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They Said Yes! | 59 Engagement Announcement Captions

Best wishes and congratulations! May your engagement be filled with all of the excitement and wonderful memories that you hope for and deserve. Now that you are planning to get married, you also have many other tasks on your plate. Balancing all of your various duties could possibly overwhelm you two. And then you have to caption all the photos you are about to post!

No need to panic, just check out these very helpful suggestions below. Here are different types of engagement captions that could work for you and yours. If you are looking for creative and memorable announcements that you can use to alert your loved ones about your exciting decision or the happy event, consider using any of these awesome captions when you let your loved ones know about the big news.

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Short Engagement Captions

Use one of these cute texts to accompany your engagement pictures on social media.

  • It’s all about that yes. Mission accomplished!
  • The best answer I’ve ever heard.
  • She took the threads of my life for a loop, which meant I had to ask her to tie the knot.
  • Pinch me, and I’ll hurt you! Wedding date coming soon.
  • Time and all eternity seem so short when you find your one and only.
  • Even the happiest, sappiest, most romantic fairytale endings seem lackluster compared to this moment.
  • I’ve worn the ring five minutes, and I already have the wedding planner on speed dial. Just saying.
  • I’ve said the word hundreds of times. Until now, though, marriage never had such a beautiful ring to it.
  • Cheers to my future motto of happy wife, happy life!
Engagement caption for instagram.
The best answer I’ve ever heard.
Engagement caption for instagram.
She said yes!
Engagement caption for photo posts.
New last name coming soon!
Funny engatement caption for photo posts.
Look ma, my hand is heavier!
  • New last name coming soon!
  • It’s about time, but the wait sure has been fun.
  • Bling, bling, I put a ring on it.
  • A picture, in this case, is worth $3,245.89, even if the girl is priceless.
  • Now taking applications for the wedding party!
  • I’ve only been planning this since the day we met.
  • I’ve only been waiting for this since the day we met.

Cute Engagement Captions for Instagram

These suggested captions should be a hit with your family and friends. Think about using any of them to announce that you are getting married.

  • When it doesn’t matter if her ring came out of a Tiffany Blue box or a multi-color gumball machine, the only possible response is a very high-pitched and animated affirmative.
  • I knew I’d never stop falling for her. But, with my ring on her finger, I may never stop smiling on my down.
  • We couldn’t imagine a future without one another. Here’s to many more wonderful years together. We are getting married!!
  • Now that we know what it’s like to love like never before, we don’t ever want to forget how special and unique that feeling is for us. We’re officially engaged!
  • Cupid hit us hard, and we fell in love. It’s the best feeling ever, and we want to keep that joy in our lives. With that in mind, we’ve decided to get married! Obviously excited, we can’t wait to share our journey with you.
Engagement caption for instagram photo post.
Cheers to my future motto of happy wife, happy life!
Engagement caption.
I’ve only been planning this since the day we met.
Engagement caption for photo post.
And, now, to learn how to spell fiancé.
  • When you’ve been having the time of your life with someone, it sometimes makes sense to ensure you will have many more wonderful memories together in the future. To be certain we have those opportunities, we have gotten engaged!
  • We could not be happier to be a future Mr. and Mrs. Did you notice the “s” is Mrs.? That is correct, family and friends. We are getting married, and we cannot wait to share more of our journey with you all!
  • You often wonder what it will be like to fall in love, get married, grow a family, and live late into life with someone. Well, we are going to see what it’s like. That is right everyone, we are going to become a Mr. and Mrs. We are getting hitched! More details to come, but we are thrilled to let our family and friends know about our engagement!

Funny Engagement Captions for Instagram

Add a sprinkling of humor to your happy engagement photos with one of these witty captions.

  • First, I asked for her phone number. Today, I finally gave her a ring. Yes, there will be more cheese on the wedding reception menu.
  • I never realized that sound decibels could reach so high, but, thankfully, she said so many yeses that I still managed to finally actually hear one.
  • It sure took him long enough.
  • Look ma, my hand is heavier!
  • Someone has to keep calm because it sure isn’t me. We’re getting hitched!!
  • Who needs a sky banner, billboard, and such when you have social media to announce you gained a fiancé?
  • 100% a once in a lifetime moment, but it did take about 100 pictures to capture it.
  • Prepare yourselves. My future wife suddenly has the urge to give out random high fives with her left hand. #BlingFinger
  • Just when I thought he couldn’t get more perfect, he had to go and offer me his last name.
  • I didn’t have to flip a coin for this answer.
  • Every high-quality decision is accompanied by a could’ve been better if staged social media pic.
  • Thank heavens my mom taught me to chew all food at least 10 times before swallowing or else you wouldn’t be seeing this stunning gem from him.
  • We don’t gaze at each other. We look in the same direction. Now, here’s a little something for my followers to behold.
  • I always knew he/she was smart.
  • Who knew I had a favorite finger?
  • Let the betting pool on the I do date begin.
  • Can you guess why I’m reading Bride’s magazine?
  • Looking a hot mess after saying the burning yes.
  • Just another day, said no future bride-to-be ever.
  • The buzz is that there’s a bride to bee to see.
  • Proposals aren’t for the weak.
  • She screamed, cried, tackled, kissed, and hit me all at once. Lesson learned…wear chainmail when popping any big questions to her. #futureMr&Mrs
  • Current status: Aching smile, stomach butterflies, heavy hand, tachycardia, sore throat, blurry vision. No worries, though, it’s not COVID. I’m just getting married!
  • Better luck next time for anyone who was waiting to swoop in if we ever parted ways. She’s officially off the market.
  • And, now, to learn how to spell fiancé.
  • I now know why fiancé and finance are so closely related. Broke in bliss, but this little miss is all mine.
  • If only asking where to eat was as simple as the marriage proposal answer.
  • Me man. You woman. Together, we get married, but only if that’s okay with you, dear.
  • There’s probably a clever caption to announce an engagement on social media. Unfortunately, all my creative funds went into the proposal. So, hey, just save the date and bring a no-assembly required gift.
  • We’ve decided to lose all sense of individuality. We’re getting married!
  • We had to find a way to legally keep her in the country. Just kidding, she actually is a citizen. We are getting married, though.

Engagement Captions for Guys on Instagram

Fellas, here are announcements that could work for you. It never hurts, though, to get the green light from your bride before you share your post. In fact, play it safe and get her approval first.

  • I have decided to turn over all of my rights to someone. She said yes! That’s right. We are engaged!
  • The most beautiful woman in the world is doing me a favor. She agreed to be my partner for life. Family and friends, I am now engaged!
  • I understand I’ve officially become the horse for her wagon. But hey, I could have done a lot worse. The love of my life has said YES! She will be my bride. We’re getting married.
  • She had to say yes or else get extradited back to Russia. You didn’t know she was a mail-order bride, did you? It was such an easy process. I just went online and opted for beautiful, charming, intelligent, and sweet. I’m kidding. That’s not how I actually first noticed her. She does, though, exude all those traits and then some, and I couldn’t be happier about becoming her husband. Everyone, we’re engaged!

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