Happy Birthday boy.

Big Guy’s Special Day : Happy Birthday, Boy!

Birthdays are special days even for boys who tend to hide their emotions. Taking the time to send a boy you care about a fun, hilarious, lighthearted or motivational birthday wish can add some sparkle to their special day and make it more beautiful and meaningful.

Although a birthday message isn’t necessarily profound or life changing, it lets the boy know you care and are thinking about them. So go ahead and share a wish to put a smile on the birthday boy’s face. He totally deserves it.

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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for a Boy

A little humor on their birthday can brighten and liven up any boy’s special day.

  • Happy birthday to a guy that’s the perfect blend of smart, funny, handsome, strong and dumb as a box of rocks.
  • If the size of your head reflects how much you know, then congrats on being the smartest birthday boy on the planet.
  • Wishing a super duper birthday to my guy who says he’s brave but is afraid of spiders, roaches and ants.
  • Your birthday bash was awesome and your wish list was swell. And you’d still have your job today, if you didn’t pull the fire bell.
  • Today’s birthday means you’re a year older and beginning to get some maturity. Once you take off the lamp shade, could you bring it back by for me.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, the best gift will come from me. I won’t tell your folks you smashed up the car or where you hid the key.
  • Today’s birthday means you are further along on the journey of going from boy to man. I pray you’ll be able to make with no clue, roadmap or plan.
  • I know today’s your birthday and you showed me the toys that are hot. However my birthday gift this year is teaching you to use what you’ve already got.
  • Was going to take you to the circus as part of your birthday fare, but you look like such a freak of nature, they would try to keep you there.
Happy Birthday image for boy.
Happy Birthday.

Cute And Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Boys

Sweet, simple birthday wishes that will let the birthday boy know how much you care.

  • Hope you have the happiest of birthdays, fill with joy and good cheer. This is just a little note to tell you how much I care.
  • All the world’s a classroom, teaching us new things every day. Today your birthday lesson is to relax, have fun and play.
  • Enjoy your birthday buddy, be as silly as you want to be. But no matter what the others say, you will always be special to me.
  • I hope today your birthday is happier than any other day. I so enjoy seeing you smile, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.
  • I love to hear your laughter and see your eyes sparkle when you’re having fun. So I’m sending you this birthday wish that your day will be a special one.
  • As a friend you are one of a kind and special as can be. So I’m sending you a special birthday wish, ‘Happy Super Dooper Birthday’ from me.
  • I still haven’t figured out what it is that makes you so great to be around. But as you celebrate your birthday, know your friendship is the most amazing gem that I have ever found.
  • No guy has ever been able to make me feel as good as you do. That’s why I’m sending this special wish,” Happy Birthday to You.’
  • I hope you get this wish before you finish enjoying your birthday cheer. My wish is that you keep feeling that same joy every single day of the year.
  • Some people may give you a bottle of wine, cake and music for your birthday party. I am sending a heartfelt wish that your entire year will be hale and hearty.
  • Cheers my friend on your birthday, may all the good and great things you want be given to you. And I wish all of the dreams you have in your heart will instantly come true.
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Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

Inspirational Happy Birthday Wishes for a Boy

These are birthday wishes designed to inspire boys to go on to great achievements.

  • As you celebrate your birthday, know that you have the talent and skills within you to make all your dreams become a reality.
  • Celebrate with ice cream, cake and presents, your birthday only comes once a year. But know that within you is the power to positively impact the things about which you care.
  • As you enjoy your exciting, colorful, birthday celebration and you are feeling fine, never forget you have the power to leave an important mark upon the sands of time.
  • As you party on your birthday, have a fun and wonderful time. But when it’s over make a plan to change the world by building and developing your mind.
  • You are a man of influence who is a true friend of mine. I wish you all the best on your birthday and success until the end of time.
  • Today you are celebrating your birthday, dancing, singing and laughing and jumping about. But never forget you can be a man of great worth who has a lot of clout.
  • May all your hopes and dreams comes true on this your special day. Never forget that if you focus your thoughts you can live life a brighter, more productive way.
  • You have grown up right before my eyes. I have enjoyed watching you laugh and play. But I always this birthday boy would be a great man one day.
  • Today it is your birthday. Celebrate, have fun and blow off some stream. But make sure that you never forget you have what it takes to live out your dream.
  • Your birthday is a wonderful time to party, dance and sing. But don’t your ever stop challenging yourself, cause you can achieve much greater things.
  • Each day I pray your pursuits are guided and things will go your way. I pray you begin becoming the great man God created and have a great and wonderful birthday.
  • Your birthday is a memorable day, remind yourself with your natural gifts you are far from ordinary. You have overcome many difficult hurdles and it’s clear you’re extraordinary.
  • Each birthday is the perfect time to take your life to a higher level. While you celebrate another fantastic year your efforts towards success you should redouble.
  • Today is a blessed day, it’s the day on which you were born. Don’t be afraid to count your talents and blessing and loudly toot your gratitude horn.
Birthday wish for a boy.
Happy Birthday. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays, filled with joy and good cheer.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

If you have a sweet little boy in your life take the time to share some wonderful wishes with him.

  • Though you’re just a baby boy, you always look so elegant and cute. Can’t wait to see you on your birthday in your little special suit.
  • You are as cute as a button, even though you are a little shy. Of all the little children in the world, you are my favorite birthday guy.
  • I wish you have a terrific birthday and all your baby friends come and have fun with you. May your day be filled with smiles and cheers and a thousand great gifts too.
  • You’re just learning how to count and spell and you are learning your manners too. You are such a sweet little boy, I just want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.
  • You have the cutest little smile and you always keep your clothes so neat and clean. That is why my birthday wish is for you to get the gifts of your dreams.
  • I hope all the kids in your class enjoy your cake and ice cream birthday party today. And they all have smiles on their faces as they shout, ‘Hip Hip Hooray’.
  • Today is your birthday and I want you to have lots of fun. We got you ice cream and cake, pony rides and clowns because you are my favorite son.
  • Have a happy birthday and may all of your dreams come true. You are such a sweet little boy and have lots of hugs and kisses for you.
  • May your birthday be filled with fun surprises, great gifts, happiness and laughter too. I want you to have all those wonderful things so you’ll know how much I love you.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

Big boys have already learnt how to stand on their feet, but nothing is sweeter than that big birthday hug.

  • You’ve always been remarkable since the day you were born. On your birthday my earnest wish is you learn how to clean your room.
  • Your many talents can take you places you mind haven’t yet imagined. On your birthday is wish you soon learn you have the power to make positive things happen.
  • Enjoy this spectacular birthday and have fun wherever you roam. And take the time to learn and gather the skill you need to stand on your own.
  • A bike, a toy truck, a basketball and your favorite video game. Your favorite foods, a big dessert, a great big hug and a special treat. Giving you all of that and more for your birthday fun is our goal and aim. Yet, our love for you comes first. Happy birthday, big boy!
  • Cheers and congratulations on this your special day. I wish you’ll always have the things you need in life as you make your way.

Happy Birthday, Teenage Boy!

Teenage boys are in the midst of a transition from childhood to adulthood. Sending them meaningful birthday wishes can help provide the confidence and support they will need for this momentous journey.

  • Today you celebrate another birthday in your teenage years. I wish you all the love, strength and wisdom you need and want you to know that someone cares.
  • Your teenage years can be a challenge as you try to balance having fun with physical and mental growth. As you celebrate your birthday today, take some time to appreciate the strides you’ve made since the day of your birth.
  • For teenagers life’s not always easy and you will face new challenges each day. So on your birthday begin to recognize you have the strength within to successfully make your way.
  • Being a teenage boy can be the greatest gift in the world. This birthday wish is that you will enjoy it and don’t rush to try to act too old.
  • I wish you joy, guidance and blessings on your birthday and as you navigate your teenage years. And never forget I’m always there for you when you need an understanding listening ear.
  • Happy Birthday, teenager. You are one step closer to becoming a man.

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