Birthday Wishes for Cancer Patients

It can be quite challenging finding the right words to use when it comes to sending a birthday wish to a cancer patient. Knowing how hard being a friend can be for many in those circumstances, we have taken it upon ourselves to make the job easier by preparing some wonderfully profound and touching messages that you can use to inspire a cancer patient on their birthday and give them the strength to courageously battle on.

We hope that our brilliant collection of greetings below will provide the assistance needed in wishing “happy birthday” to that special person you know who is battling cancer.


  • I may have no words to say but I have many feelings to give. I’m here for you. Happy Birthday, dear.
  • May the strength of my love make you even stronger.
  • The battle you are facing is one that needs courage and support! On your Big Day, I wish you the strength needed to keep on fighting this battle.
  • You are man/woman of immense strength. Never give up the fight, my dear.
  • Waiting for you to let me know how I can help. Happy Birthday
  • Optimism is the vehicle that will carry you through these difficult times. I believe in you. Please never lose hope and confidence. Happy birthday.
  • Faith has power. Stay strong and know that we care and love you.
  • Regardless of the dark times you are facing, you still have a smile on your face. Keep smiling and shining, your are an inspiration to everyone.
  • When you believe you have a secret weapon. My warmest wishes for your special day.
  • You’re in my thoughts and in my heart. Happy Birthday!
  • In your battle against this ugly disease, know that you will always have an ally in me. I am with you today, and will be with you tomorrow and forever. Happy birthday.
  • I’m here to listen. Have a great day birthday-girl/ birthday-boy
  • How about some take out and a movie? Let me know when. Happy birthday!
  • I believe in you, and I surely believe in your extraordinary fighting spirit.
  • You are the strongest person I’ve ever known. You show time and again that real strength does not lie in the muscles but in the spirit. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • I’m here day and night, just give me call. Happy Birthday!
  • I’m always by your side. My very best wishes for your birthday.
  • I want to be there for you, let me know when your next doctor’s visit is. Happy Birthday!
  • Whenever you think of quitting and giving up the fight, just take a moment to remember how far you have come. Please don’t every forget that I’m here for you. Happy Birthday, I will be in touch again soon!
  • Never stop believing in the extraordinary strength that lies within you. It has brought you this far, and it will surely get you through this difficult time.
  •  I look at you and I see a strong woman/man who is patient and determined. You inspire me with your inner power and strength.
  • I hope my prayers are giving you even more strength.
  • I’m here to support you any way I can.
  • I look at you every day and I see a phenomenally strong man/woman who isn’t allowing his/her condition to define him/her. Have a memorable birthday.
  • Optimism is one of the biggest things that cancer dreads. Keep on being optimistic and you shall win this battle. Happy birthday.
  • It doesn’t matter the speed at which you progress; progress is progress. I’m glad you are making progress in this difficult battle. Happy birthday.
  • You are admirable for being so strong during this time of struggle. We love you lots and your strength is an inspiration to all of us. I’m always here for you.
  • Do not be afraid, for God is still God, and He is with you today, tomorrow and forever.
  • You’ll never have to face any unpalatable thing alone in life for as long as I live. That is why I want you to know that as you battle this disease, I will always be by your side.
  • Nothing in this world is impossible to achieve once you have hope by your side. Get well soon, my beloved friend.
  • You became my hero the moment I saw you smile in the face of cancer. Your strength, courage and determination are truly inspirational. Happy Birthday.


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