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Whether a Valentine’s Day lover or hater, it has become something like a ritual to offer your loved one a gift on February 14th. Since we understand that Christmas was almost a month ago and the gift-inspiration-generator in your head may be jammed, we are here to help you.

For your fellow traveler in this life, HER, we made a Valentine’s Day gift list to swoon for. Some of the presents included on this list went over the top with romance. Some people could call them “cheesy”, but who are we to judge? The point is, they’ll satisfy every woman whether she belongs to the Valentine’s yea or nay category. No matter if you’ve been together for many years, with kids and a dog house, or the situation between you two runs the last few months, below you will find what you are looking for.

1. DeFaith Real Rose in Glass

Beginning our gift list with a rose wasn’t really a big surprise for you, ha? Well, since we don’t want to be banal, we are happy to inform you that this isn’t your average red rose. It’s an enchanted red rose! Only a spell could keep this rose fresh and lush for the next three to five years! Well, not exactly. But, this is what we would have believed, if we lived during medieval times or we were characters of a fairytale. Nonetheless, future people discovered a way to keep your favorite flower blooming for way longer than natural. So, you can have the chance to be your gal’s prince charming for a day.

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2. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Are flowers and chocolates too boring for you? Don’t worry, we found a Da Vinci inspired vault to turn Valentine’s Day into an adventure! Da Vinci code cryptex is ready to hide any message or object you want to deliver. For example, a ring (just saying), a key to your heart or a love coupon. Alternatively, it can be part of a big Valentine’s prank. Who knows? It is really an inspiration. If you want to see the adrenaline of the unknown rising in her eyes while she is trying to break the code to her love gift, you’ve just found a match.

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3. Letters to My Love: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

Declare your love to her through the pages of this album. And when we say pages, we mean letters. Letters written by you, enriched with all the cherished moments you lived together. If you are not much of a talker, now you found a way to unravel this complex cluster of sentiments through your pen. Every page has a unique prompt to help you start the unraveling and a sticker to secure the letter when you finish. Too sappy? Well, if not now, when?

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4. Typewriter-Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard

Offer her a real typing experience with Qwerkywriter S Typewriter. With a retro look and feel, this is the absolute gift for the woman who spends most of her time in front of her computer. Whether for work or because she hides a writer inside, this keyboard will give her a serious confidence boost. Not the most affordable keyboard she could have, but the nostalgic edge of this masterpiece makes every penny worth it. After all, see this purchase as an act of love.

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5. Personalized Star Map Print

Wondering if the stars were aligned the night you met? Or how our galaxy reacted to the union of your souls? A star map poster with the depiction of the night sky above you the date you came across each other is probably the most novel Valentine’s gift idea ever. Even if she is a Valentine’s Day snob, there is not a chance she will not go all “awh” with this one.

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6. Personalized Handwriting/Signature Bracelet

Write, scan and send a short quote or a word to this company and they will make a bracelet out of it. Now, she can adorn her wrist with your special type of handwriting. Even if you think that your handwriting looks like chicken scratches, remember that you are just uplifting the artistic look of this bracelet with your genuine signature. It is silver, discrete and she can wear it all day long. So, stop hesitating and just do it!

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7. Things I love About You | Personalized Gift for Valentine’s Day

For the days she is moody, she can always look up and remember all the amazing qualities of herself, which make her special. A heartfelt gift, with the little details you most love about your sweet muffin framed. You can customize the poster as you want, choosing from a great variety in font colors and frames. It is a perfect addition to her room’s decoration and her heart. A major hug trap.

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8. Lavender Bath Salts by San Francisco Salt Company

Soothing lavender grains will smooth her skin and spirit. In a bathtub filled with hot water, pour a handful of this purple gem and help her relax inside a wonderful aromatherapy setup. Light some candles, fill a glass of wine and reward her for the amazing woman she is with a home trip to thermal springs. She will sleep as a bird after that. Alternatively, she can use it as a scrub by adding a little water inside, in order to maintain her skin silky and gorgeous.

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9. Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion

With Laura’s Mercier “Flawless Skin” you really get what the advertiser beats the drum for. Flawless, hydrated skin, without looking oily or glossy. This oil leaves an entertaining rose after-scent, enough to be pleasant but not overwhelming. Treat your lady with a product she will adore. It can be applied both on the body and face and make her skin look plumper and smooth. Α must-have cosmetic for her collection.

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10. Sexy Slip Nightgown

For a breezy, comfortable sleep, pick the Aibrous nightgown. It is sexy, but not too sexy to use it as an everyday nightwear. It feels like satin and will wrap her figure gently. You can choose among eight colors or opt for variety and order more than one. Her ethereal presence will look (even more) irresistible in this chemise. Besides, a piece of lingerie could not be missing from a decent Valentine’s gift box.

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11. The Spirit Infusion Kit | Infuse Your Booze!

If she draws satisfaction from experimenting with new flavors both in food and booze, then this DIY gift is for her. A spirit infusion kit, complete in equipment and simple in use, will crown her master mixologist of the house. Enclosed you will find a detailed book with the history of her spirit-mixing ancestors and the overwhelming number of 70 vodka-inspired recipes. She just found her new favorite hobby. If she gets bored of vodka, she can replace it with any liquor desirable. Tip: Give it to her a day before Valentine’s, so you can enjoy the first infusing attempt during the lovers’ day.

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12. Tasty Ultimate: How to Cook Basically Anything (An Official Tasty Cookbook)

The I-dropped-my-Smartphone-on-my-face phenomenon is mostly an outcome of pages like Tasty, popping on your feed just before you fall asleep. They are like hypnosis. In three minutes they make you crave anything, even if you have eaten like 5 minutes ago. And you just can’t stop watching. As you can understand, we too are victims of this madness, and familiar with your gal’s situation. To save her from this torture, offer her the Tasty Ultimate paper book, so she can read it like a normal person and not a high-tech zombie. Then you both can decide what to cook for Valentine’s dinner.

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13. The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems (English and Spanish Edition)

If you are looking for genuine, deep, raw romance, then a poem selection from the king of love poetry, Pablo Neruda, is an one-way street for you. This selection will get you smitten. The Chilean poet is known for the unique way he chooses to praise the beauty of love, generating all sorts of different emotions to the reader. This edition is bilingual, so your inamorata has the chance to go through the original texts and refresh her Spanish, too. Double gain, double satisfaction. Just like that, Valentine’s celebration became meaningful.

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14. Name a Star After Her!

On the other hand, if you want to go all crazy and big on this day, you can offer her a star. Well, you will not own the star, but naming it after her gives you some kind of prominence on it, right? Like, for real. She has your heart, so, why not a star as well? Someday, under the right circumstances, you maybe be able to visit it too. A Swarovski item will show you the way, by indicating were the star is in our solar system. Use it wisely.

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15. Refillable Handmade Traveler’s Notebook

For the traveler, our suggestion is a handmade leather journal, to keep a trace of all your travel adventures together. With three different styles of paper, she can write, draw, glue in photos, without the fear of ink bleeding. A special case for souvenirs, like, metro cards, museum tickets and receipts is included, so as you don’t miss a detail. And when it’s full, she can refill it with blank pages. This is how a happy traveler becomes even more blissful. Off you go to the next trip!

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16. Wantdo Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket Windproof Rain Jacket

Prepare her for your winter excursions, with a toasty, waterproof jacket she’ll love. It offers wind resistance, pockets to hold her protein bars, and a hoot to keep her head warm and dry as well. Go skiing or forming snow angels, nothing will get through this bad boy. If you also book a chalet for the weekend, you will probably win the Valentine’s gift contest with a great margin of victory.

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17. TOMS Women’s Mila Boot

A pair of shoes is always a welcomed gift idea. Especially when they look like those suede TOMS boots. High heeled to effortlessly upgrade any look, but not too high to become hellishly painful. Their nude hue will enable your honey to match it easily with her daily outfits and step into every day in style and confidence. A pair of shoes like these will always stay en vogue.

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18. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel double Zip Wristlet

A Michael Kors travel wristlet to bring the essentials along anywhere. She can throw it inside the everyday carryall, or hold it individually as a minimalistic hint of style. It features several pockets for her cards and currency, as well a snap-tab phone pocket. Easy access to her most needed items and being launched in an irresistible palette of colors make this travel wristlet a winning choice for every woman. Jet, set, go!

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