15 Gift Ideas under $10 for Her.

15 Gifts Under $10 that She Will Always Carry in her Purse

Are you thinking of giving a gift to your female friend/ colleague/ sister etc. but you are kind of short on cash?

Don’t worry, you can offer a very practical gift which maybe is cheap, but it will make her “on the go” life easier. Let us introduce you 15 gifts that every woman would be happy to carry in her Mary Poppins purse, where the law of space doesn’t apply. In the list you will find beauty products, gadgets and many more.

 1. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Superfruit – Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, Pomegranate – 4 Tubes

A must-have in every woman’s purse is, of course, a lip balm. Burt’s Bees company allows you to choose what kind of taste/smell you are more into, depending on the mood of the day, and to put it into your bag before leaving the house. Or you can just spread them between house, purse, car and office.

The best part? The flavors of these 100% natural chap sticks include pink grapefruit, mango, coconut and pear and pomegranate. Don’t let those lips go dry summer or winter. Instead, keep them hydrated and irresistible all year long!

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2.   Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream

We use our hands to grab things, to create art, to introduce ourselves to people, to cuddle, to gently caress our loved ones. Do we want to do all of that with dry hard hands? No!

Camille Beckman Hand Cream will nourish your hands leaving them soft but not greasy. The soothing fragrance of the roses will stay at your skin for many hours to give you the sense of refreshment and protection. Despite its thick texture is absorbed quickly from the skin and keep you moisturize to keep on with the rest tasks of your day.

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3.  Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray, 5 oz.

We continue the gift category of “how to moisturize your skin perfectly” with Evian Facial Spray. You maybe are used to drinking evian, but spray this heavenly given-by-nature mineral water and you will instantly feel the refreshment you were craving during the day.

You can also apply it as a toner before putting your make up on or keep it with you for moments of cool breeze on a hot day or as a way to calm down when you feel tense.

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4. Root Chews MINTS!

It’s time for an upgrade for those boring mint gums taking up space in every woman’s purse with a mouth bomb refreshment. Root chews mints have a strong minty taste without all those unnecessary artificial ingredients other similar products have. They offer a long-lasting taste accompanied by the feel of refreshment.

This product is only consisted of parsley root and peppermint oil, as these two ingredients are all you need. No sugar addition, so she can pop as many as she wants in her mouth without worrying about the calories.

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5.   GranNaturals Detangling Wooden Bristle Hair Brush – Small, Travel Size

Is she a fan of the old saying “comb your hair 100 strokes per day”? Help her avoid this unnecessary and time-consuming habit with a natural wooden travel-size brush which promises to untangle her hair easily without pain and snagging. The wooden bristles will groom the hair with the minimum number of strokes and will stimulate the scalp.

Eco-friendly, stylish, practical, you name it. Once it’s in the purse, the chances of having a bad hair day are dropping down to zero.

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6.  Jerrybox Compact Mirror, 10× Magnification + 1× Mirror, Pocket-size, Travel Mirror

She is having a date in a restaurant and she decides to order a green salad. They talk, they eat, they laugh… Oops! What is that on her tooth? It’s green and it’s moving. Why is the partner staring in her mouth now? Oh no, lettuce on the tooth?! She realizes it and runs to the bathroom to clean the mess. But why should a minor incident like that make her uncomfortable?

For situations like this you can give her a Jerrybox Compact Mirror, not only to check her teeth when ordering a salad, but also refresh her make-up accurately with the second magnification mirror this pack provides. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful flowery packaging, so you don’t even need to worry about the presentation of your gift.

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7. Mini Stylish Simple Contact Lens Travel Case

For the girl using contact lenses this contact lens travel kit will make her wonder where it had been all of her life. In this very compact, cute and shiny feminine case she will find what she needs to keep in her purse and stay covered if she wants to stay somewhere else overnight.

This “tool kit” contains a care liquid bottle which comes already filled, a double lenses box with clear distinction between the right and the left eye, a plastic clip, a small sucker and a tweezers to help you apply the contacts without the need of touching your eye when you don’t have the chance to first clean your hands thoroughly. In addition, it has a mirror, so, basically, she can put on or off her contact lenses everywhere. It comes in a great variety of colors to choose from.

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8. Teamkio Manicure Pedicure Travel Set

In a small ready-to-go kit you will find a professional selection of pedicure, manicure and facial care tools, all made from stainless steel material.

This fashionable, lightweight travel-size kit hides the answer to every broken nail a woman ever had in the most inappropriate moment. The extended collection of manicure-pedicure tools in this box will please the most demanding and stick-to-the-detail person. The case is leather and shiny and can easily slip into a woman’s purse to always carry a manicure spa with her.

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9. First Aid Kit Medical Survival Bag (46 Piece)

For the friend who loves camping, traveling or is one of those who want to be covered in every emergency, there is a mini first aid kit with all the necessary equipment she will need for daily injuries. In this compact emergency bag in the distinct red color with the white cross you will find everything from disposable gloves and alcohol pads to scissors and security whistle, because you know, life happens.

The bag is waterproof and it’s designed to protect its interior from sun and moisture. It is so small you will never believe how much stuff it can carry inside and there is some spare room to add your own items.

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9. Glass Water Bottle with Colorful Nylon Sleeve

If you think that it’s enough with us arrogant people polluting the earth and the oceans with tones of plastics (we hope you do) and is time to engage an eco-friendlier lifestyle while encouraging others to do so, how would you feel about giving her a reusable glass bottle for her water and drinks as a gift?

Bonison bottle comes with a nylon case in various colors to choose from to keep your bottle safe and preserve the drinks inside cool or warm for much longer. Its design is simple and elegant, it has a thick base and a stainless-steel lid, but still manage to be lightweight and easy to carry. Avoid the plastic taste of your water and keep it fresh all day long!

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11. Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen

Ok, I didn’t know the existence of this product before starting writing this list. What a revelation! Tide thought that there are daredevil people out there who decide to drink their coffee while walking, enjoy a hot dog after they stuffed it with loads of ketchup and mustard or devouring red sauce pasta in a white shirt.

And then the company said, “don’t worry, clumsy human beings, we got your back”. So, they created a Tide-to-go stick to carry with you everywhere and save your life in the moment when you have spilled juice on your suit, but you must be at a meeting in half an hour. The package comes with three instant stain remover pens and you can use it on every fabric. Great solution for the people in a hurry.

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12. Shoot for the Moon Journal (Notebook, Diary)

Fly her to the moon and let her play among the stars with a unique notebook that will make all the other notebooks feel bad about themselves.

A notebook is always a useful companion for every business woman, student or housewife. The advantages of this particular one are its spiral binding -which makes it easy to handle- and the motivational quote on the front page, which encourages you to follow your dreams and never give up. Show your faith in her capabilities and make this notebook her new best friend.

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13. Ultra Compact Power Bank, Portable Charger

Give energy to her daily life with Anguo Power Bank Portable Charger. It is so small and convenient that it can fit inside her palm, but despite its compact size, it is a fireball when it comes to charging speed. Good choice if her phone is the extension of her hand, either because of business or excessive use of Instagram.

Its compatibility makes it suitable for smartphones, iPhones, iPods and iPads alike. The indication on the top of the device keeps you up-to-date about the remaining battery and it provides you with a light, in case you want to search for something in the vast interior of a purse. If black is too boring a color for you, you can also opt for the woodsy alternative.

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14. Sport In Ear Headphones

If she is currently out of earphones, you got yourself a chance for a great gift opportunity, as you can offer her those brilliant golden pink earphones with a microphone to answer her calls.

At the back of the earphones you will find a magnet to avoid spending hours on untangling wires. Besides their great looks they also come with different earpiece sizes to succeed the perfect personal fit and be stable even if you want to use them for sports. A great deal for your money.

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15. Zoegift Cute USB Flash Drives 4GB Gift Set Glass Bottle USB Driver Gifts For Women

Now it’s time to introduce you to one of the cutest USB Flash Drives you have ever seen! Yes, this adorable little glass jar with the decorative white sticker in front is a USB carrier with the stick embedded on the cork. It is the technologically advanced equivalent of the letter in the jar. The only differences are its tiny size and the 4GB capacity which allows you to store as many letters as you want, along with videos, audios and more.

The company also put a lot of creativity in the presentation of the gift, as it’s delivered in a box filled with streamer, a blue ribbon on the exterior and a heart shaped card to write your wishes. Thumbs up for this choice!

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