Give Thanks.

Grateful for that Sibling | 51 Thanksgiving Wishes for your Sister and Brother

Are you experiencing trouble coming up with wonderful messages to send to your brother or sister this Thanksgiving? Whether you are going to make that somehow hard invitation or send just the thankful messages, then worry no more. Here, we have a nice selection of well-written and original Thanksgiving wishes that you can use to make your sibling’s Thanksgiving Day one to remember and cherish.

You can either send the wishes just as they appear here or you can personalize them by altering them to suit your taste. Regardless of which option you go for, the fact remains that your sibling’s Thanksgiving Day is going to glitter.


Thanksgiving Wishes for your Sister

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you, my dearest sister. Thank you for filling my soul with immeasurable happiness.
  • The Lord has blessed my life with countless great things, one of which is you, my sweet sister. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Your presence in my life is treasured. Have a blessed and cheerful Thanksgiving.
  • The gift of having a wonderful sister like you in my life is one of the greatest blessings of my life. Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled to the brim with God’s amazing love and blessings.
  • This Thanksgiving Day presents me with a perfect opportunity to say a big Thank You for being an extraordinarily wonderful sister to me. I love you.
  • Wishing you a wonderful holiday, precious sister. I can’t thank heaven enough for sending you from above to make my existence here on earth a happy one.
  • May the good Lord bless you with a bountiful Thanksgiving filled with all the happiness your sweet heart can contain. God bless you.
  • Here’s wishing my lovely sister a very spectacular Thanksgiving Day! I can’t stop thanking you for the immeasurable joy, laughter, and happiness that you always bring to my world.
May your Thanksgiving be stuffed to the brim with happiness and love.
May your Thanksgiving be stuffed to the brim with happiness and love.
  • My life glitters more than gold. And you are one of the reasons for that. Thank you, my dear. I hope you enjoy every second of this Thanksgiving to the max!
  • Nothing is more important in life than thanking God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Dear sister, you are one of my biggest blessings. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Today is a day officially set aside for appreciating all the blessings in our lives. On this day, my dearest sister, I want you to know that I appreciate you wholeheartedly. And for your happiness, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.  Happy Thanksgiving.
  • As you are reminded of all the blessings in your life this Thanksgiving, do know that I see you as nothing short of a blessing in my life. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day.
  • My beloved sister, I am forever grateful to you for being a loving sister and friend to me. God bless you abundantly as you celebrate this Thanksgiving Day.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to my amazing sister who is the sun that fills my skies with light. May happiness be your closest friend, not only on this festive season, but throughout your journey through life.
  • Wishing you all the blessings, joy and happiness that come with this Holiday Season. May your Thanksgiving be as happy as God’s paradise.
  • On this day, as I give thanks to God for all the good things that my life has been blessed with, I also want to extend a heartfelt gratitude to you for bringing warmth and color into my world. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet sister.
  • In plenty or in want, I always have several reasons to be thankful, and you are one of such reasons. Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Give Thanks.
Give Thanks.


Thanksgiving Quotes for your Sister

  • Dearest sister, you are someone who is so adorable and worthy of countless praises because you bring so much happiness, joy, and inspiration to this family. I wish you an extraordinarily wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
  • You are the greatest and most fabulous gift that the Lord has blessed me with. This is because I am in true paradise whenever I am with you. I wish you a very peaceful and a fun packed Thanksgiving Day!
  • I can never ever swap the joy of having an amazing sister like you for the entire world. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I thank God every time for giving me a loving sister like you. May your Thanksgiving be stuffed to the brim with happiness and love.
Be Thankful!
Be Thankful!
  • Today being Thanksgiving, I thank the Lord Almighty from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a magnificent sister like you, my dear. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Dearest sister, this Thanksgiving, I want you to know that your presence in my existence is worth more than all the money in the world. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • I will never cease thanking the Omnipotent God for your life. Thank you for bringing so much color and happiness into the world that I live in. Wishing you a joyful, blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day, dear sister!


Thanksgiving Wishes for your Brother

  • Thank you for being one of the most priceless blessings in my life. May this Thanksgiving be the best yet for you, dear brother.
  • I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for making you part of my life. Happy Thanksgiving, my beloved brother.
  • Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving Day to a wonderful brother whose love is one of the reasons I constantly experience happiness in my life. May your life know no sadness.
  • The best part about observing Thanksgiving is the fact that I get to celebrate it with such an amazing brother like you. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • I wish blessings, peace, love and happiness to you this Thanksgiving. Thank you for being a wonderful brother and a true friend to me.
  • I have an awesome brother like you and so I am blessed with everything I need in life. Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for being a great brother to me all my life. Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for being a great brother to me all my life. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Dear brother, may this day bring peace and happiness into your world. Have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving Day.
  • As you appreciate all the good things you have been blessed with, may your life forever be surrounded by all the beautiful things in the world that put a smile on your face. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Wishing you all the best that this Thanksgiving could ever offer. You are a wonderful soul, and I’m thankful that you are my brother.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to an amazing that constantly fills my soul with sunshine. May you enjoy an abundance of blessings from above this Thanksgiving and the days after.
  • Dear brother, did you know that you happen to be one of the most priceless gifts I’ve ever received from heaven? Happy Thanksgiving!
  • My heart always fills with joy whenever I am reminded that such a magnificent person like you is my brother. May happiness, peace and joy accompany every moment of your Thanksgiving.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to a most phenomenal brother! May you never stop shining as bright as a diamond.
  • Dear brother, I’m sending you lots of love, hugs, and prayers this Holiday Season. May you enjoy the most joyous Thanksgiving so far!
  • I have several things in my life that I want to thank God for today, and you, my dear brother, happen to occupy the top of the list. May your Thanksgiving be as happy as the happiness I feel knowing that you are my dear brother.
  • May all the blessings, peace and happiness in Heaven be bestowed upon your life, not only today, but throughout the coming year. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving prayers to you, my sweet brother. May your life be immersed in oceans of true happiness. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • I treasure all the great things I have been blessed with, and that includes you, my beloved brother. I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving to the hilt.
  • Dear brother, may your Thanksgiving be accompanied by the most important thing in life: true happiness. I am deeply grateful for having a brother like you in my life.
  • Thank you for being a great brother to me all my life. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Being your brother/sister is without a shred of doubt one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me. May your Thanksgiving be filled with the warmth of love and happiness from above. Happy Thanksgiving.
Give thanks.
Give thanks.
  • On this Thanksgiving Day, my greatest appreciation to the Lord is for your lovely presence in my world. Have a truly fabulous Thanksgiving, beloved brother!
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day, brother! May this festival of abundance bring into your life God’s favor, peace, good health, joy, happiness, promotions and great accomplishments.
  • Happy holiday, dear brother! May this Thanksgiving Day bring you so many special moments of true happiness, astounding accomplishments, and everlasting joy. And may these blessings be with you throughout your life.
  • Dearest brother, let me use the opportunity that this Thanksgiving Day brings to let you know that you are a remarkable gift from God to me. Have a blissful day!
  • Joy and happiness are overflowing in my heart, and I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for being the source of my joy and happiness. Wishing you an amazing Thanksgiving Day, dear brother!
  • On this Thanksgiving Day, I believe that there is so much to thank the Heavenly Father for, and this is mainly because I have you, my dear brother in my life. Wishing you an enormous feast!


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