Gift Ideas for a male co-worker.

Birthday Gifts for a Male Co-Worker: 12 Fun Presents for Colleagues

He may be the one who brings you your faxes, the one working next to you or someone working on a different floor that you’re becoming friends with. No matter who your colleague is, when it’s his birthday, you might want to buy him a little something.

Whether it’s something funny and clearly gifted as a token of gratitude or a practical solution to everyday challenges, our list of gift ideas for that great guy who works with you will come in handy on his special day and probably make your workflow even better tomorrow!


1. Cube Wood Alarm Clock

The second most sacred time during a weekday is the one you are shutting down your office computer. For example, if you are a 9-5 person, 5 o’clock is an almost highlight, because 5 minutes later you can enjoy your precious Aperol Spritz with your friends (aka the most sacred time during a weekday, duh). You can always check the time through your cellphone, everybody knows that. But everybody knows, too, that you can’t afford to buy a new cellphone for a gift every time a male co-worker of yours has his birthday. See what I did there? Yes, that was a bridge. This Cube Wood Alarm Clock is the perfect gift for these kind of occasions, while it sets the standards even higher with its size: 6x6x6cm. That means you have the perfect gift for the perfect co-worker, while you have the perfect gift for your workplace nemesis, as well. It’s a win-win.

Ideal for: your favorite male co-worker, your sworn workplace nemesis and yourself in cases no one likes you.

Key features:

  • Small size
  • Blue Led Light
  • Dual Power Supply: Battery or DV5V/500MA adaptor
  • Displays Time and Temperature alternately
  • It can work by voice when you clap your hands or make some equivalent noise. Sound control switch regulate freedom.
  • 100% Warranty Shopping from sunikoo

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2. Really Great News Mug by Lorrie Veasey

Have you heard the news? An awesome mug is an awesome gift for an awesome male co-worker of yours. This way, he can drink his coffee, his tea, his hot lemon water or his bourbon (not all workplaces have the same policy, OK?) with this vintage slogan mug. Plus: he can always use it as a pencil holder to prevent loss or theft by office mates. No, no, you don’t need to tell him that. It’s on the mug as a slogan, too. The only thing left to say is “Happy birthday”!

Ideal for: copywriters, journalists, vintage lovers, coffee addicts, awesome people.

Key features:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Artist designed; globally recognized for quality

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3. Desk Stationery Organizer


Let’s see if you can solve the riddle of the day: it’s a pencil cup, a pen holder, a picture frame and it’s made of leather. No, it’s not the inside of your car, it’s the Desk Stationery Organizer! Or in other words, a great gift for your co-worker who owns a messy desk and too many office supplies. Because God knows we all need 13 red markers in case of a 4-hour meeting.

Ideal for: graphic designers, script writers, content editors, secretaries, PR managers, fathers, nerds.

Key features:

  • Made of high quality leather & durable microfiber inner lining, sturdy and durable. Measuring 4 3/8″ (H) x 4″ (W) x 4 1/3″ (L) when closed. Aesthetically pleasing, a nice desktop decoration.
  • 2 Picture Frame: Innovative split circle design opens out to reveal 2 highly visible picture frames.Measuring 2 3/4″ (H) x 2 3/8″ (W). Put into your family lover friends pictures, it can make your home or office warm and sweet.
  • Strong Magnetic Clasp: securely closes with a strong, magnetic clasp for use as a holder when closed.
  • Perfect to hold pen/pencils/stationery /business card/ post-it notes in an effective way and clear away the clutter on your desk.

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4. AmazonBasics Classic Notebook

Whether someone likes to write down, draw or just needs white pages to create origamis, this is a very practical gift, especially if that someone is a male colleague of yours. I know, it may seem you just dedicated only 3 seconds of your time in order to find the perfect gift, but let’s be honest, do we have enough free time in our hands for all the things we care about? That’s really deep… Buy the notebook, his birthday party is in two days.

Ideal for: marketing managers, painters, novelists, poets, origami lovers, everyone who can write.

Key features:

  • 240 blank pages (front and back) for notes, sketches, musings and more
  • Archival-quality pages made from acid-free paper—resists damage from light and air
  • Cardboard bound cover with rounded corners for a finished look
  • Integrated bookmark; elastic closure helps keep notebook securely closed
  • Expandable inner pocket for stashing loose items; measures 5 by 8.25 inches

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5. Desktop Decoration Magnetic Hourglass

Tick-tock, tick-tock, time goes by so slowly for those who wait, but you don’t have to wait, because we are talking about a modern and tasteful deco item – the Desktop Decoration Magnetic Hourglass. And why is this a perfect birthday gift? Because how many times have you looked at your or your co-worker’s desk begging for some elegance? I know, you need this as well.

Ideal for: decorators, interior designers, architects, Taboo players, Madonna fans.

Key features:

  • Fun and creative reinvention of the traditional sand hourglass
  • Flip it over and watch the grains of iron stack up in beautiful formations because of magnet embedded in the wooden base
  • Sand is replaced with magnetic iron filings that form interesting, artistic patterns

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6. Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker

Making decisions is a huge part of being an adult. Except for the occasions someone or something else can make these decisions. I know, it sounds immature. But it’s fun and it’s a great birthday gift! The Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker will serve as the best partner your co-workers will ever have. Plus, it’s a really, really great prop for their desks. Yes, no, maybe or no way? Come on, let’s do this again, let the ball determine your fate…

Ideal for: lawyers, actors, salesmen, marketeers, politicians (obviously).

Key features:

  • Move the ball and release
  • The ball will come to a stop above the right answer
  • Answers include yes, maybe, definitely, no way, try again and ask a friend
  • Measures 5.25 by 9.5 by 4-Inch

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7. Fidgeters Desk Stress Relief

Working overtime, working during weekends, attending too many meetings with clients and dealing with hard deadlines can be really stressful situations for you and your co-workers. It’s really important to remain calm, focused and creative, to deliver results and to smile at the same time. Basically, you all have to channel Beyonce. The Fidgeters Desk Stress Relief is without a doubt the perfect birthday gift. It reduces stress, increases focus, while the cube is covered with rubber oil and is pleasant to touch. Basically, it’s like a sex toy. But it’s not and we need to be clear about this.

Ideal for: executive managers, directors, people with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism or high stress/anxiety levels.

Key features:

  • High quality: All details are made of high-quality vinyl instead of cheap plastic (as 90% of cubes offered at Amazon). Cube is covered with rubber oil and is pleasant to touch. One of the best stress relief toys.
  • Perfect functionality: All features are working properly. Two clickers are quiet and three are loud. Metal ball turns and clicks. Spin twists smoothly. As it is brain stress toy also important for brain toys.
  • Suitable for children and adults. Recommended for people with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. The Anti-Stress Cube promotes a sense of calm, reduces stress / anxiety and increases focus / attention. Extremely important for sensory toys for special needs and sensory toys.
  • Prestige package and attractive box with detailed colorful manual describing all features of the Cube. It is best office desk toys for brain development.

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8. FUL Lightning to USB Fold Out Keychain with 2.4 Amp Charge & Sync for iPhone

It’s pretty simple: if your colleague has an iPhone, iPad or iPod, this Lightning to USB Fold Out Keychain will make him smile on his birthday. Whether he needs to fast charge or sync his device(s), he only has to plug it and magic will happen. Cause, you know, the last thing we need in 2017 is to run out of battery, while our #officeselfie is being uploaded on 5 social media accounts at the same time.

Ideal for: IT technicians, technology lovers, Instagram addicts.

Key features:

  • Lightning to USB connector
  • Super Fast Charge and Sync
  • Sleek, Aluminium Design
  • Attach & go keyring

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9. iPhone Charging Stand

This is an iPhone paradise, people. And we need to respect the rules of iGod here. Say “Happy bday” to your co-worker and give him the iPhone Charging Stand as a gift. Then, you can watch a man cry like a baby on his birthday. Whether he owns a 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S or 5, you have just given him an opportunity to feel special on behalf of his cellph… sorry, iPhone. Actually and I don’t want to exaggerate on this, you just treated the machine as a human being. And that’s OK.

Ideal for: iPhone owners, people who have lost their chargers, “Black Mirror” fans.

Key features:

  • The iPhone charging dock is made of premium natural bamboo material, it’s elegant and novel appearance, which offers a good charging experience for you
  • Come with a 1 Meter lightning charge cable for the iPhone charging dock, stand, it can both charge fast and syncs your device automatically
  • Provides much more convenience than ever with this iPhone charging cradle, dock for your iPhone or iPad, a comfortable and good viewing angle can be given while charging
  • It is portable to use when at home, in office, in car or on travel. Just install the iPhone lighting charging stand as enclosed instruction shown and the length of the charging cable can be adjustable to fit different phone cases
  • This iPhone Charger Dock, Cradle, Stand is adjustable for iPhone with different case. So, it is much convenient than 90% charge dock cradle stand in the market

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10. Vincenzo Boretti Men’s Silk Tie

If you are a new employee at the company and still invited at a birthday party, then you’re a success already. The thing is, what gift should you get for your boss? Well, a Vincenzo Boretti Men’s Silk Tie (available in many colors) is always a nice and safe choice. Thus, you go to the party, you have the perfect gift, your co-workers think you are thoughtful and you have a great time. You still have to tolerate his jokes though. But, you know, it’s a tie.

Ideal for: Neil Patrick Harris, bank employees, teachers, professors, managers, bosses in general.

Key features:

  • 100% silk
  • 8 centimeters wide
  • 15″ x 59.06″ / 8.00 cm x 150.00 cm, dense weaving, Teflon – anti stain effect, water repellent, dirt repellent
  • check pattern, 100% silk, professional textile care, iron at low temperature

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11. Trunk Candy Men’s Vintage NASA Worm Logo Premium Tri-Blend T-Shirt

A nice t-shirt will always be a safe and cool choice for a gift, especially if it’s for a colleague of yours. Think of it as an Adele song or a Pixar movie – what’s not to like? This vintage NASA logo t-shirt seems ideal for a guy you work with, but we have to be really careful, because we don’t want that office to be NASA. It’s like doing karaoke, while being a professional singer. Awkward.

Ideal for: sci-fi film fans, IT technicians, NASA nerds, Christopher Nolan.

Key features:

  • Super Soft Tri-Blend Fabric (50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon)
  • Modern Fit Crew Neck
  • Printed in the USA
  • Free Standard Shipping

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12. Moodycards – Funny Office Gifts

If your co-workers are funny, then you have to stop searching for birthday gifts. The Moodycards are about to become viral and create office frenzies. Tired? Needing coffee? Maybe on a lunch break? Every piece of information is important and can be written down on a moodycard. It’s like Facebook, but without the reactions, the reports and the angry comments. So, it’s cooler than Facebook.

Ideal for: writers, comedians, advertising agencies, slogan producers, journalists, Saturday Night Live cast members.

Key features:

  • It’s fun!

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