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Really? I've got to be good to get a biscuit?

Love Quotes for my Puppy

Looking for awesome love quotes that you can use in expressing how much you love that cute puppy of yours? If this is you, then you’re in luck, for we have an awful lot...

12+1 dogs making their point in art.

12+1 Dogs Making their Point in Art

Dogs were not always kept as pets. Just around 16th century it started to be considered fashionable for an aristocracy lady to carry with her a small-sized dog, a lap-dog. But before that, dogs...

I’m not being lazy I’m just trying to be conservative with my energy.

Original & Famous Funny Quotes

Funny quotes and phrases can be used in all areas of life. From a backyard bar-b-q to the inside of a thoughtful note, these quotes mixed with some good humor can make us laugh,...