Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teen Girl.

15 Christmas Gifts for a Teen Girl

If you are not the Grinch or Scrooge McDuck you will probably love the festive spirit Christmas are bringing. But you don’t adore Christmas as much as a student does. For kids and teenagers Christmas is the most excellent holiday of the year. What’s not to love? It includes colorful lights, snow, tones of sweets, gifts and most importantly the pause from school and homework for a couple of weeks. In this Christmas gift list special we reached some of the market’s best products for the (not so) little princess of the house.

Below you will find 15 carefully selected Christmas gifts for your teenager daughter, niece or granddaughter. Have a happy holiday everyone!

1. Snowflake Neon Sign

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit with a snowflake neon sign, which makes perfect decoration gift for the teenager who keeps her bedroom as her sanctuary. She can put a special note of brightness in her wall or desk and attracts her friend’s positive comments in every single girls sleepover. Also, it forms a great alternative for the traditional night light and creates a warm atmosphere for the Ηarry Potter marathons.

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2. Pencil Case Holder Slot – Holds 202 Colored Pencils or 136 Gel Pens with Zipper Closure – Large Capacity Pen Organizer for Watercolor Pens & Markers | Perfect Gift for Students & Artist Deer


For the artist teenager we suggest a pencil case holder slot with a sturdy construction, an outstanding exterior design and a huge interior capacity. Our little friend can keep her pencils or pens neat and in order without the need of spending a lot of time searching the right coloration for her purpose. An excellent choice for the girl who is passionate with creativity, either regarding painting, sketching or writing. The organizer has room for 202 pencils or 136 pens. Plus, it will make her life a hundred times easier during the tidy-up-your-room day as she is already halfway there.

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3. Fitness Watch Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor and many more features

For the athletic teenager girl we present a smart watch, which can help her monitor her activity and be extra fashionable in her everyday life. This watch has numerous features including a fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor. Furthermore, provides the chance to always stay connected and never miss a message from her digital friends on social media. On the advantages count that it can even take a picture with a touch of a key. Great gadget with multiple utility and gorgeous minimalistic girly look.

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4. Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature

If you didn’t know it, hair has a great significance to every teenager girl’s life. Either she is in love with unicorns or Nirvana. Hair is hair and it must be in perfection. This Christmas, grab the chance to be the favorite parent, the loveliest uncle or the coolest mom’s friend with a professional hair straightener as your gift to her. This flat iron provides a smooth and shiny outcome in the minimum of time. Ιt gives you the ability to adjust the temperature level and choose among the options for healthy, fragile or damaged hair. It will force bad hair days to disappear!

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5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ 32 GB Wifi Tablet


Alright, probably you have waited a Christmas present like that, but we talk about millennials so a tablet couldn’t miss from this list. Between a laptop and a smart phone, a tablet is the solution for every teenager whose main interest is to handle her vast amount of messages in social media, downloading the latest trending apps and listen to her favorite music from YouTube while enjoying a video clip in her HD screen. Also, she can carry it easily with her to school when she needs it for a presentation and quickly googling any information she needs for her assignments. Book your seat in the hall of fame of Christmas gifts with this one.

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6. Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

For the music lover, the teenager who is in the process of discovering some great music or the one who uses music as a tool of concentration during studying, we recommend a set of Artix Headphones. They are light weighted with awesome design and the best isolation from external sounds for some real focusing. Additionally, they are foldable so they can easily fit inside a school backpack and they include a built in microphone so there are no more excuses like “I didn’t answer because I couldn’t reach my phone”.

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7. Tiger Lily Clear Coat Cell Phone Case – Military Drop Test Certified

A beautiful nude phone case with flowers in pastel notes is a winning choice in the teens’ contest about the most impressive case. Not only is a pleasure for the eye, but it does the job too. Sonix case is pretty solid and can save her valuable iPhone from many accidental drops. She will get all the compliments and the protection she is seeking for as well.

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8.Selfie Ring Light for Camera, OURRY Clip On [Rechargeable Battery] Selfie LED Camera Light [32 LED] Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Sumsung Galaxy, Photography Phones, Tablet, Laptop (Pink)

For the selfie addicted teenager we present you a selfie ring light for her mobile camera. As smartphones manufacturers did not come yet with the solution of pre-installing a flash light in the front camera too, this led light is here to offer the solution. For absolutely stunning selfies, even during the dusk, without pixels or other damages opt for this pink cutie. It has nine  lightining effects, it can rotate and is rechargeble via USB. She can get a pro result and why not to furthermore expand its utility in her laptop or tablet.

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9. Collapsible Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets

Since phone accessories are obviously never enough, PopSockets grip is coming to complete the smart phone kit with another service. As it seems, it is not cool anymore to grab your phone with two hands. Instead, it is widely acceptable to use a phone grip in order to help your texting skills hit an A+ in one hand tapping without the risk of a drop. Μoreover, she can use it as a stand for the moments she wants to have her snack and at the same time watching the latest episode of her favorite YouTuber. You may think that this has no meaning, but go back to your teenager years and you will understand that many things had no purpose back then, but you still needed them. Besides, it looks pretty nice.

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10. Roller Derby Roller Star Women’s Size

Here we have a classic Christmas gift which is as old as time can be. Nobody can resist to the charm of roller skates. The freedom of movement, the rush of speed, the cool breeze in your face are some of the main reasons why rollers are so loved by almost everyone. Ideal for outdoors and indoors skating, comfortable, with smooth wheels and enough white space to customize them as she wants, with markers and patches. Off she goes to concrete the world!

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11. MAC Girls Palette # Classic Cutie

If she is taking her first steps into the magical world of makeup art then she will be more than happy when she will receive this Mac palette. As one of the leading companies in the field of cosmetics, a Mac gift is a blessing for every woman regardless her age. In this dreamy pallet she will find eight different eye shadows and one highlighter in the shades of pink with a hint of glow for natural but yet impressive outcomes. With this Christmas gift she will reach her artistic experimentation on another level.

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12. Unicorn Animal Slippers

This Christmas let her walk above the rainbow with those extra fluffy unicorn slippers. They fit snugly and they look adorable. Give any teenager girl the chance to tame those legendary creatures and make them her most loving friends. The foamy construction of these slippers will keep her feet warm and cozy. Τhe colorful pompoms on the top of a generally white base will upgrade any pajama outfit and will make her think it twice when the time will come and she will be forced to leave her house without those cuties.

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13. DIOMO Women Kids Backpack For Girls Satchel School Book Bag Cute Cat Travel Daypack (Black)

Oh Christmas! Perfect period for teenagers, as schools are closed, the smell of fresh baked cookies is flooding the house and is a good time to hang out with friends or go shopping. Therefore, it shapes the ideal situation to buy this teenager girl a backpack for her casual days away from the school yard. This purse has it all. It is small, so suitable for any occasion day or night, is black hence it is matching with anything and it shapes a very distinctive figure of a cat in the front pocket. Playful and functional, what else a girl needs from her purse?

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14. Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar Tracktop

As you may have noticed, in the teenager world brands matter. Also, street casual look is in the high teenagers’ preferences, boys or girls, as it reflects this uncontroversial period they stand for. This classic Adidas Superstar track top probably will be her new favorite closet piece. She will reflect this so loved street style, as she can wears it with her sportswear and her jeans as well. No more worries that the kid is light weighted and might catch the flu. Fashion is helpful this time as you will never see her taking it off of her.

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15. Vans Unisex Old Skool, Skate Shoe

We will name this one the coolest Christmas gift of the list, as you may consider it as a fundamental part of a silent universal teenager unity. Vans Old Skool are the marks of skateboarders for many years now, but they furthermore express the teenager carefreeness, the will to make the difference in this world and the conscious need to belong to a group of people who share distinctive characteristics. This is why every teenager is craving a pair of shoes like those, which gives you the opportunity to put a smile on that kid’s face by offering them to her.

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