Valentines Day Memes

33 Happy Valentine’s Day Memes for the Love of a Laugh

The perfect roses, the perfect dinner, the perfectly wrapped box of chocolates, the perfect greeting card: on Valentine’s Day hopes are often set too high, right? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you might have your good reasons to be avoiding (or even hate) Valentine’s Day for being obliged to go with the flow of the celebration of love.

However, February the 14th can be an opportunity for a cuteness overdose that can turn out to be either truly romantic or really funny. If you feel you can see the hilarious side of kisses in the rain, this collection of Valentine’s Day memes is just for you.

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Cute Happy Valentine’s Day memes

Memes can be funny and cute and always a great way to break any awkwardness on any occasion.
Why should there be awkwardness on Valentine’s anyway? I’m asking for a friend…

A small gift My Valentine meme
A small gift – Happy Valentine’s Day
Cute puppy Valentine's Day meme.
Valentine’s Day is coming. Drooling is officially back in style.
Cute Valentines Puppy meme.
Is your name WiFi? because I’m feeling the connection.
Cute Dog Valentines meme.
You’re cuter than all the dog food in the world.
Love is the air Valentine's meme.
Are you sure that’s love in the air?
I love you like the air that I breathe.
Sponge Bob imagination Valentine's meme.
Imagine Valentine’s Day without any gifts
Charlie Brown Valentine letter meme
She says it’s a date – June 1964 ?…

Funny Valentine’s Day memes for her

Was “Great Expectations” written for Valentine’s? You’ll never know unless you ask her.
Or you can share a meme with her.

I love you to the death star and back.
I love you to the death star and back.
Happy Valentine's Day to us, although you know i adore this day - Grumpy cat Valentine rain meme
Happy Valentine’s Day to us, although you know I adore this day.
Maturely asking you, will you be my valentine - Hey Girl Valentine meme
Maturely asking you, will you be my Valentine?
May this Valentine's Day be more realistic than ever - Welcome to the internets meme
May this Valentine’s Day be more realistic than ever.
Happy Valentine's Day Meme.
You’re the aroma on my flowers – Happy Valentine’s Day

Funny Valentine’s Day memes for him

If he loves the day, he’ll love the memes. If he’s not into love celebrations, why bother?

Prince charming Valentine's Day frog meme.
Prince charming, is that a recent pic?
Funny Beaten with roses meme for Valentine's Day.
When Valentine’s gifts are way too patronizing.
happy valentine's day. Where is my Valentine gift, my cute valentine Did I Say Valentine Valentine doula meme
Happy Valentine’s Day. Where is my Valentine gift, my cute Valentine? Did I Say ‘Valentine’?
Eel Valentines Day meme
I know a quiet place for Valentine’s Day.
Old married couple Valentine's meme.
They said it wouldn’t last… And yet, here we are, hungry on Valentine’s Day.

Me on Valentine’s Day meme

Let’s face it: it’s 100% normal to absolutely be against Valentine’s Day as a celebration.
Psychiatrists unanimously agree it’s legitimate. Still.

I'm going to spend Valentines day with my true love: FOOD.
I’m going to spend Valentine’s day with my true love: FOOD.
Forever Alone Valentine's meme.
February the 14th – Single awareness day
Me on Valentines Day meme.
OMG I forgot to send me flowers.
Game of Thrones Valentine's Meme.
Brace Yourselves. Valentine’s poems are coming.
Evil Anti-Valentine's Puppy meme.
Who cares about your love status?
Grumpy Cat Anti-Valentines meme.
Crazy in love – you must be confusing me with somebody who cares.
3 section pie chart meme for Valentine's.
Why I hate valentine’s day.

Single on Valentine’s day memes

You can be self-sarcastic for not having someone to romantically spend Valentine’s Day with.
Then again, perhaps you couldn’t care and you are feeling privileged to be single today – and it’s your right to feel so.

Single frog on Valentine's meme.
Best Valentine’s ever – officially single.
Dinner on Valentine’s – COVID party.
Funny single on Valentine's meme.
Books a romantic dinner – Realizes single status.
Funny "Forever alone booth" meme for Valentine's Day.
Too romantic to watch p**n, too festive to stay home.
Funny Sheldon "Go away spray" meme for Valentine's Day.
Go away, February the 14th, spray you next year, too.
Ron Swanson This is my hell meme.
It’s Valentine’s tomorrow – This is my hell
Waiting Skeleton meme.
Me Waiting for Valentine’s to go away
Best Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages

Best Valentine’s Day Wishes + Messages for a Day of Affection

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