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Happy Birthday Videos for an Original Birthday Wish

What does it mean to wish “Happy Birthday” by sending or posting a video? It’s the power of the moving images that is combined with the words of love and affection for the person that receives them. Watching a Happy Birthday video can turn out to be truly touching and, nowadays, it can even be considered a small but valuable gift.

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“Happy Birthday to you” Video

The “Happy Birthday” Song is the absolute classic and the standard on birthday parties. We know you know the words to it, but it’s a karaoke, just in case you’ve already drunk a glass or two…

My Wish For You | A Birthday Video Based on a Poem

This amazing collection of great words to say on someone’s birthday is in fact a quote by the essayist, lecturer, and poet of the 19th century Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Happy Birthday Video Message to my Best Friend

Friends are a real life asset and friendship is often considered and praised as a kind of virtue, or a relationship that implies virtue. This is our Happy Birthday video for your best friend and you might say they deserve it.


“Best Birthday Wishes for your Wife” Video

Wishing Happy Birthday when in a marriage can be anything from simple to delicate. This video is a romantic -and often humorous- way to wish happy birthday to the woman you have chosen to live your life with.


“Birthday wishes for my Husband” Video

Ok, so gentlemen usually appear indifferent to romance, because it supposedly adds up to the macho side of themselves. However, make no mistake, even a married man can often enjoy a happy birthday video with words of love and gratitude. As long as it lasts no more than a minute…


Birthday Wishes for my Love | A Really, Really Romantic Birthday Video!

This optimistic and at the same time romantic video is ideal for a beautiful minute of happy birthday wishes to your love.


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