Birthday gifts for Him.

Birthday Gifts for Him | 20 Original Ideas

Your boyfriend is not your brother. And your father is most surely not your male colleague from work, who might or might not be a drag queen at night. This means only one thing: you really need to be careful and wise, when picking a gift for your favorite people. Because sometimes the wrong choice can quietly say the worst and cruelest things about your relationship.

We deliberately used the words “worst” and “cruelest”, because we want to move you, to make you read this article, to appreciate our research, to like our gift proposals and, of course, to order some of them. It’s not that we are bad people per se, really. It’s just that these 20 gifts for him are pretty cool, awesome and fun. Enjoy! 😉

Birthday Gifts for the Elegant Man

1. Silk Men’s Necktie

Some gifts are better than others. Why? Because there’s no reason to return them for something else or even give them away to one of your best friends. Just because. Basically, some gifts are the Paul McCartneys of gifts. Just like the polka dot Silk Men’s Necktie made with 100% high quality silk. He’s going to wear this at work, at his bachelor party, at his anniversary (or yours in case you’re dating the dude), even when there’s no need to wear it. I mean, really, who’s gonna say “No” to a free Beatle concert on his birthday? We say “Yes”, anytime.

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2. L’Occitane CADE Reinvigorating Shower Gel for Men

If your main dude or best friend is kinda fancy, if his hair and skin are more important than all the members of his family combined, if he could just kill for some more shea butter in his daily shower or if he’s just channeling Jon Bon Jovi (80’s version), then treat him like a he-queen (that’s “king”, but it wouldn’t be funny or fancy for that matter). The L’Occitane CADE Reinvigorating Shower Gel for Men is made with shea butter, juniper, sandalwood, Immortelle and rosemary essential oils, which will turn his everyday bathing routine into a divine fiesta of reinvigoration. Or just into a “Livin’ On A Prayer” experience. Damn, this sounds fancy.

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3. Wooden Watch for Men by Tree People

It’s a special gift indeed. It’s always in fashion. It’s made from 100% real Bamboo wood. Its weight is less than 1 ounce. It has a leather strap and it’s made in Japan. Oh, no, we’re not talking about a geta, as we have figured out that you won’t give the gift to a male Geisha. Or would you? This fashion friendly Wooden Watch for Men by Tree People is not only perfect for your hipster brother, but for your special someone, too. Because the thing is, every boy can appreciate a hard wood on his birthday. Ooops. #notreally

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4. Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron

If he’s calling himself The King Of The Beards, well, you need to level up the game for his own sake. And, between us, this gift serves as the perfect excuse to tell him nice that every time he’s grooming in the toilet, it’s like an Uruk-hai army has just stopped by your house and turned your sweet-smelling bathroom into Mordor. No more pieces of hair all around, dude! It’s easy to use, it’s traveling-friendly, it’s time saving, so basically it will make him look smart. The Hair Clippings Catcher & the Grooming Cape Apron will allow him do his thing and be The King of… no, no, The Lord Of The Beards.

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5. Stainless Steel Card Holder Case

The writer of this article has 4 debit cards from 4 different bank accounts, an IKEA card, a metro card, a supermarket card, a parking card, a cinema card and his work pass card. When he saw this product, he ordered it at once for himself and for a bunch of his friends for upcoming bdays, because he spotted pinches of happiness in it. No person should be deprived of such a privilige. Order the Stainless Steel Card Holder Case now and make sure to save some heartwarming space in your fast-pacing social media soul. And in that of your friends, of course.

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Birthday Gifts for him who loves Tech and Gadgets

6. Clip-on Telephoto Lens Monocular

We know that if you refer to his iPhone as “his smartphone”, he will probably block this page and then kill you for mentioning this. So, just to be clear, don’t tell him about this page (but order the gift). If he’s obsessed with his smartphone (iPhones included) and Instagram is his real world, it’s time for him to upgrade his stories and pics. How? Give him the Clip-on Telephoto Lens Monocular on his birthday and the 8x-12x zoom will make him ignore the fact that Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 are also compatible.

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7. Water-Resistant Solar powered Phone Charger with 2 Flashlights & Compass

Even though this gift is as cool as the other side of the pillow for most of your friends, there are some special categories who will fall in love with it and, subsequently, with you. We’re talking about fishermen, winter swimmers, professional hikers, extreme sports lovers and scouters. On a scale of 1 to Michael Fassbender, this is Tom Hardy. The Water-Resistant Solar powered Phone Charger with 2 Flashlights & Compass is also the perfect gadget for a road trip, because, you know, you may end up into the woods without a car or even your clothes, running towards a haunted house with a serial killer coming after you. And maybe, we say maybe, this little thing will save your life. Damn, that was deep.

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8. Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Tablets and Smartphones


The major dilemma for 3 or 4-day trips is always one: should I take my laptop with me? The answer is “NO!”. This particular gadget is genius not only for your boyfriend, husband, colleague or male friend’s bday, but yours, too. E-mails? Deadline? A chapter for your upcoming novel? An all-night sexting session? In any case, you CANNOT type on your smartphone or tablet’s touch screen, because autocorrect is a b***h. Grab a cup of coffee or a scotch, connect the portable keyboard and treat yoself with 85 hours of continuous working time.

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9. Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones


A pair of Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones may seem like a gift for a specific target group of people, but it actually sounds perfect for everyone. Even if he’s a pro musician, a music lover or just a gadget freak, these handcrafted-from-real-cherry-wood headphones are “all about that bass” and noise isolation, because they have “all the right junk in all the right places”. Plus, they are made for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad, while they work with all Androids, tablets and mp3 players. Basically, they are so cool, he will hear them loud and clear.

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10. Cell Phone Stand


Here’s the thing, you cannot use your cell phone if it’s not charged, duh. You also cannot charge your cell phone and check your calls and Facebook notifications at the same time, because it’s not practical – you cannot lift it up, without disconnecting the charger. So, taking into consideration this A-list modern society problem, give him the fashionable Cell Phone Stand as a bday gift and make sure he will never have to face this dilemma again. Plus, it’s so freaking cool, c’mon.

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Funny Gifts for Him

11. Fart Dictionary

Do you know what an Instagram fart is? It’s a viral one in case you are sick. Well, you won’t find this one in the Fart Dictionary, because it’s an inside joke among our writers. If you insist though on giving this precious and bookish gift to one of your friends, just make sure it’s not a she, as we all know females don’t fart. They remain princesses and fairies for life, trapping their gases deep inside. In any case, this funny book is prrrrrrrobably gonna make him laugh till he cries. Or farts.

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12. The Original Stubble Rider Knit Beard Beanie


This gift is funny, because it’s true. It exists. Someone thought of creating a beard hat with detachable beard face mask and it became an online hit in many funny gifts lists. The Original Stubble Rider Knit Beard Beanie will make him look weird, but it will also serve as an excellent piece of clothing if he decides to go to Iceland or if he just likes skiing on snow. Or if he likes robbing banks. Or if it’s Halloween. Or if he has a low body temperature allergy. This gift is actually a game changer.

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13. Stand Holder for Desk – Blue and Black


This we call the lazy gift. It does not mean that the person you will give it to is lazy or something, except for the fact that he is. Of course, we’re not gonna tell him how to run his life, especially because the Stand Holder for Desk in both Blue and Black is actually so crazy practical! Imagine him lying in his bed and binge-watching on Netflix or Hulu with his tablet on the Stand Holder. Win. Imagine him typing at work and at the same time skipping music tracks in his iPad. Win. Imagine him being on the beach and reading his favorite Kindle book, without holding his tablet. Win. Who said that being a bit lazy is a bad thing after all? Gosh, your friend’s life sounds so cool.

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14. Shot Glass Roulette – Drinking Game Set


Drinking is fun. Playing board games is fun. Playing board games and drinking alcohol with friends is certainly more fun. What about playing the Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game? The whole thing is now upgraded into a Dionysian procedure and whoever thought of such a masterpiece deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for making this awfully tough world out there into a drunk one. This gift is not a funny gift for your friend. This gift is a soul and mind searching experience and you should order one for every person you know. Because every sip counts. Literally.

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15.Mustard Oven Mitt Glove – Black X-Ray

If he likes cooking and taking care of his favorite people, then you don’t have to worry about the details or searching for the perfect gift. Just give him the bare bones. This Black X-Ray Mustard Oven Mitt Glove will serve as an extra excuse for him to try 500 different variations of roasted meat and vegetables, as well as chocolate volcano cakes. And then cholesterol comes. And then he realizes his mistake. And he adjusts his diet, using the same glove with the x-ray print to cook carrots and broccolini and beans and pumpkins and fish. Because, you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as Nietzsche once said. And Kelly Clarkson, of course.

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Gifts for a Man who Travels a lot

16. Men Manicure Grooming Set


The thing is, boys like taking care of their nails, too. Clean and beautiful fingers are an uber asset for a man. He doesn’t have to be a movie star to treat his hands with respect and some tough manicure love. Even if it’s only for his pleasure, his job as a hand model or some fantasy role play with his partner, this Men Manicure Grooming Set will add some salt and pepper in his everyday bathing routine, while he can take it with him in every vacay or business trip. And if you want to Jared Leto this thing up, include some nail polish in the gift bag, too. Because some business trips are not about financial shit, but for a drag show somewhere in Nevada, Las Vegas. Respect the man behind the queen.

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17. The Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule

Nobody has the right to tell him to stop screaming during a long flight, because there’s no more alcohol in the cabin. He deserves his pinch of bourbon. He earned it. He cannot sleep or watch a movie like other people do, because this flight is his only spare time during the whole month. And you, his good friend or partner, need to give him The Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule as a gesture of appreciation, love and acknowledgement of the fact that when a man is a workaholic, he etymologically requires his alcohol in order to make it work. It’s all in the words. It’s almost poetry.

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18. Compact Antibacterial Microfiber All Purpose, Beach Towel

Picnics and camps? Warms and germs. Beaches during summer? Sand winds. And fungi. Concerts and festivals? Oh well. Why do we like all these awful things anyways? In any case, this Compact Antibacterial Microfiber All-Purpose Beach Towel is everything your hippie friend or son has hoped for to enjoy all these stinky activities worldwide with his friends, without ending up with skin rashes somewhere in south India. This towel is also perfect for people who suffer from microbiophobia, which is a thing and don’t you dare laugh at me.

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19. Leather Passport Holder/Wallet

It’s useful to have a backpack when traveling. What’s not useful is not knowing where your ID, passport, money or even cards are inside the same backpack we talked about a bit earlier. If your boy is messy and clumsy, then he really needs this Leather Passport Holder/Wallet. But don’t expect him to appreciate this at first, because of the fact that he is messy and clumsy and he doesn’t get it at all. So, give it to him and expect him to appreciate it after his adventures around the world. Treat this gift like mother’s love. You cannot understand it or even feel the same way about her (press), until you have to pay your own rent (the order) and deal with your adult self (button).

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20. Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick


Are you skinny? Are you shy? Are you handsome? Are you a freak? Are you a nerd? No matter what people say about you, you have to be your selfie. That’s why a Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick is always a nice gift for anyone. Because it says “I like you and I love you just the way you are”. Plus “It’s not expensive, I ordered it online and now I can actually enjoy my walk with you, without constantly taking you pictures for Instagram”. Just keep the second part of your thoughts for yourself, it’s more polite this way and he will only “snap” when he strikes a pose.

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