37 Sad Quotes to Comment on On Life’s Disappointments

Life can be one bumpy roller coaster ride taking you through ups and downs and all sorts of loops. Just when you think that the ride is almost over, here comes another surprise. Sometimes that surprise can be the loss of a love that you held dear to your heart or the disappointment of not succeeding at your goals. Everyone has lived moments when they got to experience sadness. Everyone knows the feeling of loneliness or brokenness. And if you haven’t, then brace yourself because your roller coaster ride is bound to surprise you.

The good news is that these low moments in life don’t last forever unless you make the choice to dwell in your sorrow. A broken heart will heal over time. It helps to know that you are not alone in your journey. Whether you are experiencing loneliness, a broken heart, or missing someone special, here are 35 sad quotes that are relatable enough to let you know that you are not alone on this roller coaster ride that we call life.

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Quotes for the Broken-Hearted

  • I could never fathom how someone you once called the love of your life could go from being your #1 to nothing at all.
  • I knew it was a risk to give you my heart. Now I must regain the hope that you stole and the love that is lost.
  • The deeper you fall into the pit of love, the longer it takes to climb back to the top.
  • My love for you has become the crutch that you lean on when you betray my trust. My grace can only reach so far. Enough is enough.
  • At this point, I’m used to being hurt. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to trust.
  • Your goodbye kiss is the salt in my wound. One final embrace to soothe the pain.
  • The hardest part of loving you is knowing that you love another more than you’ve ever loved me.
  • Who knew that just as quickly as we fell in love, we would fall out of love even faster.
The deeper you fall into the pit of love, the longer it takes to climb back to the top.
The deeper you fall into the pit of love, the longer it takes to climb back to the top.
  • When I finally realized what I had done, it was too late to say, “I’m sorry.” You had already moved on.
  • The worst part of life without you is seeing how you’ve flourished without me to hold you down.
  • Despite my efforts to stand strong, I can’t help but to cry and break down every time I think of you.
  • One day you’ll actually feel sorry for what you did to me because karma will be knocking at your door to give back all the hell you gave to me.
  • Falling in love with someone is like jumping off a cliff and trusting that they will be there to catch you at the bottom. I’ve hit the bottom hard some many times that I’m just not sure I can ever take that risk again.
  • I was happier and better when I was alone, than I am now that I’m with you. Time to cut the strings and sever the ties so that I can regain the little bit of me that is left.
  • Though you will forever be in my heart, you can no longer stay in my life.

Quotes for the Lonely

  • The pain of a broken heart is far worst when you are alone with no shoulder to cry on.
  • I used to think too highly of myself to associate with certain people. Then I grew older and lonelier because I realized that I had pushed all of my good friends away.
  • I often smile to hold back tears. But it hurts to be surrounded by the people you love the most and no one knows you enough to see the pain behind the facade.
  • I don’t have as many friends as I used to, because I realized that not everyone has your best interest at heart.
  • When loneliness kicks in, I can be my worst enemy as I convince myself of the many reasons no one wants to be with me.
  • On a good day, life just goes on. When nothing seems to be moving along, days are just bad.
  • I don’t remember feeling this lonely when I was single, until you captured my heart and abandoned me. Now the nights are colder than before, because I am aware of your absence.
  • Loneliness has stuck so close to me that it has become a friend and a false sense of comfort.
Sad Quotes.
I often smile to hold back tears. But it hurts to be surrounded by the people you love the most and no one knows you enough to see the pain behind the facade.

Quotes for Life’s Disappointments

  • There is one thing that I can absolutely count on. And that’s the inevitable feeling of the rug getting pulled from under my feet every time I think I’ve found a steady place to stand.
  • I stopped feeling disappointed when I stopped setting high expectations.
  • I can’t seem to shake the feeling of the kid who always gets picked last on the team.
  • Every day there’s a moment of disappointment that’s calling me to start again on the next day.
  • I’ve heard people say, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Well, I must be insane for setting the same goals and expecting different outcomes.
  • Why set expectations when there is one big bowl of disappointments waiting for me in the end?

Sad Quotes for the Hopeful

  • Even when life disappoints, it must be the child within me that holds onto even the slightest piece of hope.
  • If I expect nothing, I will avoid disappointments. If I expect nothing, my journey ends. A millions disappointments are better than a stagnant life.
  • If I aim higher, I may fail but at least I will end up in a better place.
  • I’ve decided that today is the last day I let old wounds determine how my day will be.
  • A guarded heart may block the hurt but it conceals the pain. I’d rather risk another love lost than grow bitter with a rotten heart.
  • I despised you for leaving. But at least you loved me enough to say goodbye rather than take another year of my life.
  • Hope is the insane part of me that keeps searching for the good in a wicked world and keeps waiting for love after every heartbreak.
  • Hate is a self-poison. Forgiveness is the key to freedom. I love myself enough to move on with life and not waste my energy wishing that you are as unhappy as I was when you left me.

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