10 Gift Ideas for my Sister's Birthday.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas that your Sister Will Definitely Appreciate

The relationship between siblings can be tricky. Either you will be in a phase that you madly love each other or you ‘ll want to bite him/her as if you were 5 years old. Either way, you certainly share a special bond, because only the two of you know how it is to cope with the rest of your family members.

And then it comes that time of the year that many questions are flooding your mind regarding your siblings: birthday presents. Oh the horror! You are obliged to buy them a gift in every special occasion, because you can‘t skip it, you can’t say you forgot it. Your mother will remind it to you. And you reach some point in your life that you have exhausted all the gift choices you could think of. But don’t worry. We are here to help you, because we have collected ten gifts that your sister will love (sorry brother, some other time), always respecting your pocket, your time and your intelligence. Good luck!

1. Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil Lush Fizzies

After a long day at work, the university or in the hard everyday world we are all living in (drama queen alert here), she‘s definitely gonna need a warm bath to take her worries away. So, you can help your sister enjoy her relax time more efficiently, with a set of bath bombs that will excite her senses and calm her mind. The spa kit will provide her with six different options, each satisfying a different need. Also, the bombs are organic, so perfectly suitable if she has a dry or sensitive skin. Aromatherapy, do your magic please!

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2. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Have you noticed that your sister is spending hours in front of a screen watching one make-up tutorial video after the other? Is her dream job to be a make-up artist or just enjoying spending her time (and money) by testing all kinds of different lipsticks and shades? Then, this gift suggestion is perfect for you – and for her, of course. A LED lighted makeup mirror that simulates natural lights for better understanding of the variety of the colors applied on the skin, with two folding side mirrors for reflecting all the different face angles and a magnification spot mirror will guarantee the most detailed make up of her life. And, for sure, she will be grateful to you forever.

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3. 48 Compartment See-Through Nail Polish Holder

Oh yes, this gift will please the irrational obsession of your sister to keep everything neat and organized. On the other hand, if she is not that kind of person, consider this as a gift to yourself as well or anybody else who lives with her, as you will urge her to put some order in her life, starting with her nail polishes. In this nail polish holder she can storage up to 48 bottles, save space and transfer them all at once easily. And of course it’s pink (yes, it’s considered a pro)! Also, very useful if she is a professional beautician.

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4. La Marca Prosecco

When it comes to birthday gifts, wine is always a classy choice. La Marca Prosecco is a non-vintage, sparkling wine produced in Italy. Its stylish, minimalistic bottle is giving a sense of luxury, despite the fact that it is quite an affordable wine. You can help your sister forget about the plus one in her age number, by offering the wine as an aperitif or using it to create fancy cocktails. You can combine the prosecco with a plate of mild cheeses or accompany a dish with fish and salad and you will have the perfect dinner for two.

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5. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Amber Romance

The scent and the texture of the moisturizing lotions can wrap you like a gentle touch and lure you into an olfactory journey. Especially this Victoria‘s Secret body mist with amber and crème anglaise, leaving touches of vanilla and black cherry will take your sister in an imaginary trip to the orient. All these great ingredients combined together, are creating a warm and sweet sense that can enhance the feeling of peace and relaxation. Cause, baby, it’s cold outside.

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6. Women’s Summer Han.gry Print T-Shirt

What is it this with women and food? You know, most of the time she is a lovely, caring person, who would do anything for you if you asked for and all of a sudden she’s turning into the girl from the Exorcist, with the eyes rolling around, the arms crossed in a tight bow and the intensive up-and-down moving of the feet, which makes you believe that you did something really bad to her. If you are a girl, you can share the feeling; if you are a boy, your armpits already started to sweat. Guys, she is just han*gry. Feed her quickly so we do not mourn any victims and if she is your sister, buy her this shirt, because it will make her laugh out of guilt.

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7. Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle with detachable base and boil dry protection

Here we have a blending of tradition and technology. This ceramic tea kettle with a classic shape and a pattern that brings back memories of your grandmother is also electric so you can boil the water faster, safer and cooler than you would do on a stove, you cave man (!). Give your sister a chance to throw the most elegant tea parties, which even Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge could not refuse.

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8. Cotton Kitchen Chef’s Apron, Pineapples Print

Cooking is in fashion, as the social media are overwhelmed by quick food making videos and the users are making a contest about who‘s going to capture the most tempting and special dish. If your sister is participating in this food madness, then she will definitely love this kitchen apron with a tropical pineapple print, which her internet pals will be very jealous of. Then again, if she considers cooking as a chore, at least this apron will cheer her up until this routine ends. Fashionable even when you are cooking? Yes, it is possible!

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9. Running Belt. Suitable for Gym Workouts, Exercise, Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Sport, Travel, Outdoors

The same problem every time you go jogging, the same annoying question swirling in your mind: “where should I put my cell phone/ keys/money? Is it ok to hold them the whole time?”. Come on, I mean we both know that it’s not ok and it’s not practical too. And your sister knows it as well. So you have a solution to her problem with this running belt, which fits all the necessary stuff she needs to have with her when she goes jogging or to the gym. Plus, this belt is perfect for her trips too, as she can carry her valuables in there, without worrying about the pickpockets.

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10. Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

Nobody should drink alone, especially when there are six hot guys in a swimming suit waiting to keep you company at any given time. With this drink markers your sister will impress her friends in any occasion, like parties or girls nights and never feel guilty again for enjoying alone a couple of glasses every now and then. Moreover, these boys will remind her of the sunny days of summer, at the beach, with a cocktail in her hand.

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