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Something Punny About This Message | 52 Birthday Puns

Some birthday celebrations just wouldn’t be complete without spicing them up with some good old puns.

So without further ado, we present to you a bunch of interesting punny lines to inject laughter, smiles and happiness into someone’s big day. Yes, there was pun intended.


Birthday Puns for Friends

  • Buddy, I hope you don’t eat a clock on your milestone birthday because it can be very time consuming.
  • I am contemplating telling a chemistry joke at your birthday party today. However, I don’t know whether I’d get a reaction from the audience. What do you think?
  • I know you are an addict to soap. My birthday wish for you is that starting from today, you become clean.
  • Had you been an elephant, I would have given you a trunk loaded with gifts to commemorate your special day.
  • I have just discovered that the main reason why you keep getting hotter with every birthday you celebrate is because the guests just can’t get enough of repeatedly toasting you.
  • Birthdays are remarkably awesome. However, too many of them can kill you. Be careful!
  • On this birthday of yours, I just want you to know that you’ve been such a good friend to me that I promise to take all your secrets with me to my gravy.
Read between the lines. Happy Beerthday.
Read between the lines. Happy Beerthday.


Birthday Puns for Brothers

  • Brother, I promise you your party is going to be so fun even the bankers wouldn’t lose interest.
  • I wanted to use a broken pencil to write something beautiful on a birthday card for you but I stopped because I realized it would be pointless to do so.
  • There is a rib splitting joke about amnesia I wanted to say at your party tonight. However, I just can’t remember how it goes.
Happy Bee Day!
Happy Bee Day!
  • I misplaced my watch on my way to your party. I hope after the party, I find the time to look for it.
  • We might not be cavemen, but tonight we shall go clubbing because it’s your big day!
  • I went to eBay to get the best lighters to light the candles covering your cake. However, when I look up lighters, their system showed me hundreds of matches.
  • I searched everywhere for a camouflage dress to attend your anniversary party, but I found none.
  • This birthday party is going to be so wild that the construction workers in attendance would definitely raise the roof.
  • My gift for you is a book about glue. I hope it sticks with you.


Birthday Puns for Sisters

  • Sis, I visited the local Samsung store this morning to get you a galaxy phone as a birthday present, but the security wouldn’t let me in. Damn those Guardians of the Galaxy!
  • Because you love diamonds, I bought you a bunch of playing cards as a birthday present. Happy birthday!
  • I wish you a “Happy Pur Day” on behalf of my cat.
  • If we were in heaven, we would be celebrating your birthday with angel food cake. Wishing you a very happy bird-day!
  • I tried giving your teddy bear a slice of the birthday cake but he rejected it saying he was stuffed.
  • I was going to wish something deep but was afraid you might cry, so “Sappy Birthday”, sis!
Have an Eggcellent Birthday.
Have an Eggcellent Birthday.
  • Are you wondering the best gift to present to a hunter on his birthday? Just give him a birthday pheasant and he will be in paradise.
  • Moby Dick is one of the guests at your special birthday bash and he wants to have a gigantic whale of a time with us.
  • Since today is your 21st birthday, I wish you a happy beer-thday!
  • You are another year older today. But interestingly enough, you donut look it at all!
  • I asked an owl why it didn’t bring you a birthday gift. Guess what it told me! It doesn’t give a hoot!
Is it your special day? Happy Beerday.
Is it your special day? Happy Beerday.


Birthday Puns for Mom

  • For your special day, I bought you this amazing new broom that is currently sweeping the nation.
  • The neighborhood cats loved the birthday party we organized for you because mice cream cake was served at the event.
  • Seeing you love dancing, I wish you a tappy birthday.
  • Why did I take your birthday cake to the therapist? Because it told me it felt very crumby.
  • Peter Pan is here. And guess the type of birthday cake he brought you! A pan-cake!
  • I will arrest any Energizer Bunny that doesn’t give you a birthday gift. Having arrested them, I will proceed to charge them with battery.
  • I want to tell a birthday joke about pizza, but I don’t think it’s a good idea considering how cheesy it is.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a berry tea-riffic birthday celebration today.
  • Mom, you are so wonderful that seven days without you make one week. Happy birthday.


Birthday Puns for Dad

  • Dad, by hook or crook, we, your children, shall all shell-ebrate this wonderful day of your life.
  • If you are wondering why the coach threw Cinderella off the basketball team, do know that it’s because she ran away from the birthday ball organized for you.
  • What do you call an alligator that attends a birthday party wearing a vest? An investigator!
  • I hope you have a lot of home plates at your party because I am the baseball players I have invited would need something to eat on.
  • I bought a dictionary to give to you as a birthday present. However, when I looked into it, it contained nothing but blank pages. Now I have no words to express how furious I am.
Ha Pea Birthday
Ha Pea Birthday
  • Dad, you are so phenomenal that I can’t espresso how your presence in my life beans to me.
  • In the cookies of life, amazing fathers like you are the chocolate chips. Happy birthday!
  • Sitting down with you is something I chairish.
  • I was going to get you a pack of gum as a birthday present, but I couldn’t find one. It was obviously not mint to be I guess.


Birthday Puns for a Colleague

  • If you were an elf, the birthday cake I would have bought for you would be a shortcake!
  • Just like every other birthday in the world, I am confident that today yours will also end with the letter Y.
  • Candles love birthday celebrations so much because they always get lit during such occasions.
  • Your birthday is so amazing that even the raccoons in the area are partaking in it and getting trashed!
  • As you eat your cake, be mindful of the candles that cover them. I hear eating candles along with cake can cause heartburn.
Your birthday? Have a blast! Same as last year, I guess.
Your birthday? Have a blast! Same as last year, I guess.
  • The birthday gift I bought for you cost me a lot. I hope it doesn’t make me so broke to the point where I’m unable to pay my electricity bills because that would be a very dark time in my life.
  • I was busily looking for a birthday gift for you but stopped the moment I realized you already have an awesome one. You have the present!
  • It’s not that the clown we hired to perform at the birthday bash didn’t know how to juggle. He unfortunately didn’t have the balls for that.


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