We Will Remember.

We Salute You! 31 Happy Veterans Day Quotes

Observed on November 11 every year in the USA, Veterans Day (originally known as Armistice Day) is an official public holiday to honor military veterans – that is, those who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Veterans are people that deserve our thanks and gratitude, but how we make them feel on their special day to show appreciation is not always the same for everyone. From loved ones far away to retired vets who live among us, these following quotes will make them all feel special and honored.

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Short Quotes for Veterans Day

  • On this day, I am reminded that you are brave and courageous, not just on the battlefield, but here at home too. May we all live to be more like you.
  • On this special day of recognition I offer many thanks and gratitude for your bravery, service, and sacrifice.
  • To a single person who has impacted and served millions more than the best of us – thank you.
  • To someone who has served too many days in hell, may the rest of your days be like heaven on earth. You deserve it more than anyone.
  • To a hero of mine: thank you for reminding me that we must appreciate the freedoms we have. For it is great people like you who fought to give us them.
  • Dear veteran, I only live in the land of the free because your bravery made it possible. Thank you, and Happy Veterans Day!
  • To willingly go into battle is to be a real hero. Thank you for serving your country.
  • Big or small. Hero or She-ro. In my eyes, you are one AMAZING human.
  • If life was an amusement park I’d let you go first in line every time, because you served at the frontlines for me. You are truly the best.
We Salute You.
We Salute You.
  • You are a first rate, first class, major bad ass individual. What more can I say except Happy Veterans Day.
  • The light in the dark, the purest of heart, the toughest gal I know- a soldier that deserves it all.
  • A soldier is more than a safeguard to our borders, you are the kind of man and woman we all wish to be.
  • If there was more people in the world like you, third world countries would be first class and every family would be safe. Thank you for your service, and Happy Veterans Day.
  • When I teach my kids about morals and courage and influential people, I will tell them about you.
  • Regular joes like me will forever be in the debt of heroes like YOU. Happy Veterans Day and may your life be filled with more blessing than sacrifice.
  • To someone very special- I am forever grateful for your service and sacrifice. Wishing you the happiest Veterans Day.
  • Because of heroes like you our flag sours high and our hearts can rest in peace. Thank you!
  • By your service you have fought hard, loved well, and lived fully. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.
  • May you remember today, and everyday, that your service is appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us safe.
Lest We Forget.
Lest We Forget.
  • Because of heroes like you who are willing to die young, I would not have the opportunity to die when I’m old. Wishing you the longest, happiest life.
  • Without people like you, my life would not be possible and my freedom would not exist. For this I sincerely thank you.
  • A veteran, man or woman, is someone to be honored. And today we honor you and your service to this country. From my family to yours, Happy Veterans Day.
  • You have made it possible for me to have peace of mind as a parent, because I know my children will grow up in a safer, better country- and its all because of you. May your family be as blessed as you have blessed mine. Happy Veterans Day.

Long Veterans Day Quotes

  • A soldier. A brother or sister. A mother and father. A lifelong friend. A shoulder to cry on. Someone to miss. A hero. To me, you are all of these things and more, simply because you have served in ways the rest of us never will.
  • Here at home we spend time fighting for small freedoms like better education and equality. But if it was not for heroes like you we would not have any freedoms at all. Your gift is not overlooked or forgotten. Thank you for your service.
  • Me, my family, and my country owe you a debt we will never be able to repay- so here’s wishing you all the biggest blessings your life can hold on this day of honor. Happy Veterans Day to a person who deserves it all and more!
  • You gave up the comforts we enjoy daily. You gave up your own rights so we could keep ours. You deserve life’s biggest medal of honor. Although this will not be enough, I say Thank YOU anyway.
We Will Remember.
We Will Remember.

Inspirational Veterans Day Quotes

  • They say that there is no greater way to show love than to lay down a life for one’s family and country- but you did more than that: you were willing to pay the price and survived. You are a true hero.
  • While I am thankful that you have lived, even through the battles you’ve fought and sacrifices you’ve made, I am more grateful that you were willing to die for us. Your service made all the difference for our freedom.
  • Not all humans are built equally, for when given the chance to be courageous, only some jump and become heroes. You are one of those heroes. Congrats on being better than most.
  • If we were in a wild jungle, your strength would outweigh a lion’s and your courage would be no match for the beasts that call it home. For you have fought and made sacrifices that protect the land of the free. Thank you, and Happy Veterans Day.

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