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30+ Happy Children’s Day Wishes

In honor of International Children’s Day celebration, which officially falls on November 20, we have compiled a list of really sweet wishes you can send to the beautiful children of the world to let them know how important and treasured they are.

You should never miss any opportunity to tell children how much they are loved. We hope you can use our fine messages below to put happiness in the hearts of as many children as possible this Children’s Day.


  • Wishing all the amazing children of this world a Children’s Day celebration that is as beautiful as they are. We love you all. I hope you never forget that.  
  • Without children, the world would be devoid of sunshine, laughter and love. That’s why I believe children are the most precious creation in the world. We should protect, guide and love them with all our might, for they are our greatest treasures. Happy Children’s Day!  
  • To me, you are the most precious of blessings. Happy Children’s Day!
  • Wishing my incredibly sweet child an incredibly sweet time ahead. Sweetheart, I hope you have a truly magical and happy Children’s Day.
  • To paraphrase what the famous American President Herbert Hoover said, there’s no natural resource more valuable than our children. Here’s wishing all the precious children of the world a Children’s Day filled to the brim with happiness and love.
  • Children are God’s representatives on earth. Treat them well and God will always smile down on you. Happy International Children’s Day.
  • On this Children’s Day and all year-round, I wish you great happiness. May your future be as bright as the light you illuminate this world with. Enjoy your special day!
Every child deserves happiness.
Every child deserves happiness.
  • Kids are the world’s greatest joy. Happy Children’s Day!   
  • Sweet children, on this day devoted entirely to you, I want you to know there are no words on earth that I can use in describing how special you are to me. May happiness and sunshine always fill your world. Happy Children’s Day, my dears.
  • As we observe this year’s International Children’s Day, let us never forget that our children are the greatest gifts God has ever blessed this world with. Love, cherish and protect them all the days of your life.
  • Kids are a shining example that God still has faith in mankind. Wishing all the kids from all the corners of the world a super duper happy Children’s Day. Keep shining!
  • Dear children, you are the most important things in our lives. On this special day, we reaffirm our promise to love you, support you, and be there for you until the end of time. Happy Children’s Day, sweet angels!
  • I love all my children more than I love the air I breathe. Happy Children’s Day to my precious little ones. May you know true happiness for as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • To every child reading this, know that you are beautiful and precious. Never stop believing in yourself because we have total faith in you! Happy Children’s Day!
  • Every single child in this world is a blessing, for they bring out the beauty in the world. Happy Children’s Day to all the world’s beautiful children!
  • Happy Children’s Day. May you forever believe in yourself and follow your dreams. You are loved today and forever!
  • Dearest children, may your special day be as beautiful as the sunshine you fill our skies with. Happy Children’s Day, my precious ones!
  • On this special day set aside for the most special creations of God – the children of the world, I want to thank all children for bringing beauty and happiness into this world. The world would be absolutely colorless without your presence. We love you and wish you a lifetime of true happiness. Happy Children’s Day!  
Freedom to be who you want to be. Happy Children's Day.
Freedom to be who you want to be. Happy Children’s Day.
  • Happy Children’s Day, my lovely children. I feel so blessed to have wonderful children like you by my side. I love you very much!
  • Wishing the happiest of Children’s Day celebrations to my little angel(s). May all your dreams come true.
  • Happy Children’s Day, sweetie! To me, you are my greatest source of happiness and pride. I love you so much!  
  • Wishing a super duper happy Children’s Day to all our beloved children! We love and cherish you more than words will permit us to say.   
  • Wishing every child in this world a fantastic Children’s Day! Thank you for the joy you bring the world!
  • Happy Children’s Day to a truly amazing daughter/son! You came into my life brought me paradise on earth. I can’t thank you enough for that.
  • Happy Children’s Day! I hope you have a fabulously wonderful time as you celebrate this special day.
  • Hoping this special day will bring happiness into the lives of all the beautiful children of this world. Happy Children’s Day, our lovable angels.
  • Since you came into our lives, every day has been as sunny as paradise. We love you more than we love anything in this universe, including our lives. Happy Children’s Day to God’s most precious angels.
  • Wishing you a Children’s Day that is totally beautiful because you are totally beautiful. Love you lots!
  • Happy Children’s Day to the adorable kids of this world! Thank you for making us smile. We promise to always do the same for you.
  • If I were asked to write down the reasons why I love my children, I would certainly write a book that would never end.
  • Today being a special day in the life of children, I say thank you to every single child for making this world a better place. Let’s not forget to reciprocate by loving them and making this world a better place for them. Happy Children’s Day!
  • God blesses the world whenever a child smiles. As adults, we should therefore take it upon ourselves to endeavor to put a smile on the face of every child we come across. Only then will this world know true happiness.
  • On your special day, it’s my hope that you will be blessed with every wonderful thing that puts a smile on your beautiful face and happiness in your big heart. Happy Children’s Day!
Reach for the stars.
Reach for the stars.


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