Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandmother.

15 Christmas Gifts for my Grandmother

This girl has it all. She is a perfect cook. She always hides treats in her house. She genially supports that you are the most beautiful and smartest creature in the whole world. Plus, she generously tips you every now and then without obvious reason. Grandmothers, they can be adorable or cranky or adorably cranky, and we know that they own a special place in your heart.

Even if now they are too wise to believe in the chubby old man in red, they still hide a little kid inside, whose cheeks turn red every time somebody makes a little gesture of affection towards them. For this girl we prepared a dreamy Christmas gift list as a tribute to her awesomeness.

1. Hand-painted sculpted figure, Grandmother

If your wish this Christmas is to offer this great woman a sentimental gift, then we got you covered. Willow Tree’s sculpted figures communicate emotion through gestures. They capture feelings and memories in the most minimalistic caring way. For your grandmother, a lady with an infant in her arms will remind her of the years she dedicated in looking at you grow up and being transformed into this magnificent person that you are. Get some tissues along, because this present will surely make her all emotional.

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2. 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame with Hi-Res Display

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For the grandmother who lives far away we have found just the right gift. A digital photo frame to always surprise her with your new adventures or everyday captures. A way to stay close to her and share some of your best moments. You can make photo lists through an online app and change it every now and then, creating a whole new experience. Put pictures of your childhood with her or that very funny incident that happened during that Christmas. Miles are not an obstacle anymore.

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3. Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player

TV time got a serious promotion with Fire TV stick. Now with a click of a button your grandmother can have access to hundreds of movies, TV shows and countless music songs.  She can literally put her whole TV in her pocket by carrying the stick with her wherever she goes. Not a chance to miss the latest episode of her favorite soap opera even if she’s on vacation. Fire stick can get connected with Alexa, so probably your grandmother will not even have to move a finger. A Christmas present like manna from heaven.

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4. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

With aromatherapy at home she will enjoy the best sleep she ever had. She can choose her favorite essential oils and place this diffuser anywhere in her apartment. You would recognize your granny’s house with your eyes closed due to its distinctive aroma. Smells like spices, coziness and love. With InnoGear consider it a level up. Also, she can use it as a night light. Colorful changing led lights on the top of the diffuser will brighten up her space. And its curvy design is ready to fit perfectly into any decoration.

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5. Electric Heated Throw Blanket with Auto Shut Off

Anything with the right composition of fluffiness is an acceptable gift for any woman. Especially when we’re talking about a blanket, it’s a clear “yes”. More specifically, if we refer to this blanket, it is an “oh, yes!”. Maxcare toasty blanket has it all. It is electric heated, with auto shut-off, super soft and it comes in a jolly red color. Swaddle your grandmother with the warmth she expects this Christmas. Moreover, it is big enough to fit all of you under it during a family gathering. After all, winter cold nights are meant to bring us closer.

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6. Mind & Body Scented Candles

Chesapeake Bay candles will whisk her away to a place where tranquility and harmony are ruling. Enhanced with cashmere, jasmine, lily and pear, they will pleasantly scent any room without creating any excessive smell. This pair of candles is nesting in two beautiful white and blue semi-transparent jars. This kind of packaging will let the golden light penetrate them and create a relaxing atmosphere. She can use their delicate wooden lids when not in use, to trap the aromas inside and not let the melting wax tunnel ruin her aesthetic.

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7. Family Recipe Book and Cooking Journal

Grandmother’s delicious recipes and cooking secrets must pass from generation to generation as a family heirloom. This cookbook will help your grandmother record some of her famous formulations with all the details demanded to be copied to perfection. Organized in columns, this cookbook will help her keep the ingredients, instructions and cooking hours for each meal tidy, along with a photograph of the delicacy. Plus, you will save her some time from repeating the instructions for those extraordinary Christmas cookies every time this season comes.

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8. Holiday Tea Kettle

Α festive tea kettle to serve her favorite steeped herbal teas to her best friends and amazing grandchildren. Decorated with the appropriate colors and the gold hold for the Christmassy sparkle, it is the ideal kitchen piece for this festive season and not only. Its classic white color and minimalistic mistletoe pattern permits it to be a part of any kitchen all year long. It can hold up to eight cups of water so you are all set for several refills to accompany you until you have devoured all of your grandmother’s Christmas cupcakes.

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9. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Allow your grandmother’s inner chef to win a Michelin star with this Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. Just think that the only potential this mixer doesn’t have is to put the food directly inside the oven. Other than that, it can pretty much do anything. She can prepare anything from tasty pies and puffed-up cakes to home-made pasta and freshly minced burgers. It has several different speeds, beaters and accessories to serve her every culinary need. You have also plenty wonderful color options to choose from as this mixer is not just a super machine, but a decor for the kitchen as well.

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10. Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

Since we know how much you care about her convenience and we unfortunately experience the never-ending cycle of chores ourselves, we present a solution that will make your grandmother’s everyday life much easier. A robot vacuum cleaner will take over the hard job of keeping her floor to blank perfection. With just a single order through a mobile app, it will thoroughly sweep all the dirt from any surface. With its adjusted sensors, it can navigate through your grandma’s house and slip into the most difficult-to-clean corners. And when the job is over, this vacuum servant goes back to its base to charge and be ready for the next time. She can cross a chore out of her to-do list, save those back pains, and enjoy her tea with her girlfriends instead.

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11.   Water Garden, Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

A hybrid between an indoor garden and a fish tank- yes, we’ve been there before you. How awesome to grow herbs and raise a goldfish all at the same time. With this smart aquaponic ecosystem the fish is feeding the plants, the plants are clearing the water and you just enjoying the fruits of their labor. This tank doesn’t need cleaning as often as the regular ones, because the plants take over the dirty job. Following a few simple steps your grandmother can have basil for her pesto and a colorful companion in one innovative container.

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12. 5-piece Garden Tool Set with Tote and Folding Seat

Your grandmother will go on a gardening spree with this Christmas gift. She will get five different gardening tools, a folding sit to rest her back when she is planting her favorite fruits, herbs and veggies, and a detachable tote to collect them when ready. This set has a fun flair, so she will never go out of style even during the cultivation process. It is lightweight and easy to store, and the tools are steady with a vibrant green color on the hold.

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13. LINENLUX Women Rain Jacket

Fear no cloudburst with this wonderful poncho. It will be like your grandmother is wearing a full-body umbrella, letting no drop flip inside. It will keep her dry and happy on a rainy day, eliminating the chances of getting the flu because of her soaked clothes. It has a front zipper for easy put-on and take-off, buttons to adjust the sleeves, and a hood with an elastic piece to secure the head area better. It comes with a cute little handbag made from the same material to save her stuff too. It does the job and looks adorable. Pick the best design for your grandmother’s style from the many options LINENLUX is offering.

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14. USDA Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Pure (4oz Large)

Jojoba oil is considered a true blessing for any type of skin and hair. Its beneficial vitamins and minerals will moisturize dehydrated skin, heal those cracked from the cold lips, and give a certain shine to your hair. Its natural properties, of course, don’t stop here. Your grandmother will be glad to know that jojoba oil reduces wrinkles, signs of aging, and dark circles under the eyes. Individually it is odorless, but she can combine it with essential oils for a mild scent. Its versatility will cover a lot of your grandmother’s skin and hair needs and it will become one of her favorite personal care products.

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15. Blanket Winter Scarf

Keep your grandmother warm and elegant with an oversized shawl. The short fringe finish upgrades a nonetheless simple wrap. Due to its size, it can be used as a scarf, poncho and picnic rag if the occasion comes up. It is bulky and doesn’t set wardrobe limitations since its muted colors make it an easy-to-match accessory. If your grandmother is a fashion icon, maybe you can dare with some more colorful patterns from a wide range of choices offered.

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