World Environment Day. Every little thing helps.

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The World Environment Day (WED), which is celebrated on June 5 each year, has been set aside by the United Nations (UN) to create awareness of the dangers of environmental pollution and degradation.

On this day, messages are sent across the world to encourage people to protect the environment. Here are some great and original World Environment Day quotes that you can use in observing this highly important day of the year.

  • If you don’t love a green earth, you are a mean idiot. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way I can describe you.
  • The only time planet Earth is truly happy is when she is truly green. Let’s put happiness in her bosom by going green.
  • Plant more trees for a greener environment. The greener Mother Earth is, the better for us all. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Would you pledge to save the environment? If yes, you are a true citizen and child of mother Earth. Happy World Environment Day to you.
  • The Earth is the most beautiful thing in this universe. Let’s take advantage of this year’s World Environment Day to protect and preserve her priceless beauty.
  • We spend little destroying the environment and pay a lot trying to heal it. Avoid this waste by saying no to environmental pollution.
  • Mother Nature loves you deeply. How deep is your love for her?
Be the change you want to see in the World. World Environment Day.
Be the change you want to see in the World. World Environment Day.
  • Though tough, Mother Nature is also fragile. Let us combine forces to protect her. Happy World Environment Day!
  • When she was created, she was so beautiful and happy. Today, planet Earth cries every waking moment of her life because of the pains her children inflict upon her.
  • If you don’t love green, you have never loved anything.
  • Mother Nature has never been mean to us. Why do we think it’s okay to be mean to her?
  • Say a big NO to environmental pollution and the world will be a paradise for everyone. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Let us make everyday a save the environment day, and we will get closer to winning the battle against environmental pollution.
  • Decorate the environment with love. Plant more trees and stop polluting the environment. Happy World Environment Day!
  • Don’t be an enemy of the environment. It’s only a fool that pollutes and destroys his home. Be wise.
  • Wipe the sad tears of Mother Nature and put a smile on her beautiful face by planting more trees and saying no to environmental pollution.
  • Stop changing the color of Mother Nature. She has always been green. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Let’s plant more trees and avoid deforestation. Doing so is for our own good. This is a gentle reminder on World Environmental Day. Happy celebration.
One People, One Planet.
One People, One Planet.
  • On this special day, let us find it in ourselves to clean and protect the environment for the next generation. Happy celebration.
  • Today is World Environment Day! Remember to keep your environment cleaner and greener.
  • Mother Earth is man’s greatest gift! How are we protecting this gift that is fundamental to our very survival? Let us be wise and contribute our quota towards saving the environment. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Wherever you are today, plant a tree and together we will make the earth greener, healthier and more beautiful. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Losing the environment is losing life. Protect the environment. Happy World Environment Day!
World Environment Day. Every little thing helps.
World Environment Day. Every little thing helps.
  • Treat the environment with respect, for it is God’s most priceless creation.
  • The environment cannot be created new, it can only be saved. Spend all the days of your life protecting the environment. Happy Environment Day!
  • Saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Act now. Happy World Environment Day.
  • When you behold nature, you are basically beholding the face of God.
  • The environment is not the property of one generation. Let us leave it safe for the next generation. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Our very existence depends on the existence of Mother Earth yet we continually cause irreparable harm to her. Man must be the dumbest creation in the universe.
  • On World Environment Day, be reminded that when the last tree dies, the last man on earth also dies. Save the environment with all your might.
  • No creature except man is to blame for the scars on Mother Nature. Let us bear the guilt and do the right thing, starting from today. Save the environment, my dear. Happy World Environment Day.
  • Money can buy anything except nature. Join the fight to save the environment from pollution.
  • Countless lives will be saved when the environment is clean and green. I just can’t seem to fathom why we mess up the earth, knowing quite well that it is currently the only habitable place in the entire universe.
  • Animals even do a better job than humans in protecting the only habitable place in the universe – planet Earth. Despite this, we often deceive ourselves into thinking we are better than them.
  • Love thy environment as thyself.
  • When we hurt the earth, we hurt no one but ourselves. Folks, it is about time we wised up to the fact that our ill treatment of the environment will not only hurt us but our descendants too.
  • Go green today if you want to prevent the human race from becoming extinct.
  • How badly mankind treats the environment is a textbook example of biting the finger that feeds one.
  • This earth is God’s most precious creation in the entire universe. Please, let’s come together and save it from being destroyed.
  • Despite all the priceless gifts Mother Earth has blessed us with, we heartlessly abuse her.
  • On this World Environment Day, I entreat you to try to leave the Earth a greener place than you met it.
  • Why are we destroying this earth as though we have a spare one? What’s wrong with us?
  • If we knew the ramifications of the abuse we are subjecting Mother Earth to, we would all become environmentalists and join the environmental movement today.
  • If our ancestors had destroyed this earth the way we are doing, I don’t think we’d be here today to enjoy her.
  • May this World Environment Day inspire us to put the health of the environment before money.
  • If civilization means the destruction of the earth, I don’t want civilization. If making money means polluting the environment, I’d rather die poor.
  • We can turn Mother Earth into God’s Promised Paradise if we treat her with love.
  • When you protect the environment, you not only save your life but also the lives of generations unborn.

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