10 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas to Scare your Day

Why is Halloween’s day so popular? Is it because it’s only once a year? Is it because we find an excuse to get creepy and weird and provocative, without people judging? Is it because it’s subconsciously playing games with our deepest fears? Or is it because it’s just fun for the trick-or-treaters, as well as the adults?

Maybe it’s all that combined and we surely won’t elaborate on this. Instead, we will give you not one, not two, but ten reasons to organize this year’s party and be the queen or the king of “Boo!”. Ready? Let’s h(a)unt everyone down!

1. Animated Hanging Grim Reaper Skull with Shackles Chain

OK, you really need to get ready for the big day. Black flowing robe: check. Red led light eyes: check. Haunting sounds: check. Gosh, you need something more creepy for the trick-or-treaters if you want them to scream their lungs off. You want to be sinister, abominable, almost disgusting. But of course, ghastly laughter jaws: check! Choosing the Animated Hanging Grim Reaper Skull with Shackles Chain for Halloween, you can become as bad and awful to people as you desire. And guess what, they will love you as hell.

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2. Gothic Mansion Portraits

Your family, your newborn, your parents, your best friends, your classmates in school or the perfect high definition selfie hanging on the house walls? That’s so sweet and cute. TAKE THEM DOWN. For today, your life memories belong to portraits of dead people, skulls, voodoo magicians, monsters and living ghosts, while your beautiful and cozy home will serve as a spooky mansion that everyone will hate. Scare everyone to death. How lovely, my dears!

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3. Glitter Haunted House Chandelier

Iiiiiiii’m gonna swing from the chandelieeeeeeeer, from the chandelieeeeeeeer… Maybe it’ the first time since Sia released this song that playing with a chandelier could be useful and practical. In this Glitter Haunted House Chandelier kit, you can find an extraordinary skull chandelier, beautiful extra skulls, awesome rats with wings (bats), classy ravens and fashion-savvy spiders dressed in total black for your Halloween decorations. All these things are awful, but we have to make them look fancy.

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4. 2 Piece Giant Bloody Window Posters

People say you don’t have the right to interfere with their families and homes and lives and such. Well, sometimes it’s better if you do, because humans will be saved, spells will be broken, blood won’t stick on walls and floors, and world peace will eventually prevail. If you want to find out who really loves you among your favorite people, you just have to hang these bloody posters (literally, not the English way) on your windows, hoping that you won’t die alone in the days to come.

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5. Halloween Microwave Door Decoration

Today’s menu consists of three courses: juicy skulls with onions, fried fingers with rocket salad and human tongue sweet pie served with human ear ice cream. You don’t believe a thing? What about checking the microwave? If you want to be really festive, like Mariah-wants-to-throw-a-party festive, then you should place all the bets on the details. Get the Halloween Microwave Door Decoration and make sure everyone stays hungry and acts like a diva.

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6. Bloody Bathroom Toilet Paper

If you want to scare your friends on Halloween day, if you want to prank your friends anytime of the year, if you live in a haunted house or a dungeon, if you love blood, if your best friend is a vampire, if white toilet paper is just boring you, then the Bloody Bathroom Toilet Paper is everything you have hoped for. There’s only one tiny disadvantage here and you have to be really careful: you can never tell if it’s clean or used, so a bloody hygiene risk is always on the bloody table.

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7. Solar String Lights


Enough with the Halloween stuff, what about props and decorations we can use during the whole year? You asked for it, we searched thoroughly, we brought truth to light: Solar String Lights. Put this string of white crystal ball lights on a garden tree, fence or gazebo, along the Halloween path, in front of your door or literally everywhere you need it to be. It has 8 different modes and it can work up to 12 hours on one charge. So if the Halloween party turns into an 80’s fiesta all of a sudden, what the heck! All you’ll need is a bunch of Cher wings, some Cyndi make-up and a karaoke mic.

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8.Dreadful Boneyard Halloween Party “Beware” Door Curtain

On Halloween’s day, everyone tries to turn their houses into gothic and haunted castles for the trick-or-treaters. And that’s cool, but is it enough for you and your squad? You desperately have the urge to turn your home into a Taylor-Swift-look-what-you-made-me-do-style boneyard, because you’re that kind of person. The Beware Door Curtain (with “Enter at your own risk” printed on a cardboard) is the ideal prop to level up your party. And trust us, Tay-Tay will be proud of your work.

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9.Spooky Living Tree Decoration

If you love Halloween, if you love “Sleepy Hollow”, if you love gardening or if you just like pranking your friends, this Spooky Living Tree Decoration will give a soul to your universe (see what we did there with Plato’s quote?). With one repulsive face and two 4-fingered hands made of PVC, you can transform your favorite lemon tree into a living creature. And you really don’t have to be ashamed if you enjoy your morning coffee with it every now and then. No one can tell you how to run your life.

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10.Haunted doll with sound

This is not only a decoration item for the party. This is not just spooky or funny. This is not even something that will only scare your friends and loved ones. This is sick. And we love it! The Haunted Doll With Sound will not serve as a prop, but as a guest among your guests. Why? Because it has a soul. It watches all over you. It can hear you and make sounds in response to what you say. You hate to love it and you love to hate it. And let’s be honest, there’s a slight chance it comes in your bedroom, while you’re sleeping. Plus: you can name the doll yourself and call it Jessie, Maria or Ursula. Chucky who? Boo.

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