Ideas for Scary Halloween costumes.

10+4 Scary Halloween Costumes and Masks

Halloween comes once a year and that means you only have one chance during these 365 days to scare the heck out of your loved ones. So, the real question that plays on repeat inside your head is: Which costume I should choose?

We don’t know what type of man or woman you are, but we do know that if you like Halloween, you really love to dress up and be playful. We sat down and gathered the best theme costumes for this year’s party, leaving the creative part on you. Enjoy!

Scary Halloween Costumes for Men

1. Sinister Clown


IT is not cute. IT will make people feel like someone has trespassed their houses, taken their belongings and sentenced their dreams to life imprisonment. IT is even scarier if you hold a balloon. The Sinister Clown costume will give life to your Halloween day, even though it’ll give the creeps to everyone around you. Add the gloves, the ruffle collar, the latex mask with hair accents, a butcher knife and a machete and voilà, a killer fun combo. Enjoy IT.

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2. Headless Horseman


During Halloween days, it is preferable to horse around without all of your body parts. Imagine having drinks or participating in a politics conversation without your head. Fun, right? Dress up as a Headless Horseman with a fancy vest with sleeves, an ascot, a cape, a headpiece (of course), and a bunch of inflatable shoulder components, order a Bloody Mary and mingle with the girls. You will surely mess with their heads, trust us.

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3. Morphsuit Monster

Either you are a pessimistic type of dude or just a fun guy, you can be all skulls and bones on Halloween day. Wearing the Morphsuit Monster costume, you can take the skeleton theme party to a whole new level, not only because of the photorealistic printing, but also because of the sexy pinch of the body suit. We know, Halloween is about having fun, not hitting on girls. Or is it, you sexy monster?

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4. Vampire Bat


It would certainly feel weird to dress up as a bat on Halloween. It’d be eccentric and unique, but disgusting as well. What about a vampire? Okay, half of the party will be vampires and draculas and Freddies. Eureka, eureka, Vampire Bat it is! Take elements from both parts, combine them and there you have it. Actually, you don’t have to combine anything, we have the costume ready on your behalf. The only thing you have to do is order. It’s perfect for hanging with your friends.

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5. Zombie Pirate Costume


Buying a combo is always like buying two stuff for the price of one. On Halloween, it’s often required that you should be as weird as you can be, so you find yourself overthinking the costume that will take everyone’s breath away, maybe literally. If you are in between the zombie and the sinister pirate, the Zombie Pirate Costume will save the bloody day, without sinking the ship.


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Scary Halloween costumes for women

6. Fallen Angel Dress Costume


If you really believe that dressing up as an angel is really cheesy and outdated and stereotypical, you are right, it is. So, turn this awful goodness upside down on Halloween and put on the Fallen Angel Costume with the black halo and the nasty wings, proving that you’re a tough gal from the bottom to the top. Yes, we know, the model in the photograph looks like a Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and Faith Hill hybrid. Blame it on country music and country-pop crossover tradition.

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7.Women’s Suit for Game of Thrones VII Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay with Cloak


“I’m Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons”… if you love a huge introduction at the Halloween party, this is THE costume for you. Put on the Khaleesi fancy dress from the Game Of Thrones TV characters, say “Dracarys” and start an instant party fire, you sexy white-hair queen.

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8. Women’s Ms. Bones Zombie Bride Costume


Making an entrance is always a top priority at the Halloween fiesta for a bossy girl like yourself. Being stylish and dreadful can easily be the second one. The Women’s Ms. Bones Zombie Bride Costume (with stretch skeleton bodice and full tulle skirt with red satin lining) can serve as your DDDD (daily dose of diva dip) for sure. Just make sure you embody your sassy attitude and a crimson killer lipstick, because, you know, you’re still a bride after all.

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9. Women’s Ember Witch Costume


This is a great chance to channel Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shannen Doherty or every other great (?) actress who has played a famous and awesome witch in cinema and/or TV. Featuring a halter top and cobweb lace accents, the total black Women’s Ember Witch Costume is basically what a little black dress is for all women – a must have. What? This is overclaiming? Of course it is, we love our job.

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10. Women’s Sorceress Costume


It’s nice to dress up as a witch, but it’s great to dress up as a Sorceress. See the difference? It’s like wanting to become a talk show host and have the career of Eleni Menegaki, when you can be Oprah or Ellen. Who’s Eleni Menegaki? My point exactly – aim high. Wearing the purple dress and the powerful hat, and holding the mysterious medallion, everything is possible during Halloween. Just don’t forget to cast a spell, otherwise you’ll be just a crazy lady with the weird hat.

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Bonus : Accessories

1. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Temporary Face Tattoo Kit

Every costume on Halloween’s can be accompanied by a nice make-up or even a face tattoo. The Day of the Dead Face Tattoo Kit can transform your outfit into a piece of art with its bright red roses, petal eye circles and green leaves that are sprinkled with sparkly glitter. Actually, this is great even if you don’t feel like dressing up, because all eyes will be on you.

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2. 28 inch Wavy Curly Cosplay Wig With Free Wig Cap and Comb


If you’re a wig fan, this red-hair Cosplay Wig is perfect on any occasion: Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dates, school reunions, Britney Spears makeovers, you name it. OK, maybe avoid funerals, it’s too much.

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3. Clown White Face Paint


This ultra-white Clown Paint can turn your beautiful and cute face into a creepy prop of intimidation. It’s creamy, it’s smooth, it’s everything people are afraid of and that guarantees epic success.

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4. Sea Creature Gloves

If you want to put on a bat costume, if you want to dress up as a dark sea creature or if you just wonder how it would be if you had webbed duck hands, well, this is for you. The Webbed Sea Creature Gloves come in handy, but remember to take them off so that you can have a drink.

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