Our family has grown by two feet.

30+ New Born Baby Status Updates by Parents Announcing New Family Members

You have just been blessed with a beautiful baby and now you need to announce your immeasurable blessing via social media to your family and friends all over the world. But there’s a slight problem. You can’t seem to settle on the right words to do that.

If you find yourself in this position, stress no more, for this post will provide you with dozens of sweet new born baby status updates to announce to the world the birth of your adorable baby boy or girl.

It’s a Boy Quotes

  • An incredible precious little boy has been gifted to us! I felt alive for the first time in my entire life the moment the doctor placed him into my arms.
  • We were blessed with a cute little visitor today. He has come to stay, and will be wearing much of the blue things you can find in our home. We can’t wait to start coaching him into becoming a great man!
  • We’ve been blessed with a bouncing baby boy! We’re beyond thrilled!
  • Though your hands and feet are little, and your grins are toothless, we are confident that you will grow into a bold warrior who would stand for the voiceless in this world. Welcome to the world, our handsome little prince.
  • Our little baby boy has finally made his entrance into the world. All the happiness in the world now resides in our hearts.
  • Our long cherished dream of parenthood has finally been fulfilled with the arrival of our precious little prince! Thank you so much, God!
  • After 9 months and some days of waiting, we are pleased to announce that our family finally has an amazing addition! He will grow to be an awesome gladiator!
  • With much joy, we announce that men in our household now have a new, bouncing member to whom to teach the ropes of true manhood!
  • This week, we’ve been blessed with a gallant little soldier who will grow to make great strides and make his mark in the history of his time. We are honored to announce his presence in this world to all our friends and family.
  • Now I can confidently say that daddy won’t be the only man in the house, and our two daughters will now enjoy a sibling of the opposite sex. Welcome to the world, my lovely prince.
  • This morning, we tossed the Pokémon ball and it exploded into blue dust. Of course, it had to be blue because we’ve always wanted a handsome prince in our family. Please join us in welcoming our lovely little prince.
It's a boy.
It’s a boy.


New born baby status update.
Hello, little one.


It's a bouncing baby boy! We're beyond thrilled!
It’s a bouncing baby boy! We’re beyond thrilled!


New born baby status update on image to share.
Welcome to the world.
  • The shoe rack in the children’s room has three shoes: a gray, a black, and a blue. Guess what, we are happy to announce that the blue has officially being taken by its new rightful owner. Join us in welcoming our new baby boy.
  • Last night, the sorting hat revealed to us that a little wizard would grace our house. We can’t put into words how pleased we are to announce that the recent addition to our family is a lovely baby boy.
  • He’s a living testament to what God has done in our lives. We are so proud and happy to be his parents. You are loved and cherished, our handsome baby boy.
  • Not only is he God-sent but also a kind reminder that baby boys can melt our hearts equally well as their female counterparts do. Welcome to the world, our cute little prince.
  • Telling folklores about Wakanda will no longer be a solo event for dad because the heavens have sent him a cute little partner. I’m sure he will enjoy the entire thrill and adventure that comes with it. A big welcome to our baby boy!


It’s a Girl Quotes

  • Our beautiful little princess is a sight to behold, and a good reason to forget the sleepless nights, fevers, discomfort.
  • We are incredibly joyous to announce that the latest addition to our beautiful family is a super sweet baby girl! Thank you, God!
  • We are happy to announce that the newest member of our family is a precious girl! Watching her take her first breath showed us how blessed we are to have her.
  • This latest addition to our family will enjoy all the pink balloons, pink pens, pink cars, pink crowns, and pink everything there is. Everybody, meet our lovely new princess!
  • Our house is full of blue balloons and blue eggs in celebration of a much-awaited addition to our family, who joined us just a few hours ago. We are overjoyed to announce this newest member of the household.
  • The shoes are pink and dangling on the walls of our living room. It’s surely going to be a fun time together with this cute little princess when she wears them. We are truly blessed to have this cutie in our family.
  • If we were in Star Wars, our little princess would be a mini Princess Leia wielding a pink light saber. Our family is glad and blessed to have this cutie.
It's a girl, we are ecstatic and she will be our princess!
It’s a girl, we are ecstatic and she will be our princess!


new born status update.
Hello, baby girl.


Our family has grown by two feet.
Our family has grown by two feet.
  • She is the first product of our love and bond. We are pleased to be her parents, and trust that she will grow into a beautiful and charming woman with a heart of gold. Welcome, our lovely baby girl.
  • She makes our happiness complete, and our joy even fuller with her cueing sounds and charming laughter. Our first love and baby angel is such a lively girl. Welcome to the world.
  • Our hearts are full of joy, thanks to the arrival of a little princess who, though small, has a presence that is larger than life. She will take after her mother, and be daddy’s date mate when mom isn’t around.
  • She is a dream come true! Her little fingers and toes are symbols of hope and potential. We are overjoyed to nurture her into a kind and loving person. Please welcome our darling little princess who was born today.
  • Now mom has a cute, little princess for an assistant. She was born this morning but has already hit the ground running with her cries, which are music to our ears. Please join us in welcoming our lovely baby girl.
  • This morning/afternoon/evening, we welcomed our newest and sweetest cuddly buddy into the world of the living. She’s so adorable and bubbly that we can’t wait to spoil her a little. We are grateful for your life, our little princess.
  • We could stare in awe all the days of our lives at this priceless treasure and gift from heaven. Her sparkling eyes, kinky hair, and radiant skin make her a sight to behold. We welcome you, our sweet little princess.
  • It will bring mommy so much joy to hold your tiny little hands and kiss your soft little cheeks every morning. Indeed, you are our first love. We thank God for blessing us with you, our darling princess.
  • Our wishes have been granted! A beautiful baby girl is God’s own way of saying ladies first — sorry hubby! We can’t wait to hear her say “mama” and “dada”!
She makes our happiness complete and our joy even greater. Our first love and baby angel is such a lively girl. Welcome to the world.
She makes our happiness complete and our joy even greater. Our first love and baby angel is such a lively girl. Welcome to the world.


New born baby status update.
We welcome you, our sweet little princess.


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