaked with blessings from above!
  • On this special day, we wish you a life packaged with good health, love and oceans of successes. Have an amazing birthday!
  • It is my wish that every minute of this unique day will present you with wonderful blessings of joy, happiness and laughter. Enjoy your day!
  • May all the happiness and success in the world converge in your home as you celebrate your birthday. Have a sweet and memorable celebration!
  • Wishing you love, happiness and joy galore throughout your life. May your birthday outshine all other birthdays being celebrated today. Happy birthday!
  • We love and appreciate the friendship we have cultivated with you over the years. Have the happiest birthday today!
  • On this remarkable occasion of yours, I wish you will be blessed with many new accomplishments and successes that will bring joy into your soul. A very happy birthday to you!
  • Beginning from your birthday, may your life experience nothing but joy, love, success and good health until the end of time. Have an exceptionally wonderful birthday celebration!
  • We are truly filled with joy because today is your birthday. We wish you infinite measures of successes and prosperity in your days ahead. Have a truly happy birthday!
  • From the depth of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday with much strength to go about every duty of yours. Have the merriest of birthdays!
  • Wishing one of the most amazing individuals we know a rapturous birthday celebration! May joy and good health always be in your life.
  • May this birthday bring to you the inspiration you need to succeed in all endeavors of your life. Have a grand birthday celebration!
  • On this brilliant day of yours, we want you to know that we are happy for you. Here’s wishing you a birthday filled to the brim with sweet and memorable periods. May you realize all the great ambitions you have in life. Have a beautiful day.
  • We pray that your happiness and successes become as plentiful as the sands of the deserts of the world so that your life may shine as bright as a thousand suns. Have a beautiful birthday!
  • It is my wish that you will be blessed with the strength, confidence and determination needed to overcome all the obstacles that make creep into your way to success. Happy birthday to you!
  • Words cannot describe the feelings of joy we have in our hearts for you as you observe the day you made your debut into this world. Celebrate your birthday knowing that we truly care for you and wish for nothing but your success and happiness in life. Happy birthday!
  • As you celebrate your Big Day, we hope that you are blessed with determination and courage to conquer the unconquerable. May happiness be with you today and forever. Enjoy your day!
  • May this wonderful day become another day to be treasured for life as you make merry with loved ones. May you receive every blessing you need to be truly happy in life. Have fun!
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for New Clients

  • Happy birthday! Beginning from this wonderful occasion, may every hope and ambition you have be fulfilled.
  • It is our sincere wish that life will present you with every opportunity you need to prosper. Happy birthday!
  • We wish you have the most joyful of birthday celebrations today. May you prosper beyond the imagination of man. Happy birthday!
  • Dear one, it is my prayer that your life, beginning from this very moment, will be defined by peace, love, success and sound health. Happy birthday!
  • Warmest wishes on your special day! May you be guided by special angels onto the paths of success throughout your life. God bless you.
  • May you have prosperity and good health in abundance wherever life may take you. Have a fantastic birthday!
  • It is our sincere desire that today marks the beginning of the materialization of all the dreams and aspirations you have been longing for. Have all the fun in the universe! Happy birthday!
  • We wish you strength and courage to be able to subdue every misfortune that would cross your path. Happy birthday!
  • May every blessing in life be yours as you make merry on this beautiful day. Have the most blissful and fun birthday ever!
  • May this day begin a new year of great accomplishments and fortune for you. Happy birthday.
  • It is our prayer that all the days of your life are made as bright as all the stars that exist in the universe. Have the most memorable birthday ever!
  • We feel happy to congratulate you on your birthday. We pray for wisdom, strength and prosperity for you. Happy birthday!
  • On this awesome day of yours, we wish you success in every goal you pursue. Have a birthday that is as beautiful as the universe!
  • Starting from this very special day of yours, may your success and happiness grow exponentially. Have a lovely day!
  • Wishing you another year of countless blessings as you celebrate your birthday! Have a great one.
  • It is my wish that each minute of your life will present to you nothing but the best of opportunities that will help you realize your dearest aspirations in life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! May the sun brighten your paths well enough to make every blessing visible to you as you journey through life.
  • It is my prayer that you will be carried on the wheels of prosperity and success throughout your stay on this planet. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • May you receive bundles of prosperity and successes all the way. Happy birthday!
  • As you celebrate this milestone and prepare for the ones ahead, I wish you good luck and strength. Have all the fun you can on this great day specially made for you!
  • May your special day herald another year of enormous prosperity and good fortune. Enjoy every bit of today!
  • We wish you plenty of love, prosperity and long life. Happy birthday!
  • May all the plans you have for your life start sprouting beginning from this moment of merry making. Happy birthday!
  • Beginning from today, may each day bless you with all the determination and wisdom you need to become successful and truly happy. Have a beautiful birthday!

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