Funny Thanksgiving Cats on Sofa meme.

25 Thanksgiving Memes for Grateful Laughs

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is dedicated to remembering everything in our lives that we are most thankful for. It is easy to get caught up in the parades, the cooking and the eating and forget what the day is really about.  However, that doesn’t mean that the day of gratitude that George Washington established should be a day without a good laugh! Share one of these funny Thanksgiving memes to a family member or loved one and express your love with some humor without letting the real meaning of the holiday go unnoticed.

This collection of funny Thanksgiving memes contains jokes about family, turkeys and the quantities of food we eat, and the day after Thanksgiving. Be grateful and enjoy!

Table of Contents

Family Thanksgiving Memes

Funny Family Thanksgiving Sinking Ship meme.
Lucky fellas, never made it to the family Thanksgiving dinner.
Funny Family Thanksgiving gravy kayak meme.
What Thanksgiving dinner really feels like
Funny Family Thanksgiving Banjo turkey Meme.
Skip Thanksgiving Dinner? No, thanks.
Funny Thanksgiving Obama family Not Bad meme.
Normal conversations with your parents? Not bad for a Thanksgiving dinner.
Funny Thanksgiving Vintage Family Dinner Meme.
– Mom, Dad, I’m gay.
– At least have some more turkey.
Funny Family Thanksgiving Batman Signal Meme.
Dysfunctional family arguments on the horizon.
Funny Family Thanksgiving Knives Family Meme.
Civilized Communication – Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Thanksgiving Food Abundance Memes

Funny Thanksgiving cat cake meme.
Oh, please, no more foo… Well yeah, some more cake, sure…
Funny Thanksgiving Become the cake meme.
Be the change you want to see at the festive dinner.
Funny Thanksgiving Cats on Sofa meme.
We couldn’t possibly… Wait, is that Pumpkin pie?

Thanksgiving Turkey Memes

Turkey Utencils Thnaksgiving Meme
I heard you were having some friends for dinner so here I am.
Monica from Friends Turkey Head Meme
On Thanksgiving you can see things more clearly.
Funny Thanksgiving gritty escapes Meme.
No, I’ve been pardoned!
Funny Thanksgiving Turkey scared Meme.
November already?
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey Negotiations meme.
I could at least thank you on such a special day

After Thanksgiving Memes

Funny After Thanksgiving Dog Scale Meme.
I almost had no turkey
Funny After Thanksgiving Grate Toilet paper meme.
Have a grate-ful following-to-thanksgiving day
Funny After Thanksgiving Ate too much meme.
Alive after Thanksgiving dinner
Funny After Thanksgiving fat cat Meme.
Pondering the meaning of life after Thanksgiving Dinner.

Vegan Thanksgiving Memes

Funny Vegan Peanuts Thanksgiving Turkey meme.
Happy Thanksgiving. I brought someone no president ever pardoned for dinner.
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey meme.
No need to pardon me If you were vegan.
Funny Vegan Wild Turkey 101 Thanksgiving Meme.
Vegan Thanksgiving has just gone wild!
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Batman slapping Robin Meme.
– No turkey on Thanksgiving? How will you get your daily prot…
– Lentil and parsley salad will do, thanks!
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Vegetable dog sculptures Meme.
I’m having these dogs instead of turkey. No problem, I guess…
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Vegetable Meme.
Having a Vegan Thanksgiving – Blamed for not respecting our family traditions.
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing meme.
Happy Thanksgiving, stick to the traditions.
Funny Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey meme.
Pandemic, climate change… why don’t you at least go vegan this year?

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