Christmas Gag Gifts for Adults

12 Christmas Gag Gifts for Adults

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching, along with colorful lights, happy jingles, overdrawn credit cards and a well staffed, juicy turkey. Yes, you are right we are talking about Christmas! Although, if this year you are convinced that you belong to the “naughty list” and the chubby old man is not going to leave you any present inside your sock, with this gift list we encourage you to hug this little annoying child hiding beneath you.

Prank your friends with twelve hilarious Christmas gag gifts which will turn every Christmas party into a hoot! Ideal for secret Santa or white elephant soirées.

1. Simply Genius Dancing Singing Naughty Reindeer

The body posture of this reindeer and the smirk look on his face are clear signs that he is not ready to sing “Silent Night”. Every child memory of staffed animated animals will shutter into pieces the moment that your friends will see this reindeer shake his booty in the sound of “I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO. One of Santa’s best friends is here to set every Christmas party on fire with his insane twerking moves. Attention: this guy is at any way related to Rudolph, so don’t expect red noses and stuff like that.

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2. Beardaments Beard Ornaments, 12pc Colorful Christmas Facial Hair Baubles for Men in the Holiday Spirit, Easy Attach Mini Mustache, Sideburns, Goatee Whisker Clips, Festive Red, Green, Gold, Silver Mix

If adorning the tree is simply not enough then what about decorating your facial hair as well? There is someone who thought that the competition over the “wear your worst Christmas sweater” title during the family dinner is fierce enough, so they decided to create beard ornaments or beardaments to make their victory over their competitors undeniable. Each beardaments package comes with twelve baubles in distinctive Christmassy colors of red, green, gold and silver. Perfect for your hipster friend and the one who found it a good idea to leave a manly mustache. Don’t leave the ladies outside, as beardaments are not only suitable for facial or body (?) hair, but they can easily being attached to head hair too.

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3. Men’s Polar Bear Pair Ugly Christmas Sweater

Since we referred to the “worst sweater” contest, a super ugly Christmas sweater could not be missing from this list. Offer a chance to your friend, your husband or the colleague from work to make an impression this Christmas with a statement sweater. Τhe two pairs of white polar bears featuring on the center have multiple symbolisms. Not only they are the definition of happy holidays, but they also carry along messages for love, unity and stop climate change. On top of that, this multicolored sweater is made from 100% cotton, so it is cozy and warm too. Anybody who will be lucky enough to get it, he will love to hate it and spread the joy to those around him.

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4. LED Light up Christmas Bulb Necklace

To complete a great Christmas look you will definitely need to add some glow. This Christmas bulb necklace will provide you the shine you are looking for and at the same time it will make it easier for your friends to track you inside the club. It is perfect for all ages, genders and your dog as well. Just imagine the family pictures. You can all wear it, take a photo and send it as your family Christmas card. Also, you will never get bored of it as it features six different flashing modes. Big hit!

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5. Mankini Thong Christmas Reindeer Patterns (Pranks Gifts)

Here comes Rudolph! Santa Claus always has been the Xmas protagonist, the center of attention, the one who eats all the cookies. So Rudolph the reindeer struggled for so many years to find a hole into the Christmas industry so he could establish himself as the best jolly figure. And then he came up with a bright marketing idea. Is there a better way to succeed that purpose than including his face in a mankini man-thong? All the attention will be gathered around him exclusively. You can’t take your eyes off a mankini. Additionally, you can wear it all the time and feel the festive spirit flood in. Image and utility. If you want to help Rudolph to succeed his goal and put an end to Santa’s monopoly, choose a Rudolph the Reindeer mankini as your present this Christmas. Be the person who always wanted to be.

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6. Funny Big Feet Warm Soft Plush Slippers

During Christmas every gift that offers fluffiness, warmth and comfort is a desirable gift. If it also provides entertainment this is an extra feature to be grateful for. Great examples of such a gift are the aforementioned soft plush slippers. Large enough to cover your feet, ugly enough to be funny. With their unique design they can boost anybody’s sexuality and since black nail polish is a very hot winter trend they will make them feel like fashionistas. Thumbs up for this unisex gift!

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7. Boyfriend Pillow (Gag Gift Idea – Body Pillow)

Nobody should feel alone during Christmas time. In fact, loneliness is a state that should be avoided in general. For the friend who haven’t had a boyfriend/ girlfriend since high school we present you the body pillow. A half body shaped, cotton stuffed pillow which can keep you tight during the night and never let you go. Our buddy here is more than just a gag gift. He benefits your mental and overall health as he can help you sleep better. The person who will receive it may laugh and make fun of it at first, but you know and we know that he will wait impatiently for you to leave in order to hold it in his arms. We suggest picking it out in the red color shirt as it brings out the festive spirit.

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8. Naughty Dirty Talking Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament and Gag Gift

ΟΚ now, somebody got really excited about Christmas season. Here we see Gingerbread man in an intimate moment, after the third or fourth drink, spitting naughty dirty quotes like “OH YEAH? WELL EAT ME”, to everyone is close enough to listen. Definitely, this nasty little guy will be the most provocative Christmas ornament at any tree it will end up to. You never thought this innocent figure to hide a dirty mind like this. Most likely he will make you laugh so much you will end up bursting into tears and clap your hands like a seal in a zoo. Hilarious!

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9. QLL 3 PCS (Bottle Stopper, Corkscrew, Bottle Opener)

Since a lot of wine bottles will be opened around Christmas period we present you here a set which could held a good company to the Gingerbread man above. Three red happy gentlemen ready to open your beer, wine or any other spirit and join you to the party. The set consists of a bottle stopper, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. Excellent gag gift for every host or hostess who will invite you over for turkey dinner. Probably they are going to be the main attraction of your Christmas table, always available to provide you their services.

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10. Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

If you know someone who gets lost after the announcement that they are going to use the powder room, then we have a gag gift designed for you. For the vivid fisherman, that one person who thing that bathroom is a place for meditation and self-examination, we introduce the Potty Fisher. A toilet fishing game which comes with a Do Not Disturb sign so you can enjoy peacefully your time at your favorite room of the house. An amusing Christmas gag gift which will force everybody to laugh out loud.

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11. Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

A gadget couldn’t miss from your annual X-mas gifts exchange. As you are the master of selecting the right one, this year you go for utility, aesthetics and high technology. Rainbowl is a toilet night light with a motion sensor which can be very easily attached inside your bowl as the title is suggesting. No more night rustles with your sleepy self who desperately needs to take a bathroom trip but can’t stand the idea of the blinding bright lights. If you care about the little toe of your friends or family and you don’t want to suffer for a night trauma in the corner of the bed then be a human being and buy this Rainbowl. Besides, the rainbow colors make the bathroom look very pretty and entertain you while you’re doing your business.

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12. Fun Express Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

At the end, we included a ring toss game designed as well to represent your favorite season. An inflatable reindeer antler you can fasten to your head and pray that no toss will end up inside your eye. For the recreational nights you will spend in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. The most kid-friendly gag gift of this list as it seems.

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