Happy Birthday image for Alex.

Happy Birthday, Alex! – Wishes, Images and Memes to Share with Her or Him

For those of us who have someone special named “Alex” in our lives, their birthday marks the moment we first experienced their amazingness. Throughout the years, we’ve fallen in love with every unique part of their personality, but more importantly, how they’ve blossomed into who they are today.

We can’t wait to see the man you become, Alex! These are some great wishes and images you can share with him on their special day.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Alex

  • Since we became friends, I knew you were capable of great things. Today I’m proud and happy to have you in my life.
  • With each passing year that flies by, we’re engrossed and fascinated by the unique turns and twists you’ve taken through your life’s journey. Our very best wishes, Alex!
  • I hope you have an amazing day today – and start the planning for the year to come tomorrow. Best wishes!
  • With another birthday under your belt, I want to extend my love and appreciation for the person you’ve become. Happy birthday, Alex!
  • Alex, before your arrival, the doctors told us how beautiful and captivating it would be to watch our little boy grow into a man, and they weren’t kidding! Wishing you the best today.
  • Although we accidentally activate our Amazon Alexa each time we call out your name across the house, we still love you all the same. Cheers to your future success and the numerous birthdays yet to come!


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Alex

  • When you were young and running around, we used to say you galloped like a horse. Now that you’re turning a year older, it’s only right that we say, “Happy birthday, Alex who gallops!”
  • Hey Alex, what kind of music scares your birthday balloons? Pop music!
  • Alex, how does a pickle celebrate its birthday? It relishes in the moment!
  • Alex, you’re so handsome that we can’t “cake” our eyes off of you!
  • Alex, do you know what you say to a tree when it becomes a year older? “Sappy birthday!”
  • Do you know why owls don’t exchange gifts with other woodland creatures? Because they don’t give a hoot!


Happy Birthday Alex Images

Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday image for Alex.


Happy Birthday Alex Funny memes

Happy Birthday, Alex - Funny Bob Ross Meme.
Happy Birthday, Alex – And somewhere up there let’s add another year for Alex.


Happy Birthday, Alex - Cat Celebration Meme
Happy Birthday, Alex


Happy Birthday, Alex - Birthday Dog Meme
Happy Birthday, Alex – For cake, come back next year.


Happy Birthday, Alex - Birthday hamster Meme
Happy Birthday, Alex – Have a huge bite of this Birthday Cake


Happy Birthday, Alex - Grumpy Cat Meme
Happy Birthday, Alex – Sad you’re getting older


Happy Birthday, Alex - Funny Cat Meme.
Happy Birthday, Alex – This year, do it your way.


Happy Birthday, Alex – Try to be younger next year.


Happy Birthday, Alex - Homer Simpson Celebrate Meme.Meme
When you realize it’s Alex’s Birthday.


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