Funny 40th birthday memes.

Best 40th Birthday Memes for Those (Unwillingly) Turning 40

When the big 4-0 shows up in the horizon, some will tend to panic but there’s definitely no need to. Unless they know they need to panic.

These funny 40th birthday memes prove there are 40 reasons to feel good about this new age and sharing a safe joke with a friend turning 40 is also ok.

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Turning 40 Birthday memes

Not in denial, not in denial.

Turning 40 Drake Hotline Blink meme

I thought you should know.

Turning 40th Birthday Bad Pun Dog Meme
40 is the new black.


Happy 40 from 40 Turning 40 Birthday meme.
As far as I can see today, you’re turning 40.

We interrupt our program for a special news bulletin…

40th Birthday anchorman meme.
You’re turning 40 and that’s the news.

Milestones you can stumble upon…

It's my 40th Birthday today. Why didn't I see this coming?...
It’s my 40th Birthday today. Why didn’t I see this coming?…

Happy 40th Birthday memes for him

History repeating.

One more year for mankind, one giant leap for the man who turns 40 today.
One more year for mankind, one giant leap for the man who turns 40 today.

It’s a matter of perspective

Vintage man on the phone Happy Birthday Old man meme.
“Vintage”? Happy Bday, you old hipster!

Mature beauty secrets

Try waxing for your 40th Birthday Meme for Him
Try waxing to look younger on your 40th birthday, man.

Reasons for drinking

Happy Birthday Old Man - Vintage Man meme.
I was going to drink anyway but now I accidentally heard your age – Cheers and Happy Birthday, Old Man.

I put my love on the shelf.

VCR Tape Happy Birthday, Old Man meme.
I can prove I love you, I actually got it on tape. Happy Birthday, Old Man

Happy 40th Birthday memes for her

The recipe for the absolute 40th birthday.

If you find 40 hard to swallow, just add more gin.
If you find 40 hard to swallow, just add more gin.

40 is not enough…

40th Birthday Throwing book vintage woman Meme.
What the hell – that’s not much.

The secret to living longer

She said: 29
She said: 29

Meaningful Gifts

Channing Tatum Birthday Stripper Meme for her
Happy Birthday – you deserve me.

A good morning wish, wasted

Vintage 40th Birthday Meme for Her.
What a lovely morning! Wait, what? I’m 40?

Supply shortage?

Retro vintage lady laughing Birthday Meme for Her.
When you’ve just run out of 30’s.


Vintage Cat Lady Meme for her.
The only thing separating you from becoming the weird old cat lady is one more cat. Happy 40th birthday.

Let’s not get carried away…

40th Birthday Memes with hamster for her.
Turning 40 is of huge significance – as huge as your birthday cake.

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