12 Cute and Funny Birthday Videos to Share with Special Friends and Family

12 Cute and Funny Birthday Videos to Share with Special Friends and Family

Our social media profiles are now full of great videos that get everybody’s attention and can be a nice break from work. On the birthday of someone you know and care about, you might want to tell them you love them by sharing a tasteful video with birthday wishes. This is what we thought and prepared this collection for you. Many of our birthday wishes videos can be found on our YouTube channel, while many of them are on our Facebook page, ready to be shared on a social network where you can connect with almost everybody.

Don’t forget that you can share every video by clicking/tapping on the top-right arrow in the video frame or by selecting “Share” – depending on the platform. Those to receive them will definitely be delighted!


Sweet Birthday Messages to Impress your Girlfriend [VIDEO]

Make an impression by sharing this on her special day. She deserves that – and even more, of course!


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A Hilarious Happy Birthday to You! | Funny Birthday Wishes for my Sister [VIDEO]

You sister can definitely take a joke from you. Well, a birthday present too, but that’s a whole different story. 😉


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1st Birthday Wishes [VIDEO]

A cute video to share with, well…, the parents of the birthday boy or girl. They are probably not technically skilled yet…

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Friends Forever | Birthday Wishes for Best Friends [VIDEO]

What better way to tell a special friend how much you care?

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Cute Birthday Messages to Make Someone’s Birthday Special [VIDEO]

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Happy Birthday to You | Karaoke Video

Ready to sing? Just press play and wish them the best!


Happy Birthday to You | Japanese Version [VIDEO]

That is a truly original moment: the classic “Happy Birthday to You” song is presented with the use of Japanese instruments. We say it rocks. This track is taken off our “Ultimate Happy Birthday” album.

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Happy Birthday to You | Countdown Version [VIDEO]

Also featuring on our “Ultimate Happy Birthday” album, this is the ideal Happy Birthday version to sing when you need those 10 seconds for the lights to go out and for the cake to come in, right in the middle of your birthday party venue (aka living room).

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Unique Happy Birthday Wishes to Share with the Ones you Love [VIDEO]

This beautiful selection of cute wishes rolling on a music box version of “Happy Birthday to You” is definitely a winner.

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Happy Birthday to you | Short Dance Version [VIDEO]

If you have only half a minute to wish them the best, this is the video you should go with.


Happy Birthday, my Sweet Daughter! [VIDEO]

Kids come first, but we have decided to close with their own birthday videos, aiming for the cuteness overdose. This is a lovely video for your daughter’s birthday.


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Birthday Wishes for my Son [VIDEO]

Your little boy deserves the best of wishes and this is a great video to share for his birthday.


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