Goldilocks can't bear porridge for breakfast.

Good Morning for Cynics | Cynical Morning Messages

Are you searching for good morning messages for cynics? If you replied to this question in the affirmative, you can rest assured that you are going to get just what you are looking for here.

Below we have a bunch of well-penned messages the average cynic would love. So go ahead and use any of these lines to brighten their day.


  • One can never be too careful in this evil-ridden world. This is why I commend your being circumspect in your dealings. Keep it up, buddy, and have a fantastic morning. Much love.
  • Good morning, dude! May you grow and develop into the thoughtful, independent young man you’ve always dreamed to be. Cheers.
  • Whoever said that cynics are incapable of love should come and meet you for a change of mind and heart. Good morning, girl, and I hope your day is as wonderful and beautiful as you are.
  • Having friends like you makes one more preemptive, which, last time I checked, is an amazing trait to have in an ever-uncertain world. Many thanks and have a wonderful morning.
  • As the sun rises and shines across the earth, so may your wealth, value and influence be felt across the length and breadth of the neighborhood.
  • You, my friend, are cynical, crazy and ridiculous but I love you anyway. I’d rather spend time with you than with those imposters. Have a wonderful day.
  • Your mental fortitude is insurmountable as is your zeal and desire to succeed. Keep on inspiring us by breaking new ground in your endeavors.
  • Forget about the insecurities of the world and focus on the great value you bring to it. You’ve got the drive and passion to make a difference.
  • Thanks for teaching me to give primacy to self-love. Were it not for you, I’d be roaming in the deserts of despair. Have a great day.
  • Let the naysayers do what they want but don’t forget that you have the power to shape the world to your tastes and preferences. Go and make that happen.
  • Good morning, buddy! I exhort you to keep dreaming big dreams and step out into the world to make them happen because no one can and will do that for you. Much love.
  • I’m in love with your philosophic, poetic, and enlightened view of the world. Perhaps, you are the leader our community has been waiting for. Good morning and do make us proud.
  • You have within you the power to make the world do what you want it to. You just need to step into it and effect that change. Good morning and have a great day.
  • Your hopes and ideals may have been shattered in the past but the onus now lies on you and you alone to rise to the occasion and make things happen.
  • Let the public think what they will. You have the real power to lead them to what is good in your judgment. Long may you reign.
  • Very few are so brave to admit and act on their innermost thoughts and desires. This is why I admire your candidness and utmost self-love.
  • I encourage you to listen to your intellect and inner voice because they seldom fail in providing a guiding compass throughout our life’s journey. Good morning and have yourself an incredibly great day.
  • It’s often said that intelligent men can always talk their way into doing nothing but you are quite the exception. Keep on impacting and achieving.
Rise & Shine! innit...
Rise & Shine! innit…


Yep, that'd be about right.
Yep, that’d be about right.
  • Your sarcasm blends really real with your cynicism. And that makes you a rare species in this human race. I hope your day is as uniquely wonderful as you are to some of us.
  • The one thing we admire about you is your penchant for saving the fairytales and fictional stories for later when the serious work is over. Keep up the good work and have a blessed day.
  • Please know that your tact and vigilance in a society that values dishonesty and incompetence over hard work and truthfulness is refreshing. Thanks for inspiring us.
  • Good morning, friend! I pray for vigilance, tact, and awareness on your part so that you may parry the many malicious acts that cross your path. All the best in your endeavors.
  • Knowing you has been one of the best things to ever happen to me! I’m much more careful, responsible and full of initiative because I don’t expect folks to do things for me. I can’t thank you enough for that.
  • You, my friend, are one incurable cynic with a penchant for thinking two to three steps ahead of everyone. I’m glad to learn from you and hope your morning is great. Have a fabulous day.
Goldilocks can't bear porridge for breakfast.
Goldilocks can’t bear porridge for breakfast.
  • Wishing you a wonderful day full of self-pampering and self-love activities because you deserve every bit of them for all your hard work.
  • The one thing I like about you is that although you are cynical, you appreciate that life is short and are willing to make the most of it. Good morning and here’s to seizing the day. Much love.
  • Please know that your zero tolerance of favoritism and your equal treatment of all who come your way is admirable. I aspire to be like you. Have an amazing morning.
  • Good morning, girlfriend! I hope your day is full of comic acts that will help you laugh off all those folks who pretend to have your best interest at heart. Cheers.
  • Hi buddy! Many thanks for tampering my excessive idealism with your cynicism. I’m much more levelheaded and, I believe, wise as a result.


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