20 Wedding Thank You Notes to Help You Show Your Appreciation to your Wedding Guests

Congratulations on your recent wedding! Marriage is a beautiful milestone in life and it’s even more special when you share it with those closest to you. Your loved ones, friends and family all showered you with well wishes, gifts and fond memories. To thank them for their love and care, sending out wedding Thank You Notes is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

Whether or not they were able to attend your wedding, a personalized card will make them feel extra special on your big day. From heartfelt messages of gratitude to cute anecdotes about the event, this blog post is here to provide you with some inspiring ideas for the perfect thank-you notes.

So get ready to say “thank you” in style! Good luck and enjoy writing your wedding thank-you notes!

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Thank You Notes for your Wedding Guests

Send a word of thanks to those who showed up to share in your special day as a newly married couple, letting your special guests know how much their presence and love means to both the bride and groom.

  • Dear Guest, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attending our wedding and celebrating such an important day with us. Your presence was truly felt as you showered us with love and surrounded us with support. We are deeply grateful for the joyous vibes you brought to the day and we will cherish the moments we spent with you.
  • We wish to convey how appreciative we are that you spent our wedding day with us. Your presence was truly felt in our hearts as you helped to wrap us in love and surround us with support. We will forever be grateful that you chose to spend the time with us as we embarked on a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife.
  • Our wedding day, one of the most important days of our lives, would not have been complete without you there. From the bottom of both of our hearts, thanks so much for joining us in making memories and sharing in our love. Your presence will be felt for years to come as we live our lives together as a married couple, knowing you were there to support us and celebrate in our exciting endeavor.
  • It means the world to us to have you in our company on the most special day of our lives, surrounding us with support and encouragement and showering us with love. As one of the most important people in our lives, we just want to say thanks so much for celebrating the beginning of our new life as we united our two lives into one with our marriage. We are eternally grateful for you joining us on such an important day.
  • Words are not enough to express how genuinely excited we were to have our favorite people in the world there with us as we start our new journey in life. Thanks a bunch for joining us and being such an important part of the best day of our lives. We will cherish the memories that we have from this day for the rest of our lives and are extremely happy to have you in them.
  • Please accept our little note loaded with heartfelt meaning to tell you how much your presence on our wedding day means to the two of us. Our special day was filled with love and happiness and together with you, we made enough memories to last the rest of our lives. We couldn’t have celebrated in such a joyous and momentous way without you there with us.
  • The beginning of our happily ever after could not have been so special without you there to celebrate with us. You helped to fill us with love and joined us in creating memories of our best day ever and we are eternally grateful for your support and encouragement as we start out as a married couple.
Wedding thank you note.
Thank you for being part of our Special Day.

Thank You Notes for Someone Who Didn’t Attend your Wedding

If you happen to know that someone really wanted to show up but unfortunately didn’t make it and missed the entire wedding event, you might want to thank them anyway – for planning to attend anyway!

  • Dear (Name), we wanted to thank you for wanting to be part of our special day and we appreciate that you were planning on attending our wedding. Although it wasn’t possible, please know that your presence was deeply felt in spirit and we are extremely grateful for the love and support you’ve shared with us – now and always.
  • Dear (Name), as we all know, life is what happens outside human planning, so we’re sorry you didn’t make it to our wedding – but we fully understand. Your support and good mood was what has helped us get to this special day in the first place, and we thank you for that. See you very soon in this wonderful mess we call life! 🙂
  • Dear (Name), we were so sorry that you couldn’t make it to our wedding day, but thank you so much for thinking of us. Thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement. We are grateful that even though distance kept you apart from us on this special day, our lives are still connected with love and friendship.
  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to thank you for wanting to be a part of our special day. We are so sorry that it didn’t work out for you to make it this time, but we know there will be plenty more occasions in the future where we can all celebrate together! Even though you weren’t physically with us on our wedding day, we still felt your presence and good vibes. We were so grateful that you wanted to be there with us and we look forward to the chance of celebrating together again soon!
  • Dear (Name), we appreciate how much effort you put into wanting to be a part of our wedding day. We send our gratitude and thank you for your love and care. Even though you couldn’t make it, please know that your presence was felt deeply in spirit, and the memories of our special day will last forever!

Thoughtful Thank You Notes for Your Wedding Photographer

They captured unforgettable moments for you and made sure everyone has the actual evidence of a great wedding day. Your wedding photographer is one of those people that deserve a kind thank you note.

  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to thank you for being part of our special day, and for capturing the most beautiful and meaningful moments of our wedding. Your flexibility, creativity and professionalism truly helped to make our day even more memorable. We are so grateful for all the amazing shots that you took and we feel very lucky to have such beautiful memories of our day!
  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to thank you so much for going above and beyond on our wedding day! Your wonderful suggestions and ideas have truly made our photos even more special than we ever imagined. We appreciate your attention to detail, your expertise and time put into making sure that each of the shots was perfect. Your smiles and pleasant tone put us at ease and helped us enjoy the session as if it was a trip with a friend. Thank you for helping us to capture so many beautiful moments!
  • Dear ____,
    We are beyond grateful for the amazing work that you did for our wedding. We appreciate your kindness, flexibility and professionalism. You truly went above and beyond in making sure that all of our photos turned out perfectly, and we are so thankful for that! Thank you for capturing some priceless moments for us to remember forever!

Kind Thank You Notes for Your Wedding Venue

These thank you messages for the venue where your wedding party took place may seem only like an act of kindness, but in fact they can help the venue keep up the good work.

  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful venue for our special day. The staff were extremely helpful and professional and the atmosphere was beautiful and amazing! We are so grateful for all of your support and for helping us create a memorable day that we will always cherish.
  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to give our heartfelt thanks for making our wedding so special. We appreciated the excellent timing and helpfulness of your staff, as well as their professionalism! We are also so thankful for the delicious food, great music and beautiful atmosphere that you provided. Thank you for giving us a magical day!
  • Dear ____,
    We wanted to express our appreciation for the incredible job you did in making sure our wedding was perfect. We loved every moment of it and we are incredibly thankful for your help in creating such a memorable day! Thank you for your attention to detail, impeccable timing and helpfulness throughout the entire process. It was truly a pleasure working with you!

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20 Wedding Thank You Notes to Help You Show Your Appreciation to your Wedding Guests

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