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Every parent anticipates the day they will celebrate having a baby. Baby births, baby showers and first birthdays are special moments that call for special gifts. However, finding the best gift for that adorable baby is often always easier said than done. There is a tall list of gift items to look out for ranging from things such as toys, baby walkers, clothes, etc that every baby would love to have around.

Knowing the frustration people often face when it comes to getting the right gifts for babies, our team once again took it upon themselves to make a list of some of the cutest and most adorable baby gifts to make that adorable little one’s birth, baby shower or even birthday glow. And now, without more ado, gently run your eye over the list of awesome baby gifts below and pick any that catches your fancy.


Elephant Stuffed Animal


Give your little ones from ages one and above a happy playing moment with this lovely elephant stuffed animal toy that comes with embroidered details and fascinating designs. You can easily wash it when dirty due to the fact that it is surface-washable.

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Blue Terry Shark Robe, Blue, 0-9 months

Thinking about the most adorable gift you can ever give to that adorable baby? Get one of these cute baby robes, which is very gentle on baby’s soft skin. The robe can be put on the baby after wash because it is absorbent and will keep that little bundle of joy feeling comfortable and happy. What’s more, it is designed to resemble a shark and will surely put a smile on the face of every parent anytime they see their baby in it.

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Baby Boys Long Sleeve T-shirt and Feather Pants Outfits


This high quality and beautiful long sleeves tee with its elastic waistband pants will make that sweet baby boy look even more adorable while at the same time keeping him totally comfortable. This outfit makes a perfect homewear/playwear for your cute angel.

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Baby Touch and Feel: Animals Board book

That angel in your life is surely going to adore this cute baby touch and feel book that comes loaded with numerous cuddly and adorable animals such as bunnies, penguins, kittens, puppies, etc. This very popular board book not only allows the baby to have fun but also enables them to learn at the same time. This is surely one of the best gifts you can give your baby girl or boy on their birthday. And the best part is the fact that the book is so durable it can survive all manners of abuse that your cute one might subject it to.

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“I Drink Until I Pass Out” Newborn-12M


This unique and funnily designed onesie will leave your adorable one feeling comfortable all day long thanks to its very soft fabric and 100% cotton construction. This onesie is great for all types of weather and will fit perfectly over a diaper. Another cool thing that makes this funny slogan onesie a great baby gift is the fact that it allows for a very quick and mess-free change.

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Natural Goat Hair Bristles for Newborns

Another gift that would make an amazing baby birthday gift is this fabulous bamboo-handled wooden hair brush with natural goat bristles from EH-LIFE that goes smooth and gentle on baby’s head to give them nice looking hair while at the same time gently massaging their soft scalp for proper blood circulation and a healthy head of hair for that precious adorable little one.

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4 Swaddle Blankets by Baby Steps – 100% Organic


This set of swaddle blankets is widely considered a great baby gift, and for good reasons! Since these blankets are designed to caress and cuddle the baby almost in the same fashion that mommy would do, they keep the baby comfortable and warm while at the same time making them feel safe. These multipurpose swaddle blankets can also be used for several other important things including covering the baby’s stroller during walks, functioning as a nursing cover when mommy is breastfeeding in public, and more!

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NoseFrida – The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

With this bestselling NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator, parents can stop worrying about how to clear their baby’s stuffy nose.  This Swedish-made, doctor-recommended Snotsucker is safe for both the baby and the parents since it prevents bacterial transfer. With this wonderful device, parents can easily suck mucus out of their baby’s nose in a very hygienic, natural and totally safe way to keep their precious little one free from the discomfort of a snotty nose.

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Multicolor LED Baby Night Light

This BPA free LED baby night light that comes in the cute shape of a mushroom is a fantastic lamp for a baby or toddler’s room. Featuring appealing features such as 6-color multicolor mode, 2-brightness natural light mode and a rechargeable battery that allows about 6 hours of usage, this super cute baby lamp brings a nice, relaxing and warm touch to the little one’s room, thereby making it a great bedtime companion for that adorable little one.

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Time Under The Sea Playmat


This cute fun-filled play mat that helps that angelic little one master tummy time like nobody’s business makes an awesome baby birthday gift.  In addition to being totally safe, this aquatic-themed play mat is soft and comes with a crab-like pillow that helps to support the baby on the tummy while at the same time helping them keep their her head up. This machine washable mat is so fun and supportive that both parents and baby are sure to love it.

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