Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teen Boy.

12 Christmas Gifts for a Teenage Boy

Red and green ribbons are decorating the mall doors, in the TV the Grinch is aired for the 100th time and happy jingles pop out of the radio. Christmas is here and schools are out. A blast period for every teenager and student in general is about to start. Which Christmas gift would you choose for the teenager boy in your life?

We are here to answer this question with twelve suggestions and help you start your Christmas shopping. Prepare a hot chocolate with marshmallows and dive into our list below.

1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Superior Stereo Sound

You walk in the streets, you sit in the metro, you go shopping to the local mini market and you come across some kind of music coming out of a teenager. He is nonetheless standing there unruffled, minding his own business. At that point you are wondering, “do they know that they are producing melodies?”. Answering to your question, millenials have the advantage of carrying speakers small enough to fit their backpacks, with strong amplifiers for crystal clear sound, so they can enjoy their music everywhere.

Keeping that in mind, Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker is a winning Christmas gift choice for every teenager who has engaged the aforementioned attitude. This wireless portable speaker offers him the chance for 24-hour non-stop sublime audio, with high quality of sound even on the highest volume. It is launched in three different colors and looks sharp.

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2. 3D Virtual Reality Glasses  for 3D Games and Movies

For some real life gaming experience opt for this Virtual Reality Headset. It is compatible with almost every smartphone, it’s lightweight and gives you the chance to adjust the lenses to meet your own needs. If he is a mighty gamer, then you must introduce the virtual reality world into his life. Getting attacked by dinosaurs or chasing man-eating zombies is a real possibility now. It comes with a remote control so he is all set to start playing immediately. He can also use it for movies. “Home Alone” will never be the same after this.

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3. Celestron Travel Scope

If he gets an A+ in physics, the channel is always turned on National Geographic during his TV time and posters of Interstellar and Gravity takeover his room, then he is obviously anticipating for a Christmas gift like this. Celestron Travel Scope is his vehicle to the outer space. A chance to leave his footprint on the moon, count the rings of Saturn, and connect the star dots leading to the constellation of Gemini. He can easily carry it with him when hiking or camping, as the creator made provision for its portability by including a backpack. Moreover, by installing the Celestron app on his smartphone he can have an astronomical chart to help him navigate through the star-studded sky.

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4. Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

Twenty handless men dressed all in blue and red are here to obey your meticulous football strategy and appoint you winner of the game. This Christmas, prepare yourselves for endless hours of entertainment with a foosball table. If he is a football lover, he will adore it so much he will not even have time to taste the turkey. Set a tournament, the opponents and let the best win! Great addition to any party. Just remember, we are not liable for any relationship damage after the completion of the family or friends football tournament.

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5. Wilson Evolution Basketball

Ready to score some shots? For the basketball enthusiast we suggest a Wilson Evolution Basketball for this year’s Christmas gift. With a steady grip and soft feel it will be the sixth man in any team helping you score some magnificent shots. Awake the Lebron James this teenager is hiding inside and encourage his basketball skills and talent. Perfect for indoor games. Consider this purchase as an assist before the big score and avoid an airball in the Christmas gift selection procedure.

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6. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

This Christmas, give him the chance to tame the sidewalks and work his maneuvers in the skate park. As you can imagine, we are referring to the skater in your life. For him, pick a Minority 32inch skateboard. Perfect for beginners as it is sturdy enough to support his first rolls, but also suitable for the accustomed to the sport. Besides its ergonomic design and sleek cut, the manufacturers put a lot of thought into the bottom graphic as well. Inspiring prints with vivid colors are creating an artistic result. On the positives count, that it is made of sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials.

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7. Rich Cotton Unisex Beanie Hat 100% Merino Wool Daily Warm Soft Hat Knit Men Women Various Colors Plain Cuff Slouchy Cap

Christmas definitely belong to the cold ears season. To protect your favorite teenager from catching the flue but still look cool, opt for this beanie hat made from 100% merino wool. Its navy blue color and plain design will fit with every style he is following. The merino wool will keep him warm and cozy even during the below zero snowy days. Ideal for outdoor sports and a trendy addition to everyday outfits. Put an end to the cold ears syndrome and let him enjoy his walks in the Christmas markets.

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8. NIKE Sportswear Men’s Pullover Club Hoodie

Sport brands in clothing really matter to a teenager. So this Nike pullover is considered a very good Christmas gift idea for him. Simple and minimal, yet a good looking casual choice. The hood boosts the coziness and the kangaroo pocket offers a hot place to nest his hands or storage his smart phone. Clean lines and dark colors are some of the characteristics many teenager boys adopt for their closets, as they don’t prefer spending hours matching their outfits before going out. In other words, he will be happy to wear it.

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9. Adidas Men’s Vl Court 2.0 Sneaker

For every man regardless his age, shoes are playing a key role in the configuration of their style. As a result, they usually pay a lot of attention to this lower part of the outfit. On this topic, Adidas Court 2.0 sneakers pass the coolness test with honors. They form an excellent Christmas gift for a teenager boy who is now seeking sneakers to match not only with his sport activities, but with his social life too. A classic suede sneaker, with the distinctive three lines on the side is a great addition to every wardrobe.

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10. DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition

Does he prefer Batman over Spiderman? Is his favorite villain Joker? Then you know that you have a DC fun! If he never misses the last blockbuster superhero movie and his room shelves are packed with comics, then this is a gift for him. DC encyclopedia will offer him a deep thorough sight into the universe of its heroes and their antagonists. Densely written pages with lavish colored figures and panels will narrate the stories and provide key information for more than 1000 characters. The hard cover edition of this encyclopedia is a magnificent Christmas gift and will be a valuable piece in his library.

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11.   Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch with Leather Key Chain Pick Holder – Blue

Does he carrying his guitar everywhere with him? Is he most of the times mad because he forgets his guitar picks at home? No problem. With Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch he can create a pick anytime and keep on rocking. A Christmas gift for a teenager boy who is a music lover and interested in artistic expression in general. The gift package comes with 4 starter strips, but he can experiment with (expired) credit cards and anything else he might find a good idea to use as a pick. Moreover, as we take care of his sanity, this gift includes a leather holder to adapt in his keys and avoid the “I lost my lucky pick” situations.

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12. Risk Game: Global Domination

A good board game should never miss from a decent Christmas gift list. Risk is a strategy game where you make expeditions and dominate over world territories. He can play it with a friend or invite the whole family to join him. Entertainment and logical thinking is a combination that Risk succeeds to achieve. You will never realize how four hours of playing have passed. It invites everyone to be focused in every moment and critically analyze the moves of the opponent. Would you risk offering it as a Christmas gift?

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