Birthday gifts for your dad.

Cool Birthday Gifts for Dad | My Father’s Special Day

Is your daddy’s birthday coming up and you just don’t have the faintest idea what to give him? Each passing moment to the countdown to the birthday is crucial and we bet you wouldn’t want to settle for anything far from awesome.

If you are desperately searching for the perfect birthday gift for daddy, don’t search anymore because you have finally arrived at the right place. We are here to help you surmount that challenge of getting the right birthday gift for daddy that will not only gladden his heart but also make him that he is so much cherished by you. All you need to do is go through the cool items we have listed below and send any of them to your wonderful father, and you would surely make his Big Day shine brighter and make him feel like the luckiest father in the world.

1. L’Occitane Soothing Cade After Shave Balm for Men

Give your sweet daddy a treat by gifting him this bestselling aftershave from L’Occitane that, among other things, is enriched with organic essential oil and shea butter to fight against things such as razor burns and redness to make him feel good after each shave.

And what’s more, this wonderful aftershave will also leave his skin hydrated, soothed and protected all the time.

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2. FreshJax Smoked Spices Gift Set

Loads of flavors to choose from this FreshJax set of 5 organic smoked spices that come in handy for every occasion you can think of. These highly tasty smoked seasonings will definitely give your daddy a perfect taste of your love on his birthday and the days after that.

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3. Fire Tablet with Alexa

If he loves his gadgets, then fill his heart with joy with this famous tablet from Amazon that comes with amazing features like a beautiful 7” IPS display for your viewing pleasure and an overwhelming 200GB expandable storage capacity for all the best moments of your dad’s life. What’s more, it boasts of a fantastic battery life of up to about 7 hours. A moment spent with the fire tablet is never a dull one!

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4. Happy Socks Men’s Combed Cotton Socks Gift Box, Pack of 4


You can surprise daddy on his birthday with these high quality pairs of socks for men that come in brightly colored designs. With these socks, your dad is sure going to enjoy warm and comfortable feet while at the same time looking trendy.

You can surprise daddy on his birthday with these high quality pairs of socks for men that come in brightly colored designs. With these socks, your dad is sure going to enjoy warm and comfortable feet while at the same time looking trendy.

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5. Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser For Men

You would be doing that special man in your life a whole lot of good with this daily scrub cleanser that is gentle on the skin and fights against dirt, excessive oil and breakout. Natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera and Vitamin C nourish the skin and fight against the signs of aging by constantly keeping the skin hydrated.

And the best part is that it works great on men of all ages regardless of their skin types, and your dad is certainly no exception!

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6. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Give your dad the gift of constantly enjoying his beer cold with this bestselling in-bottle beer chilling sticks from Corkcicle.

With these sticks in your his life, never would he have to deal with the unpleasant experience of drinking warm beer again simply because nobody’s beer gets warm with these chilling sticks in their life.

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7. Premium Whiskey Stone Cooling Rocks Gift Set

If he’s a whiskey fan, then he will surely fall in love with these premium whiskey stone cooling rocks! Just put a few stones into your glass of whiskey and you are on your way to enjoying one of the smoothest whiskey rides ever!

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8. Cool Bar Rattan Style

Celebrate your dad in grand style with the multipurpose Cool Bar that doubles as a cocktail table and a coffee table. It is suitable for all fun occasions such as barbecues and deck parties.

The Cool Bar can be left outside without worrying about it getting damaged by severe weather such as sun, cold, and rain, since it has a weather-resistant construction.

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9. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

Your dad’s days of waiting for very long periods of time just to get his hot dogs ready for consumption would definitely be over with the Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster in his possession.

This bestselling little toaster would provide him the easiest and quickest way of grilling his delicious hot dogs thanks to its unique ability to simultaneously toast multiple buns. With this fantastic hot dog toaster, family meals will always be fun and exciting moments for dad.

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10. Solar Phone Charger

With this bestselling 8000 mAh solar power bank from Compakit™, dad can stay connected anywhere he goes and at anytime and not worry about his cell phone battery dying on him thanks to the device’s unique ability to guarantee him a constant power supply.

This highly durable and portable power bank, which can charge two devices at the same time, will surely back up his smartphone, GPS, tablet-computer, etc anywhere, anytime.

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11. Double Camping Hammock

If he loves the outdoors, then his eyes are sure to glitter at this bestselling double camping hammock. This very lightweight and easy to set up hammock is ideal for traveling, backpacking, camping. Dad can even just set it up in his patio and relax in it, with mom by his side. And yes it is so spacious it can accommodate two!

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12. Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron

Give your dad a royal treat with the high quality handmade beard bib from the Beard King that catches beard as well as hair clippings to prevent the mess that often accompanies facial hair grooming. It is easy to use and features a nice self-packing pouch that can double as a dopp bag for your grooming accessories.

This is a gift every man who has ever had to deal with cleaning the mess from grooming his facial hair would love.

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13. BigMouth Inc The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

If dad loves to cook, then he will surely get his grill on with the Grill Sergeant BBQ’s uniquely designed camouflage apron that has the ability to hold just about everything dad will need for a fun time in front of his grill.

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14. Travel Tie Case

Show your dad some real love on his anniversary with this high quality travel tie case from Travel Essentials. With this outstanding travel tie case in dad’s life, he can confidently say goodbye to his days of wrinkled ties. The interior of the case features elastic straps and a cushioned lining that safely hold various types of ties in place while at the same time preventing them from wrinkling as you travel with them.

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15. L’Occitane Men’s Reinvigorating Cade Shower Gel for Body & Hair

Let dad shower his way to happiness and a beautiful skin and hair with this best-selling men’s shower gel from L’Occitane that thoroughly cleans the body and hair while at the same time leaving them moisturized and reinvigorated. As if all that isn’t enough, the gel leaves the user with a wonderful scent!

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16. UE ROLL Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)

Why not treat dad to unlimited fun with the UE roll wireless mobile Bluetooth speaker that produces an awesome 360 degrees sound with deep bass. In addition to giving out nice sound, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker’s extraordinary lightweight construction, coupled with its pint-size, makes it easy to take it anywhere, and it works excellently with Apple and Android Bluetooth wireless devices.

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17. Ceramic Coffee Mug Football

If he is a football fan, and you want to give him a gift that he will appreciate and cherish for a long time, you might consider buying him this lovely coffee mug that is hand-painted with white and brown stitching to give it the resemblance of the modern football used in NFL. The mug’s white interior and a green handle, also make it look like a football field, thereby totally evoking wonderful football memories.

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18. Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray

On his birthday, give him this high quality and very efficient ice cube tray from Tovolo so that he can always keep his drinks chilled for long. This BPA free and dishwasher safe ice tray has the ability to make as many as 6 hefty ice cubes that melt slower than the normal ice cubes you are used to, thereby allowing him to enjoy his drinks the way they are meant to be enjoyed – chilled.

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19. Gold Toe Men’s Classic Cotton Argyle 3-Pack Sock

Why not treat dad’s feet to these super comfortable and high quality socks from Gold Toe. With appealing features such as premium combed cotton constructions and moisture control properties for enhanced comfort, these machine washable socks will certainly make daddy smile.

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20. Trunk Candy Men’s Vintage NASA Worm Logo

Gift him this cool and very stylish NASA tee from Trunk Candy. Featuring a modern fit crew neck and a comfortable and soft fabric, this men’s tee would not only feel good on dad but will also match a lot of pants in his wardrobe and look really great on him.

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