Top 15 Valentine's Day gifts for your husband.

Top 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

Oh, Valentine’s Day is approaching, along with loads of heart balloons, love, and intimate moments. Of course, a special reference has to be done for the gifts, the core of this love celebration. For your better half, your soul mate, your favorite guy in the whole world, only the crème de la crème of presents are suitable.

Keeping that in mind, we scoured the web market to find the best Valentine’s gifts for your husband. No matter if you just tied the knot or you are on this journey of marriage for years, in this list you can discover the right gift for every taste and lovey-dovey level. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


1. “Our Adventure” Scrapbook

Make the absolute gesture of affection with a customized scrapbook. Pick the loveliest, funniest and most intimate moments and build your love storyline. Adorn every page with photographs, stickers and colorful ribbons. Enrich it with other details that matter to you, like the ticket from your first movie or concert together (we know that you kept it) or the first ultrasound of your kid(s). A heart-themed box to store your gift before the big revelation is included in the package. A book with the milestones of your relationship will make even the toughest man break.

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2. BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf

Surprise him with the fluffiest pancakes and the smoothest smoothie and a breakfast in bed he will remember for days. This shelf is the bed -ining essential you need to accomplish your goal. What’s better than waking up to the smell of coffee and the smile of your favorite person? Spend these few minutes before returning to the harsh everyday reality, as if the two of you were on vacation. Be sure that after this breakfast he will fill his energy storage and walk through the rest of the day like a champ!

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3. Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples

In every relationship there are always new things to learn about each other; that’s the charm of growing up with a person. Every day you discover new aspects of your partner, and of your own self as well. No matter if you are together, like, forever or just got into this marital journey, we’ve got a game for you that you will love. With “Our Moments” card game, be ready to explore new relationship paths, retrieve old memories and generally have fun! There are 100 conversation-starter cards in this pack to help you have the most joyful Valentine’s date. And there are some sassy ones, too. Hold this spark between you on!

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4. Personalized Valentine’s Day Poster

All the little details that someone loves about you gathered, printed and put together on a frame. Now tell me that this didn’t make your heart skip a beat. Love is hidden inside the little things. A feature of your personality, an attitude or even the way you perform a gesture is a serious love/going crazy trap for them. Show your hubby what you love the most about him and be prepared for the tightest hug you’ve had in a long time!

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5. Beer Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

If gifts like the one above seem a little corny to you, we’ve got your back with a great alternative. We present you not one, but six ways to show your husband how much you care. With a red, heart doped, six pack greeting box stuffed with his favorite beer labels, you will have booked a VIP sit in his heart forever. Besides, what’s more romantic than being aware of your husband’s needs and of ways to make him happy?

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6. Oh! Nuts Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket

Valentine’s Day is otherwise known as Chocolate’s Day. So even if you are not a big fan, the least you can do is enjoying the candies. This eye-popping, twenty-compartment cookie box helps us easily make a point. If your husband is impatiently expecting his Valentine’s gift, oh boy, how much is he going to adore this basket! And even if he is making fun of this day, he will surely appreciate some gourmet stuffed and topped cookies with different kinds of chocolates and nuts. Pleasure guaranteed.

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7. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, Gift Edition

For this Valentine’s gift, we will start by saying that “the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Though one of the most commonplace phrases, it can’t be more precise. Spend some quality time together and try to prepare those delicious dinner recipes for two, picking from 650 different dish alternatives. Cooking is a very fun and connecting activity for every couple, as you join your forces to create something together. And everybody likes to eat, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

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8. Hot Sauce Kit Featuring Heirloom Peppers

If he enjoys his food hellishly hot, then he will equally love the idea of making his own batch of hot sauce. In this kit you can find the most eclectic spicy ingredients to help them produce seven types of different chili sauces. You can help him during the process or just sit back and relish the outcome. And just for your knowledge, hot sauces release endorphins – the same chemical your brain releases when you are in love. So, it’s not only your uraniscus that will get hot, if you get the whole picture…

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9. Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive 8GB

Returning to the corny gifts section, this particular is one of our favorites. A love mix tape echoes back to our teenage years, when we spread analogue love through cassettes and CDs. Since handling over a USB stick seems not very appealing now, with this gift you have an oldie but goodie present back on track. A USB stick that pretends to be a cassette is the surprisingly cute gesture towards your hubs this Valentine’s Day. Stuff it with all your favorite melodies and music that retrieves old memories. Enhanced with 8GB of capacity, you are all set to create the most romantic track list for your heart’s rock star.

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10. Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Blast from the past, for a Valentine’s date with guaranteed success. Nostalgia is the best friend of romance. So, for a thoughtful companion like you, a different romantic set up would be appropriate. Who can resist the charm of the all time classic Nintendo Entertainment System? In the console you will find pre-installed classic games, which will offer you hours of amusement. Valentine’s celebration lasts only one day, but the fun and lovely nights with you two chilling with those classic diamonds will last forever.

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11. LEGO Architecture New York City 21028, Skyline Collection, Building Blocks

If there is another love besides yours which has great odds to reach eternity, this is the love between a person and their Lego. If your sweet muffin is a Lego enthusiast, a miniature of the most famous landmarks of New York City built with Lego bricks will be a real act of tenderness towards him. Upgrade your husband’s leisure time. Offer him a new decoration for his office and the chance for instant traveling to the Big Apple with the contribution of a Lego Architecture box.

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12. QR Cufflinks that link to a personalized message

If hide and seek games fascinate him or he gets thrilled with surprises, with this pair of QR code cufflinks you just stroke gold. Hide a secret message that only you two will know or pump it with the link to his favorite song. The choice is yours. You can get really innovative with this gift. Or you can just use it as an initial point of a long Valentine’s treasure hunt. Either way, it is a pair of cufflinks which is going rise a lot of questions when he’ll choose to pair it with his favorite shirt.

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13. Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot

At this point of your relationship you can’t be more familiar with your life partner’s needs, so a pair of shoes is always an essential part to a man’s wardrobe. For an effortless everyday dapper look, opt for a Clarks Men’s classic. In a dark brown, old school coloration can easily go with a pair of jeans to maximize comfort at work or during a walk to the city center. An iconic boot to accompany his winter outfits.

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14. Beard Comb Kit by One Handsome Man

He needs only the best comb to keep his beard neat to perfection. Opening this leather box and staring at this excellent wooden comb will create the right conditions for him to say “I do” this time. Leaving a dreamy wooden after-scent and his beard sleek, this is the only product he will ever use to take care of his facial hair. Yet, he can easily tidy up his hair, too. For one handsome man with flawless look the choice is obvious.

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15.   Soft Comical Boxers for Men by LazyOne | Animal Pun Joke Underwear for Guys

An underwear option could not be missing from this list. A pair of boxers with a humorous reference to star wars is all a man can hope for. Lazy One offers plenty of funny alternatives to plain man’s underpants. Breezy and made of cotton, they will offer him comfort apart from a great laugh. And it will prove once more that this relationship has got into a whole other level of intimacy. Sexy even if it’s funny, yep, that’s goals.

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